In today’s financial world, banks and credit unions have never been more in need of innovative, intuitive business processes that help them stay competitive, reach their business goals, and deliver an excellent branch experience for employees and customers.

UKG Banking Solutions can help you do just that!

With UKG Banking Solutions, users will receive actionable insights to ensure the right people are in the right place at the right time and their banking success is optimized across the board.

Read on to discover how UKG Banking solutions can help your organization optimize banking operations and deliver more personalized customer experiences, as well as how our senior UKG consultants can help your organization.

What is UKG Banking Solutions?

UKG provides a complete suite of workforce management applications to deliver the branch experience your customers want — conveniently and cost-effectively across the entire banking life cycle. 

With features like virtual appointment booking, lobby management,  staff scheduling, and dynamic analytics, UKG helps your company optimize process efficiency, cost savings, and satisfaction to make the most of your entire banking experience.

Why Choose UKG for Banking?

  1. Manage and maintain compliance
  2. Increase efficiencies and control labor costs
  3. Provide an excellent customer and employee experience

Features of UKG Banking Solutions

UKG Banking solutions give users the ability to manage their core banking processes more efficiently, compare their performance to other competitors, and improve connectivity across teams. Here’s how:

UKG Appointments

Providing a way for account holders to schedule branch appointments through their mobile devices is necessary to improve engagement and stay competitive in the industry. With UKG Appointments, customers can easily book virtual, phone, or in-branch appointments with dates and times that work for them.


  • Limit no-shows
  • Reduce wait times
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Staff appointments appropriately

UKG Lobby

UKG Lobby allows companies to optimize their waiting areas to ensure the space is used to generate sales and good service. With UKG Lobby, you can significantly reduce wait times and ensure a positive customer experience.


  • Check lobby wait times on mobile devices
  • Monitor sales and service data
  • Send wait-time and appointment alerts
  • Drive efficiency with dynamic reports

Banking Scheduler

Scheduling branch staff can be time-consuming and can directly impact your service and sales performance over time. The UKG Banking Scheduler allows you to schedule staff based on the predicted traffic at each branch, while also considering each employee’s unique skills and availability. UKG also allows employees to conveniently view their schedules on their mobile devices at any time, improving productivity and engagement across teams.


  • Create and edit schedules easily
  • Make effective staffing decisions
  • Increase engagement with unbiased rotations
  • Optimize branch staff and resource utilization

UKG Banking Analytics

UKG Banking Analytics drives more detailed reports on labor costs and employee productivity, monitors key performance metrics, and provides dynamic insights to help you see exactly how you’re performing.


  • Increase sales, service, and savings
  • Access robust business intelligence tools
  • Drive workforce productivity and engagement
  • Monitor performance against industry and competitor standards

How Can We Help?

Whether you need help implementing robust banking solutions to remain competitive in the market, additional support choosing the right tools to improve customer and employee experiences, or just an extra hand getting started with your UKG software solutions, Surety Systems can help.

Our senior-level UKG consultants have years of experience and the necessary skills to help you handle all your UKG implementation or integration projects. We have you covered, no matter what!

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