A single, intuitive casino resort workforce management solution that resorts can rely on for all their scheduling and operational needs can assist in engaging employees, delivering exceptional services and experiences for guests, driving customer loyalty, and getting the gaming community ready for greater efficiency across the board.

If you’re looking for something like this, UKG Virtual Roster provides just the solutions for you! 

With strong workforce management functions included in the UKG Virtual Roster solution, companies can support an entire resort and ensure casino resorts’ needs are met, no matter what.

Read on to learn more about UKG Virtual Roster, its capabilities, and how our UKG consultants can come in to resolve your unique workforce challenges and lead you to success!

What is UKG Virtual Roster?

Specialized just for the casino resort industry, UKG Virtual Roster is a casino resort workforce management tool that can help solve all of the unique challenges that come with managing operations and meeting customer needs across the industry such as managing labor complexity and streamlining operations. It encourages repeat business and facilitates more efficient business processes, from communications to scheduling, labor compliance, and more.

Overview of UKG Virtual Roster

All in a Single Platform

Users can manage workflows, track time, and schedule employees all within a single, comprehensive system, making it easier to streamline business processes, manage labor complexity, and improve operational efficiency for casino resorts in the process.

Automatic Scheduling

The dynamic scheduling feature in UKG Virtual Roster helps users automatically create and maintain schedules that are designed to meet the unique needs of each individual employee of casino resorts. With automated scheduling capabilities, companies can balance costs, deliver exceptional service, and maintain compliance over time.

Gaming Floor Optimization

The gaming floor layout of casino resorts will be easy to configure with floor plan templates. And, with preconfigured floor templates, companies can create appropriate workloads for their employees and offer easier navigation for the entire gaming community.

Up-to-Date Labor Data

Users will be able to optimize employee schedules by viewing employee data whenever and wherever they need it. Improved accessibility and real-time data insights help users reduce the risk for over and under-staffing across the entire organization. 

Decreased Compliance Risk

With UKG Virtual Roster, casino resorts can seamlessly match workloads and employees, while also adhering to all relevant labor laws, union agreements, and corporate regulations.

Simplified Leave Management

Automate, plan, and maximize employee leave to guarantee that the correct employees are available when you need them, making life easier for both the employer and their team of employees.

Employee Self-Service

When employees have anytime-access to workforce management functions, like scheduling and time off, they are given more of a say in the things that matter most to them.

Time-Saving Floor Operations

Users can leverage the UKG Pit Manager add-on to streamline casino floor tracking and managing efforts.

Benefits of UKG Virtual Roster

Here are some unique benefits of using the UKG Virtual Roster:

  1. Creates a smart schedule that balances service, compliance, and cost.
  2. Encourages streamlined procedures for staff management, forecasting, and scheduling.
  3. Offers real-time labor visibility to help businesses make more informed decisions about their staff.

How Can We Help?

Whether you’re looking for an intuitive casino resort workforce management solution, new ways to deliver exceptional service, drive customer loyalty, a better way to manage employee schedules, or just some additional support starting your UKG journey, Surety Systems can help you!

Our team of experienced, senior-level UKG consultants has the knowledge to help you navigate the UKG Virtual Roster solution, leverage its intelligent tools to maximize dynamic scheduling, automatically build and maintain best-fit schedules, and meet your unique UKG needs.

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