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UKG Time and Attendance is a set of time and attendance solutions that works to automate and streamline the most important time and attendance tracking tasks for employees. It helps users enter time, control labor costs, manage compliance risks, and improve overall productivity across teams.

Read on to learn more about UKG Time and Attendance and where our UKG consultants can come in to help your organization.

What are UKG Time and Attendance Solutions?

UKG Time and Attendance is an intuitive timekeeping system that helps automate time and attendance tasks that would otherwise be tedious and time-consuming to complete manually. This tool also offers greater insight into employee time and attendance trends over time to help companies make better business decisions and lower compliance risk in the long run.

UKG offers time and attendance solutions for users in a few key product areas, including:

  • UKG Ready
  • UKG Pro
  • UKG Dimensions

Why is Time and Attendance Important?

Accurate time and attendance information not only ensures employees are scheduled and paid correctly, but it also provides statistics to back up business decisions. And, with up-to-date time and attendance data, companies can more effectively anticipate labor demand, track the number of hours available for each employee, make and share employee schedules, and more.

Without an efficient time and attendance solution like UKG, companies could face larger absence patterns, higher turnover rates, lower employee morale, and a weaker company culture. 

Overview of UKG Time and Attendance

UKG Time and Attendance is an easy-to-use application that can help employers and employees track time and attendance, request time off, maintain compliance, and more.

Here are a few key features included in the solution:

Automated Time and Attendance

Users will be able to optimize productivity by automating routine tasks like running timesheets, collecting hours worked, responding to time-off requests and approvals, and correcting time exceptions.

With this solution, users can also act more proactively when they receive notifications for exceptions, overtime, or missed time punches.

Sustained Compliance

By leveraging the UKG Time and Attendance solution, users can automatically calculate hours and stay up-to-date with overtime and holiday hours, decreasing the risk of non-compliance across the board. Users can also receive preventative notifications and steps to guide their actions before small errors become bigger issues.

Increased Visibility

With increased data visibility and accessibility, users can view relevant information like business recommendations to make better, quicker decisions. This way, employees can access their own time and attendance data whenever and wherever they need it, reducing the risk for scheduling mishaps and issues with under or over-staffing.

Automate Absence Tracking

UKG Time and Attendance helps users keep track of pay period accruals and paid time off (PTO) by providing workflows that accurately uphold company policies and ensure a fair standard for all employees.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

By leveraging UKG’s Time and Attendance tools, companies are enabled to give more power to their employees through self-service tools and a user-friendly mobile phone app.

Reasons to Use Employee Attendance Reporting

Accountability is one of the main benefits of using software that reports on attendance, offering validation for practically every aspect of the company. It helps you ensure your team is the right size for the tasks at hand, examine workforce productivity, improve demand forecasting for future objectives, and more.

With an efficient time tracking and attendance reporting solution, companies can  put staff morale and the need for growth into perspective, address absenteeism across teams, and reduce excessive turnover in the long run. No matter how you intend to utilize the reports to support business expansion, the responsibility of balancing expectations against reality provides you with precise, indisputable figures to guide your decisions and support more efficient time entry across the board.

Benefits Of UKG Time and Attendance

Here are some of the main benefits that UKG Time and Attendance offers:

  • Utilize one central location to proactively identify patterns and handle exceptions before they become problems.
  • Verify that your policies are applied consistently and equitably to all of your employees.
  • Maintain compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and guidelines.
  • Leverage  precise time data from a range of sources to meet unique industry and company requirements.

Advantages of UKG Time and Attendance

Increased Productivity

Automated time and attendance management systems reduce the need for manual timekeeping and employee tracking. With this, work schedules can be readily reproduced according to job requirements, employee eligibility, availability, and more. Managers are relieved of manual scheduling tasks, allowing them to concentrate on building relationships with employees and completing more strategic tasks. 

Reliable Accuracy

Modern automated time and attendance management systems reduce the possibility of human error. They frequently use the cloud to gather employee data in real-time and stay up-to-date with potential causes of financial losses across the board. They can also handle intricate scheduling initiatives to guarantee competent, professional coverage, while also managing shift changes, labor law restrictions, employee preferences, and more.

Satisfied Employees

Employees can examine schedules, track time entries, receive reminders, and access shift trade boards through an intuitive user interface and easy-to-use self-service component tools. Through web-based portals or mobile applications, employees are enabled to view their time cards, manage leave requests, and keep track of their PTO balances over time.

Legal Compliance

The accuracy of your workers’ records related to shift limits for needed skills or maximum hour constraints is guaranteed by advanced automated time and attendance management systems like UKG. Readily available reports confirm compliance with federal, state, and local labor laws and support internal and external audits.

Cost Savings

Time and attendance systems save labor expenses by preventing unnecessary overtime and comparing planned hours to actual time spent on each task. By decreasing employee tardiness and absenteeism, a system like UKG Time and Attendance not only helps improve cost savings, but it also could improve compliance with your company’s attendance policy.

UKG Dimensions Advanced Scheduling

UKG Advanced Scheduling goes beyond the capabilities of the fundamental UKG Time and Attendance System. The ultimate goal is to improve employee productivity, engagement, and satisfaction in the long run. Here are a few key features of the Advanced Scheduling tool:

  • Offers greater schedule flexibility for employees in any department
  • Gives employees a say in their own experience by supporting life-work balance
  • Leverages algorithms to create ‘best-fit’ schedules for each employee
  • Helps identify shift preferences and availability patterns for employees
  • Balances shift, schedule, and staff resources across teams
  • Provides staffing, regulation checking, and shift coverage functionality

How Surety Systems Can Help

Need a solution that can help streamline time and attendance tasks, but don’t know where to start? Surety Systems is here to help. 

Whether you need additional support getting started with UKG Time and Attendance for the first time or just an extra hand managing UKG integrations across teams, we have the right team and resources to handle any project..

Our team of senior-level UKG consultants has the skills and experience needed to help your team successfully implement UKG Time and Attendance or optimize any other areas of functionality across your UKG landscape.

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