Understanding and effectively conveying financial and operational insights is critical for informed decision-making and regulatory compliance. Oracle Narrative Reporting offers a robust solution within the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) suite, providing organizations with an intelligent platform to streamline and enhance their reporting processes.

Formerly known as Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud, the Oracle Narrative Reporting solution provides a centralized hub for creating, managing, and distributing financial and management reports and tracking critical business data throughout the reporting lifecycle.

This article discusses the key benefits and capabilities of Oracle Narrative Reporting, exploring its significant role in enabling organizations to deliver accurate, insightful, and compliant reports to stakeholders and how our senior-level Oracle consultants can help maximize your potential.

Understanding Narrative Reporting in Oracle Cloud EPM

Oracle’s Narrative Reporting solution provides a centralized platform for enterprise management and financial reporting, enabling users to easily collect data from various sources, create customized reports, and distribute them securely to stakeholders.

The Narrative Reporting application simplifies internal and external reporting needs and provides greater context for stakeholders from a single, unified platform by streamlining the report creation process and providing faster, more accurate insights into enterprise data.

With role-based access requirements, Oracle’s Narrative Reporting solution also ensures the security of sensitive content and empowers customers to combine financial and non-financial data in a single source of truth, further improving reporting efficiency and accelerating value.

Key Components of the EPM Narrative Reporting Solution

Secure Collaboration

Review management

Establish individual access privileges to allow users to review and comment on relevant report sections, collaborate securely on report content, and create discussion threads to track reporting activities throughout the end-to-end review cycle.

Multiple report authors

Involve multiple report authors and subject matter experts in specific sections of the report or document to ensure the most accurate, up-to-date information possible.

Real-time process flows

Leverage real-time process flows to continuously monitor report completion status, gain insight into changes and new contributions, and establish a full audit trail on both mobile and web devices.

Rollover for past reports

Roll over previous reports to maximize the potential of centralized data management and reuse common content from past periods, further improving efficiency and productivity across the reporting lifecycle.

Report Publishing and Distribution

Report books

Combine data from management and financial reports into executive briefing books or other financial record documents for quick and easy access to insights.

Report access

Leverage both mobile and web capabilities to access reports via web, mobile, or Microsoft Office platforms.

Report distribution

Easily distribute report content to stakeholders at any point in the development lifecycle and utilize advanced report bursting capabilities to mass distribute copies to larger groups.

External and Statutory Reporting

Budget books and reports

Utilize budget books and comprehensive annual reports across the public and private sectors to fulfill reporting requirements and report confidently on key data sources and metrics.

Multiple regulatory formats

Create and share reports in multiple formats, including XML, XBRL, ESMA ESEF, SEC EDGAR HTML, and more.

XBRL-based reporting standards

Meet critical XBRL reporting mandates by executing effective generation, tagging, validation, taxonomy management, and submission for XBRL and iXBRL-based reports.

CbCr for tax regulators

Enable tax regulators to conduct Country by Country Reporting (CbCr) and generate formatting for both XML formatting and other narrative reporting formats as needed.

Direct Data Access

Built-in reporting writing

Leverage a built-in report writer tool to combine data and narrative in a single, streamlined process, connecting grids and charts from Oracle Cloud Financials, Oracle EPM Cloud, and Oracle Essbase and accelerating the end-to-end reporting process.

Direct access to records

Access real-time data from Oracle and non-Oracle systems, including Excel spreadsheets, Oracle Analytics, Oracle Cloud Financials, Oracle Cloud EPM, and Hyperion EPM applications, to establish and maintain data consistency across the landscape.

Narrative context for data sources

Provide context for data by consolidating management data and financial statements with textual narrative in a single, unified report.

Access to existing reports

Import existing Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, PDF-based reports, Excel-based reports, and other narrative reports in one platform.

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