If you’re looking for a comprehensive workforce management software solution designed for government contractors that accurately tracks business processes, UKG AutoTime is the right choice!

As a one-stop shop for all your automated time and labor-tracking program needs, UKG AutoTime simplifies labor and attendance-tracking processes and empowers organizations to keep their workforce up-to-date and compliant with DCAA audit requirements.

UKG AutoTime is a business tool targeted toward the defense and aerospace industries and specifically designed to help companies track product labor costs more efficiently across the board. If you’ve ever heard about the Kronos Workforce AutoTime system, you may already know a little about UKG AutoTime!

Read on to learn more about UKG AutoTime, its key capabilities, and how our UKG consultants can help your organization make the most of your UKG investment!

What is UKG AutoTime?

UKG AutoTime (formerly known as Kronos Workforce AutoTime) is a comprehensive workforce management system designed for aerospace and defense companies. It leverages MES integration (Manufacturing Execution System) to measure employee performance and delivers real-time data that assists teams in optimizing business operations.

Overview of UKG AutoTime

Here’s an overview of everything UKG AutoTime has to offer:

Single Platform

Users can schedule, manage, and track time within a comprehensive workforce management solution, simplifying business processes and empowering employees to take control of their own experience. To do this, UKG uses an MES that oversees data flow and helps employees accept work tasks, view job instructions, track their time, and report on projects.

Time and Labor Tracking

UKG AutoTime can accurately track product labor and labor costs and display all related information on a single screen through integrated timesheets. With automatic and ongoing updates of labor data within your ERP system, you can asses work and keep track of important details regarding a specific work task or an employee’s work schedule.

Accurate Product Labor Costs

With customizable total time accounting (TTA) functions, you can ensure that the rates for salaried employees are divided accurately among multiple contracts. Total time accounting ensures that charges for government contracts remain accurate and reliable, no matter what.

9/80 Work Schedules

9/80 schedules were created for government contractors, as they increase employee engagement and reduce the risk of burnout. Organizations that hire employees on alternative schedules consisting of eight 9-hour days spread over two weeks must track this time accurately to avoid excess overtime charges. This not only reduces extra, unnecessary costs for your organization, but it also helps your teams maintain compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act outlined by the Department of Labor.

Simple Payroll Processing

UKG AutoTime has a powerful engine, enabling it to accurately and efficiently calculate all employee payroll information in the same solution. It also automatically transfers all employee payroll information to the payroll provider, improving efficiencies and reducing the risk of error.

Self-Service Employees

By giving employees access to job tasks, schedules, timecards, and time-off requests, self-service features in the UKG AutoTime solution empower employees to participate in the things that involve them the most.

Reduced Exposure to Compliance and Customer Needs

With automated tracking of DCAA regulations, rules, and procedures, companies can reduce the risk for safety violations and liability issues across teams.

How Can We Help

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