In today’s competitive business landscape, where the value of a company’s complete workforce cannot be overstated, leveraging advanced technology solutions to optimize talent assessment and management has become a game-changing advantage.

Enter Infor Talent Science — a cutting-edge talent management solution that redefines how organizations assess, acquire, and nurture their human capital.

Infor Talent Science represents a paradigm shift in talent management, allowing companies across all industries to harness the power of data science, behavioral DNA, and predictive analytics to revolutionize the way businesses identify, hire, and develop talent.

This article takes a closer look at the core capabilities of Infor Talent Science, exploring how it empowers organizations to make smarter hiring decisions, enhance employee performance, and ultimately achieve sustainable success in today’s dynamic and ever-evolving business environment.

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What is Infor Talent Science?

Infor Talent Science is an intelligent talent management tool designed to help companies match the right talent with the right roles, improve engagement and retention for job candidates, and facilitate better management functions across the entire employee life cycle.

By leveraging a patented, cloud-based talent management solution in Infor Talent Science, organizations across industries are enabled to hire and develop talent more effectively across the talent cycle and improve performance in an objective and predictive way.

Understanding Infor’s Talent Assessment Tools

Infor’s Talent Assessment tools play a critical role in today’s competitive job market and dynamic organizational landscape, facilitating better engagement between employers and candidates and improving the entire hiring process from start to finish.

Infor, a leading software solutions provider, offers a suite of innovative tools designed to help businesses identify and develop top talent. These assessment tools leverage data analytics and predictive algorithms to evaluate candidates’ skills, competencies, and cultural fit, enabling companies to make informed hiring decisions and build high-performing teams.

Infor’s talent assessment tools also transcend traditional recruitment functionality, aiding in workforce planning, employee development, and succession planning, ultimately contributing to an organization’s long-term success.

In an era where talent is a key driver of business growth, a comprehensive grasp of Infor’s talent assessment and management offerings empowers HR professionals and executives to harness the full potential of their human capital and improve overall efficiencies in the process.

Key Features of the Infor Talent Science Assessment Tool

Here’s a closer look at the main features included in Infor’s Talent Science module:

Talent Management

Infor understands that talent management and employee retention activities don’t stop after the recruitment process is over. This is why they’ve provided Infor Talent Science — a comprehensive talent management solution that allows companies to target specific organizational strengths and opportunities to ensure the best talent is hired and maintained across teams.

With advanced talent management offerings in Infor Talent Science, customers can leverage current and predictive data to generate intelligent employee development guides used to enhance job success and drive better employee performance across the entire spectrum.

Employee Selection

Infor Talent Science offers advanced employee selection tools to help organizations replace candidate guesswork with both objective and predictive data and make it easier for recruiters to identify top-tier talent as soon as candidates submit their applications.

Improved employee selection tools not only enable hiring staff to choose candidates more effectively but also increase hiring consistency, improve candidate diversity, reduce time-to-hire for critical positions, and ensure top performers are selected from large candidate pools.

Talent Assessment

Infor Talent Science leverages one unified assessment report across the entire client portfolio and every vacant position to facilitate the automatic comparison of candidates against any preferred role, identify best-fit job opportunities for each candidate, and maximize candidate pool efficiency.

This way, companies can ensure candidates live up to their potential and are placed in roles that best align with their skills and experience, enabling them to maximize the potential of each candidate and add more value to their overall talent investment.

Succession Planning

By offering intelligent career mapping and advanced succession planning capabilities, Infor Talent Science makes it easier for organizations to manage their existing talent and ensure they’re prepared to fill future positions with the right talent as current employees leave or switch roles.

With intelligent succession paths, Infor Talent Science solutions make it easier for users to identify the strengths of their current workforce, map new hires to potential leadership roles, improve employee engagement and performance across teams, and drive greater profitability in the future.

Performance Data Analytics

By improving employee retention and engagement, reducing voluntary turnover, and improving overall workforce performance, Infor Talent Science helps organizations across industries identify top performers and leverage advanced talent mobility analytics and metrics to improve overall ROI.

Infor Talent Science also transcends beyond traditional subjective job analysis capabilities and leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) functionality to assess core behavioral data and generate more accurate predictive analytics for better performance across the board.

Challenges Addressed with Infor Talent Science Tools

Here are a few core challenges addressed with the Infor Talent Science suite of applications:

Improve Performance

With Infor Talent Science, customers are able to hire the right candidates for the right job roles.

This way, companies can drive the best behaviors for core key performance indicators (KPIs), including those that assist in predicting job success over time, monitoring sales, improving customer satisfaction, and enhancing productivity for both low performers and high performers.

Utilize Current Talent

By allowing users to identify key behaviors across their workforce, Infor Talent Science allows organizations in any industry to identify both potential and skillsets earlier and utilize current talent to meet business needs over time.

Users can also leverage Infor’s Talent Science functionality to define career paths more objectively, utilize bench strength to its full potential, improve team productivity through enhanced team dynamics, and identify the best-fit candidates for an ideal workforce.

Increase Employee Retention

Infor Talent Science makes it easier for users to access and analyze core Infor Talent Science behavioral assessment tools to make better hiring decisions from the start. This way, companies can eliminate poor person-job decisions, reduce costly turnover, and improve employee retention across the board.

Re-align Business Objectives

When it comes to staying relevant in an ever-changing business world and realigning their workforce for the future, companies need innovative cultural transformation efforts and intuitive resources, like those included in the Infor Talent Science suite.

By leveraging Infor’s advanced talent assessment tools, companies can develop more future-focused talent profiles to improve the entire recruitment process and stay up-to-date with evolving business strategies and initiatives over time.

Faster Turnaround Times

With Infor Talent Science, companies can prioritize best-fit candidates for open positions, making it easier to fill openings in a quicker, more efficient way.

Advanced automation tools in the Infor Talent Science suite also facilitate more objective and predictive decisions, improving efficiency for both hiring managers and candidates.

Main Advantages of Infor Talent Assessment Tools

When it comes to choosing the right talent assessment tool for your company’s needs, you must look beyond Infor Talent Science pricing and surface-level features and into the nitty-gritty details of each feature, understanding how it can make managers’ lives easier and benefit the entire team.

Here are a few main advantages of the Infor Talent Science solution for business users:

Flexible Integrations

Infor Talent Science offers pre-built integration flexibility, making it easier for users to connect to the business world, leverage existing Infor and non-Infor applications, and facilitate better collaboration across the entire Infor landscape.

With easily-configurable integrations between systems, organizations are enabled to:

  • Improve functionality between top-performing applicant tracking systems (ATS)
  • Define a direct link for candidate information and performance results via the ATS
  • Leverage new ATS integrations to improve functionality as needed
  • Facilitate inline assessment handoff and hand back for better candidate experiences

Leadership Aptitude Reports

With the Leadership Aptitude Reports functionality in Infor Talent Science, users are enabled to identify and find the people with the right aptitude for their company’s management or senior-level positions, ensuring the right talent ends up in the right positions.

Leadership Aptitude Reports allow companies to:

  • Proactively prepare pre-hire dialogue to better identify potential strengths and opportunities
  • Improve leadership development for hiring and customer success manager teams
  • Enhance communication between teams for better collaboration and performance
  • Save overall costs by reducing expensive turnover in leadership positions
  • Leverage and maximized untapped potential in current employee populations

Team Dynamics

The Team Dynamics tool in Infor Talent Science allows users to identify potential challenges that could affect their team’s focus, productivity, and performance and create proactive solutions to mitigate challenges before they become bigger issues.

This comprehensive tool also makes it easier for companies to gain better insight into interactions across and between teams and determine how these interactions can be maximized to deliver efficient and successful projects, no matter what.

By leveraging the Team Dynamics tool, Infor Talent Science users can:

  • Build and leverage more accurate team assessments to promote better collaboration and communication between different teams
  • Conduct in-depth behavioral analysis to determine motivations behind better performance
  • Empower leaders to use data-driven insights into team interactions to build better plans
  • Create and establish working groups for improved productivity and connectivity
  • Promote team productivity and collaboration through better talent plans
  • Optimize communication channels to maximize team performance

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