In the ever-changing Human Capital Management (HCM) landscape, UKG OneView emerges as a powerful tool designed to streamline payroll initiatives and elevate the employee experience across multinational businesses. 

Developed by Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG), the UKG One View platform redefines how organizations approach HR, payroll, and workforce management initiatives and promotes more effective data management.

Read on to learn more about UKG One View and how our senior-level UKG consultants can help you improve productivity and maximize your investment.

What is UKG One View?

Created to withstand the high demand for visibility into all payroll processes, costs, and objectives, UKG One View is a suite of global payroll solutions. The One View platform enables UKG customers to establish global payroll processing flexibility while maintaining a centralized view of payroll charges.

UKG OneView indicates the constantly evolving nature of intelligent HCM solutions. In the modern world of workforce management, where efficient processes are synonymous with organizational success, the platform delivers a comprehensive and user-centric approach.

As organizations continue to adapt to evolving workforce trends, UKG OneView provides a valuable tool to elevate employee experiences, such as:

Convenient Reporting

CFOs and Payroll Operators get a consolidated view of all critical payroll information in UKG One View. Payroll teams are often tasked with delivering data that supports well-informed decision-making and completing manual tasks to consolidate and standardize data without a centralized payroll system.

UKG One View enables users to create and connect global payroll reports by automating manual procedures and improving core reporting accuracy.

Mobile App and Customer Portal

With the One View system, users can upload their pay slips and gross-to-net documentation to the user-friendly Customer Portal through a sleek user interface (UI) and intelligent mobile capabilities. Employees can also utilize the mobile app to deliver a synchronous experience across countries and company locations.

Elimination of Manual Intervention

One View enables users to analyze real-time insights on global employee compensation, eliminating the need for a labor-intensive manual compilation of national and local data and supporting strategic decisions across teams. This gives your payroll, finance, HR, and data teams the information they need for success.

Key Features of UKG One View

Here’s a look at some of the main features of UKG One View:

Plan to fund one location

Gain a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of global payroll processes seamlessly, including funding, customer payment, taxes, and global workforce management. This way, multinational organizations can utilize internal payroll knowledge and conduct international business processes more effectively.

Control uniform workflow

Establish an operational standard for payroll and HR management worldwide. Improve productivity and access to multi-country payroll data and information for multiple countries, provinces, states, and regions in one location.

Use of hybrid solutions

UKG One View enables users to accelerate time-to-value without disturbing existing business operations. Users also benefit from a consistent data view, ongoing validation processes, and optional funding capabilities regardless of the payroll execution method they choose.

Consistent employee experience

All employees and managers receive the same simple, multilingual mobile experience, regardless of where or how they work. A consistent employee experience built on quality and fairness means better support and confidence-inspiring access to internationally compliant pay slips.

Benefits of UKG One View

Let’s take a look at the main benefits of One View:

Changing the game

One View Connect is an excellent starting point for managing analytics and reporting for worldwide payroll initiatives. This way, users can maintain a consistent view of employee data, even when processing payroll in multiple business areas or company locations.

Immediately on board

“Immediately” means that users can onboard clients in as little as four weeks—a much quicker turnaround than other traditional payroll management options. Users are only required to provide gross-to-nets; beyond that, it’s just a few clicks away from total payroll flexibility.

Enhance domestic processing

Allow the payroll experts to do what they do best: handle payroll according to predefined methods and company requirements. To ensure it’s not left on the back burner, provide your staff with real-time reporting through the One View portal.

How We Can Help

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Our senior-level UKG consultants have the functional expertise and experience to ensure a successful implementation or integration project, facilitate positive business outcomes, and improve the employee experience.

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