What do a workforce management solution company and a rideshare company have in common? They’re coming together to prioritize people during these challenging times. 

Say Hello to The UKG Incentives Program, Powered by Uber for Business

UKG recently announced a strategic collaboration with Uber for Business (the rideshare company’s enterprise division). Through this partnership, organizations using UKG Dimensions can offer rewards such as a voucher for a ride with Uber or a meal delivery with Uber Eats for picking up hard-to-fill shifts. In the words of Chris Todd, president at UKG:

The cost of an unfilled shift goes far beyond lost productivity. The extra stress created by perpetual understaffing or requesting people come to work at the last minute is damaging to morale and engagement. This industry-first collaboration is the most recent example of how UKG is committed to delivering innovations that have a positive impact on people’s lives while also helping businesses optimize their operations.

Here’s how it works. The UKG Incentives program, powered by Uber for Business is available to UKG Dimensions customers through the UKG Marketplace. From there, managers can assign a voucher for a reward to an open shift. The employee who accepts the shift will instantly receive the voucher to redeem in the Uber app. Managers get shifts filled, go-getters get Uber coupons, and everybody wins.

Part of a Larger Workforce Trend

This collaboration points to a larger trend in today’s workforce. While many hoped that the world would be back to normal at this point, unfortunately, we’re dealing with even more challenges. Uncertainty is only increasing this year as new COVID-19 variants emerge, turnover rates hit an all-time high, inflation goes up, and fears of a recession loom. Analysts predict this volatility will continue throughout 2022.

The labor shortage, as well as higher-than-normal employee quit rates, are expected to stick around through the end of the year, if not longer. In order to gain a long-term competitive advantage in hiring and retaining top talent, organizations must seek out meaningful and sustainable benefits that have an immediate and measurable impact on their employees’ lives. The Great Refactoring is here, and organizations will never be the same again.

R. “Ray” Wang, CEO at Constellation Research, Inc.


UKG’s collaboration with Uber is just one example of how companies can make employees feel appreciated. And when employees feel valued, that leads to better retention, more productivity, increased profitability, less burnout, and a reduction in absenteeism. In other words, a net win for everyone. 

Prioritizing People 

There are many different tactics you can take to help boost employee engagement at your organization. Here are a few examples.

Offer Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering unites people toward a larger purpose. Look for ways to get teams together to give back in your local community. If your organization is global (or even if it’s not), offer volunteer days so that people can use that time to give back to local charities that matter to them. 

Focus on Physical and Mental Health:

Offer workout classes or fitness reimbursements to encourage physical wellbeing. As for the mind, consider offering mental health days, as well as digital solutions like subscriptions to meditation apps. 

Recognize and Reward Top Performers

Find ways to recognize those employees who are going the extra mile (and not just salespeople, either). From front-of-house staff to folks on the phones to the unsung heroes that make everyone else’s work possible, making your top performers feel appreciated is a heck of a lot easier than trying to hire new ones.

Conduct Employee Surveys

There’s no better way to find out how employees think and what they want than through a survey. Conduct an annual survey to check the pulse of the entire company and use that information to make meaningful changes. 

Another Way to Improve the Employee Experience—Partner with the UKG Experts

UKG’s purpose is all about people, a value reflected in the technology they create. After all, employees are a company’s most valuable asset—and they should be treated that way. So if you’re interested in implementing tools to help put the focus on your people, Surety Systems can help. Our senior-level UKG consulting team can partner with you on your next project, whether you’re looking to implement Kronos for the first time, or you could just use an extra hand as you manage an upgrade.

Whatever you need, we’re here for you. Contact us today to get started.