Effective people management is essential for organizational success in today’s fast-paced business environment. To increase employee performance and engagement, Human Resources (HR) teams are constantly working to improve their performance review process and procedures.

UKG Performance Management stands out as a robust enterprise management solution, giving HR teams all the tools they need in one integrated platform and enabling them to improve and streamline their critical people management initiatives.

Read on to learn more about UKG Performance Management, how it can revolutionize your people and performance management operations, and where our senior-level UKG consultants can come in to help.

What is a Performance Management Process?

The performance management process enables management teams to cultivate, recognize, and retain top-tier talent over time. Effective performance management procedures promote better communication and collaboration between teams and systems to improve staff proficiency and boost engagement.

Here are the most critical phases of the performance management process: 

  • Planning and Developing: During this phase, managers and employees work together to set short and long-term goals and establish key performance indicators and objectives for each employee.
  • Evaluation: In this phase, managers and other key stakeholders and executives assess employee progress toward established goals and identify areas of improvement.
  • Reward: In the last phase, employees can receive merit raises, spot bonuses, or other forms of additional compensation for achieving their pre-established objectives.

What is UKG Performance Management?

UKG (formerly known as the Ultimate Kronos Group) is a leading provider of solutions for cloud-based human capital management, including modules for payroll, talent management, workforce management, human resources, performance management, and more.

UKG Performance Management is a comprehensive solution that helps companies track, measure, and improve employee performance across teams and departments. 

With its user-friendly interface and intelligent management features, the platform allows users to track time, provide feedback, create goals, and manage performance reviews, ultimately improving company culture and employee experiences across the board.

Features of UKG Performance Management

UKG Performance Management delivers features that make it a valuable tool for businesses of different sizes, industries, and organizational structures. These key features include:

Goal and Objective Setting

UKG’s Performance Management module delivers an organized framework for aligning an organization’s core objectives with individual goals. Users can measure their own success, keep track of progress, and adjust goals as needed to fit their current workforce requirements. 

By allowing employees to set their own goals in an intuitive, user-friendly framework, the module empowers users to take accountability and ownership over their own experiences and creates a sense of direction and unity across employee groups. 

UKG Performance Management also allows HR teams to simplify cascading performance goals through the workforce, ensuring transparency and clarity across all teams.

Recognition and Feedback

Traditional performance reviews typically fail to provide timely feedback, preventing employees from participating in professional development initiatives and reaching their full potential. 

UKG’s Performance Management module enables managers and other staff members to establish ongoing, real-time feedback loops, strengthening in-the-moment coaching interactions and improving connections across the organization. 

Managers can quickly address performance concerns, acknowledge accomplishments, and offer guidance by holding regular check-ins, scheduling one-on-one meetings, and leveraging rapid feedback options. This feedback loop fosters a culture of continuous improvement and stronger employee engagement.

Reporting and Analytics

Organizations must leverage accurate data and real-time insights into their most important data sources to make effective decisions about employee performance. 

HR departments can obtain practical insights into employee performance trends and engagement patterns with the help of UKG’s Performance Management module, which provides powerful analytics and reporting features for improved visibility. 

With UKG Performance Management, users can create reports, monitor progress toward goals, and identify key problem areas. 

By leveraging comprehensive dashboards and performance scorecards, managers can also identify high-performing individuals, discover areas for growth, and make well-informed decisions regarding talent development strategies and budget allocation.

Competency Assessment and Development

Finding skills gaps and offering focused development opportunities are essential in helping companies develop a skilled workforce and motivate employees to reach their potential. 

With the help of UKG’s Performance Management module, HR departments can develop effective competency frameworks and conduct tests to gauge the skills and performance of each employee.

HR specialists can use this information to create individualized learning paths, pinpoint critical areas of improvement, and provide relevant training courses for individual employees. This module facilitates effective professional development for employees, helping them advance their careers and improve job satisfaction.

Talent Management and Succession Planning

Finding future leaders and guaranteeing business continuity in the long run typically depends on effective succession planning initiatives. 

The Performance Management module from UKG facilitates the seamless integration of talent management systems, allowing HR teams to pinpoint high-potential personnel, monitor their performance, assess advancement objectives, and create accurate succession plans. 

This part of the performance management module assists HR professionals in making strategic decisions about talent acquisition, development, and retention by promoting a data-driven approach to overall employee development and management.

Benefits of UKG Performance Management

Implementing UKG’s Performance Management module offers quite a few benefits, including:

  • Better collaboration and communication across teams
  • Improved employee engagement, productivity, and satisfaction
  • Efficient performance management processes
  • Effective employee development and growth initiatives
  • Better alignment with business and individual goals

Why Does Your Organization Need Performance Management Software?

Many employees may first associate performance management with the unpleasant images of yearly reviews and constructive performance feedback. At one point, an organization’s entire performance management process consisted of the dreaded annual or quarterly employee evaluation.

But, the expectations of employees have evolved. Today’s workforce requires observations and criticisms that could fill a year’s worth of meetings condensed into a 60-minute session.

According to a recent study, many millennials desire weekly feedback from their supervisors. However, Gen Y is not the only generation that asks for regular input on their current performance and any areas of improvement. In today’s multigenerational workforce, continuous feedback is beneficial to all employees.

How can you alter your performance management process from a sleep-inducing, stagnant conversation into a dynamic dialogue that will support the development of both your employees and your executives? Implement an effective performance management tool like UKG Performance Management.

How Can We Help?

Whether you need help implementing a new workforce management system to drive organizational success, additional support navigating systems integrations to improve the employee journey, or just an extra hand getting started on your UKG journey, Surety Systems can help!

Our senior-level UKG consultants have the functional expertise, technical skills, and proven track record of success to help you implement your UKG systems and ensure your team achieves seamless functionality and user adoption. 

Even better, our support lasts long after your initial Go-Live date, offering comprehensive support when you need it, troubleshooting urgent system issues, and ensuring effective system management over time.

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