It’s no secret that applying for new jobs can be mentally draining and stressful and require constant interaction from the job applicant. And, most of the time, trying to decode job application statuses with unclear jargon is no different.

Understanding Workday job application status meanings plays a critical role in helping job applicants stay up-to-date on the status of their applications and where key employers are located in the hiring process. 

Read on to learn more about Workday job application status meanings and how our skilled Workday consultants can help your organization facilitate more effective job application management processes and drive better candidate engagement.

Improving Job Application Processes with Workday

Applying for jobs through Workday streamlines the application process far beyond what you would typically expect from a traditional, external company site with outdated submittal forms and limited functionality.

With Workday, employees can build a career profile including all education, work experience, relevant certifications, skills, and achievements for the open position. This information will automatically update in the related job postings, and the Workday system will keep track of application history and status updates as changes are made over time.

The internal application system is unbiased and unavailable to the public, ensuring that all external applicants get the same treatment as any internal employees. This way, job requisitions, applications, and hiring processes remain consistent and connected across a company’s Workday system.

By using the “Find Jobs” tab in the search bar on the upper left corner of any Workday page, users can access the full Workday Careers site and navigate directly to the career application page from the homepage for easy access.

Job Application Status:

A job application status in Workday keeps candidates in the loop, allowing them to stay up-to-date with any status changes and receive notifications when their application is received, reviewed, or approved.

These statuses give job applicants details on their applications’ progress and status as they progress through the approval process. The precise status given by the employer using Workday determines the meaning of the Workday job status.

Candidate applications are typically in one of the following statuses: 

  • In Progress
  • Under Consideration
  • For Future Consideration
  • Interviewing
  • Interviewed
  • Rejected
  • Offer
  • Offer Accepted
  • Offer Declined
  • Rejected 

Each status refers to a certain step or choice in the application process made by employers or other key stakeholders in the hiring process. And with Workday, you can keep track of your application’s status and know where you stand in the hiring process by understanding what each job application status means.

Workday Job Application Status Meanings:

By now, you may be wondering, ‘What are the job application statuses in Workday?’ Here are the main job application statuses and their meanings in Workday:

In Progress

The “In Progress” status in Workday means your application was received from the job posting and is under review by the hiring department. This is the first status that your application will show after you’ve submitted it, and it can be seen anywhere from a few days to a few weeks after submission.

Under Consideration

If your status says “Under Consideration,” your application has passed the initial review and is being considered by the employer. This status means your application met the primary qualifications for the position, and the hiring team is interested in taking the next steps to learn more about you.

For Future Consideration

If your status reads “For Future Consideration,” your application was not initially approved, but it will be saved by the hiring manager or hiring team for later review.


If you’re given an “Interviewing” status, the hiring team is interested in interviewing you for the associated role. To set up an interview, you might receive a call or email from the employer, and the status can last from a few days to weeks. 


The “Interviewed” status indicates that you have completed an interview with the hiring team.  Once you’ve completed the interview process, the recruiting team will determine whether to advance you to the next phase of the hiring process.


If your application received a “Rejected” status, your application has been denied by the recruiting team. Applications can be rejected at any point during the employment process. 


The “Offer” status signifies that the hiring group has decided to extend an offer for the job. Once you receive the “Offer” status, the employer will send an offer letter outlining job details, responsibilities, and benefits if you accept the offer.


The “Hired” status means that the offer has been accepted and you have officially been hired for the position.

Workday Application Status Codes

Workday uses specific codes to represent the different application statuses across the Workday landscape.

The most frequently used codes in Workday are:

  • AS (Application Submitted)
  • UR (Under Review)
  • AR (Application Received)
  • IP (In Progress)
  • CM (Completed)

Your Application Status Changed, Now What?

Here are the best practices to consider when your job application status changes in Workday:

  • If your status has moved to “Interviewing,” prepare for your upcoming interview, bring all required documents and forms to the interview, and follow up with the hiring team after the interview is complete.
  • After you receive an offer letter, carefully review the offer and negotiate if needed.
  • If you receive a “Rejected” status update, consider contacting the hiring team for interview feedback and continue your job search.

Why Your Workday Application Status Isn’t Changing

Your job application status may not change for a while, but don’t worry; this is normal and can be associated with several reasons.

A high volume of applicants, changes in the hiring timeline, technical issues within the Workday system, or the speed of internal staff members can lead to slow changes across the system. If your application status hasn’t changed for a long time, you can follow up with the hiring team for an update.

How To Check Your Workday Application Status

To check the status of your application, log into your Workday account and navigate to the “Job Applications” section.

The status of each application will be displayed in this section, and you can use the email address associated with your application to establish a Workday account.

Tips For Applicants On Workday Job Statuses

Here are some things to consider if you are applying to a job posting through Workday:

  • If applying internally, update your career information on your Workday profile; this ensures hiring teams will be viewing the most up-to-date information.
  • Pay close attention to the application directions. Before submitting your application, read the instructions, as each organization may have different application requirements.
  • Create your resume and cover letter specifically for the position you’re applying for to improve your chances of passing the initial application evaluation phase. 
  • Contact the recruiting committee or hiring team if you haven’t heard from them or after your interview is complete. This demonstrates your interest in the job and can help the hiring committee remember your application and consider you for the position.
  • Be patient and continue your job search while the hiring process is still in progress.

Navigating Hiring in Workday

Here are a few tips and tricks to help hiring managers utilize Workday more effectively:

Create new positions.

Create a new position when an additional worker is requested. You can do this by navigating to the Positions tab in the Hiring Manager Dashboard and clicking Position Restrictions. Users will then navigate to the Edit Position Restrictions tab to update the necessary fields and submit when done.

Outline job requisitions.

A request to fill a position is known as a job requisition. A job requisition is created to start the hiring and recruitment process for both new and existing positions. Users can leverage the Create Job Requisition business process in Workday to simultaneously generate a new position and job requisition.

Manage candidates.

Hiring managers and business administrators must either move applicants forward or reject them once they reach a certain phase of the hiring process. Workday allows hiring managers to easily move prospective applicants from Review to Ready for Hire to ensure the right candidates are chosen for the job, and their information is managed effectively across the Workday system.

Hire candidates.

Once you have moved a candidate to Ready for Hire, you can complete the hiring process in two ways:

Add Additional Job

Users can leverage the Add Additional Job option to accept and add an additional role to their Workday account. By adding an additional role, the employee will keep their current position and accept a new one, meaning they will hold two positions instead of just one.

Change Job

By leveraging the Change Job feature, users can change the current job role in their Workday account. Employees typically utilize this function to accept a new role in another department or on another team in the same organization. With this, candidates will receive an email to log into their Workday account, manage their new role, and complete the required onboarding or training tasks for the new position.

Benefits of Workday Application Statuses

Here are some of the key benefits of recruiting and hiring processes in Workday:

  • Full insight into recruiting and hiring processes in Workday
  • Maintain compliance throughout the recruitment process
  • Gain a complete view of strategic talent initiatives
  • Improve candidate engagement and employee adoption
  • Increase productivity and efficiency for internal recruiters
  • Leverage mobile referrals for new candidates
  • Remove new-hire integrations as needed
  • Customize the candidate experience for better engagement

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