Infor CRM is a powerful customer relationship management system designed to streamline your sales, marketing, and customer service processes. It helps businesses gain a comprehensive view of their customers and improve efficiency for critical sales processes.

In this article, we will discuss the top benefits of using Infor CRM and how it can transform your interactions at every customer touch point.

Key Takeaways

  • Infor CRM offers a comprehensive view of customer interactions, enhancing sales, marketing, support, and analytics to improve productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Key features of Infor CRM include rich customer profiles, omnichannel campaign management, and sales intelligence tools that streamline operations and provide actionable insights.
  • Infor CRM integrates seamlessly with other business systems, such as Infor ERP and e-commerce platforms, offering robust business intelligence and analytics capabilities and mobile functionalities for on-the-go access.

Introduction to Infor’s Customer Relationship Management Platform

In today’s bustling marketplace, businesses are relentlessly questing for full control over their customer relationships. Infor CRM emerges as an innovative solution, offering companies powerful tools to manage their customers with unparalleled flexibility and agility. With its roots deeply embedded in the Infor customer relationship management application, this platform stands tall as an award-winning, state-of-the-art technology solution.

Infor CRM’s strength stems from its capacity to offer businesses an all-encompassing view of their customers. Infor CRM SLX empowers businesses to increase productivity, reduce costs, and secure a competitive market position.

From the initial contact on your site to every subsequent interaction, Infor CRM ensures that:

  • Your marketing efforts are precisely targeted
  • Your sales team is empowered to seize new opportunities
  • Your support services are nothing short of exemplary

Understanding Infor CRM

The primary commitment of Infor CRM is to offer a comprehensive, 360° view of your customers. Infor CRM is a system that holds customer data and makes it come alive through rich, actionable insights. Imagine having a panoramic lens through which every customer touchpoint is visible across:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer service
  • Support teams

Integrating Infor CRM with CloudSuite provides business cloud software with the following benefits:

  • Customer interactions become transformative moments shaping their journey rather than just transactions
  • Users experience the power of Infor CloudSuite CRM, a specialized arm of the Infor software family
  • Designed to enrich the customer experience at every possible interaction

Key Features of Infor CRM

Infor CRM Key Features

Diving into the key features of Infor CRM reveals a treasure trove of sales management and marketing tools. The platform’s rich customer profiles serve as the bedrock for personalized customer experiences, while its back-office integration ensures that every customer touchpoint across the enterprise is synchronized and impactful.

Infor CRM’s defining feature is its capability to make sales activities more efficient. This feature lets users pinpoint opportunities accurately and initiate sales actions that yield results. The omnichannel campaign management feature also orchestrates multi-touch campaigns from a single, powerful solution, empowering users to maximize the power of their CRM software and improve efficiency.

The Infor CRM suite continually adds new features and analytics, guaranteeing that businesses stay updated with the latest technology to cater to their constantly changing needs. With a foundation built on Infor CloudSuite CRM and enhanced by Infor’s analytics features, the customer experience is elevated to new heights, forging a path toward unmatched customer satisfaction.

Sales Management Tools in Infor CRM

In the realm of sales management and enrichment, Infor CRM provides various tools to reshape a business’s landscape. The sales management tools include proactive alerts that act as a sixth sense, identifying opportunities faster and helping to streamline sales activities for maximum efficiency. These sales productivity tools also aid in creating accurate forecasts, allowing businesses to make informed decisions that resonate with their current market strategy.

Team and territory management are instrumental components within Infor CRM, empowering managers with bird’s-eye views of their domains. This oversight is crucial for deploying sales teams effectively and capitalizing on every sales marketing opportunity that arises. The sales intelligence ingrained in Infor CRM also turns historical information into actionable insights, ensuring that sales performance is not only measured but consistently enhanced.

Infor CRM’s reports and dashboards act as navigational aids through unexplored territories, offering improved insight into the sales process. These tools are the backbone of any successful sales operation, offering a clear view of the path taken and the journey ahead.

Enhancing Marketing with Infor CRM

Enhancing Marketing with Infor CRM

In the digital era, marketing necessitates a combination of creativity and analytical skills, a blend that Infor CRM expertly crafts. The result is a marketing strategy that resonates with the audience and delivers measurable results. Its features include:

  • Integration with e-marketing and social media tools
  • Ability to manage campaigns with finesse
  • Engagement with customers at every touchpoint across their journey

Infor CRM’s multi-touch campaign monitoring feature ensures every campaign resonates with the intended audience. This omnichannel campaign management capability ensures that each campaign is harmonized across various platforms, offering a consistent and impactful customer experience.

Infor CRM’s marketing module, within the broader application, stands as a testament to the platform’s versatility and effectiveness. By leveraging every customer touchpoint, businesses can ensure that their marketing efforts are not just seen but felt, driving deeper engagement and fostering lasting relationships.

Customer Service Excellence with Infor CRM

In an increasingly competitive enterprise landscape, delivering exceptional customer service is not merely an objective; it’s a necessity. Infor CRM is the ally that supports teams in delivering just that. With tools designed for collaboration and responsiveness, customer service teams can easily and efficiently manage customer interactions.

The responsiveness facilitated by Infor CRM is not confined to the office; it extends to the field, ensuring that customer inquiries are addressed promptly, regardless of the team’s location. This level of service excellence strengthens the bond between businesses and their customers, creating an environment where loyalty and trust thrive.

Infor CRM’s impact on customer service is profound, enabling sales teams to:

  • Engage in proactive and effective customer interaction management
  • Resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently
  • Open doors to new sales opportunities
  • Turn every customer service interaction into a potential win

Mobile Capabilities of Infor CRM

In the contemporary business environment, mobility is highly valued, and Infor CRM excels, making it easier for customers to gain a competitive edge in the fast-paced business world. Its CRM mobile capabilities ensure that customer information is always within reach, allowing users to:

  • Respond to opportunities and customer issues promptly
  • Access and update customer information on the go
  • Stay connected and productive while away from the office

Sales teams can harness the power of Infor CRM’s mobile functionalities to update customer profiles on-site and send immediate follow-up communications, effectively merging desktop productivity with on-the-go agility. Real-time operational and sales data is also accessible via mobile devices, supporting quick decision-making and helping companies maintain momentum in today’s fast-moving markets.

For managers, Infor CRM’s mobile capabilities are game-changers, providing the ability to:

  • Monitor and manage teams and territories effectively, even while away from the office
  • Ensure that leadership is always informed and engaged
  • Foster a culture of accountability and performance

Integration with Other Systems

In the intricate business operations landscape, Infor CRM assumes a crucial role with its seamless integration with other systems. The integration with Infor ERP solutions enhances the management of customer data and allows for effective team and territory management, ensuring that every process is aligned with the organization’s core objectives.

The platform’s ability to integrate with various business management tools, such as e-commerce platforms and warehouse management systems, means that rich customer profiles and a complete view of customer interactions are always at hand. This integration serves as the backbone for a cohesive and comprehensive customer relationship management strategy.

Vendor-built integrations like Infor ION and iPaaS platforms provide ready-to-use solutions for connecting Infor ERP with third-party applications. These integrations reduce the need for custom solutions and ensure that businesses are equipped with the latest technology to meet their integration needs.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Infor CRM Business Intelligence

The importance of data in the digital era is profound, and Infor CRM leverages this significance through in-built analytics and sophisticated business intelligence. The platform’s analytics features provide comprehensive visibility into the sales process, driving accurate forecasting and informed decision-making.

Sales intelligence tools within Infor CRM offer the following benefits:

  • Transform historical information into smart game plans and actionable insights
  • Integrated with Infor’s Birst® Networked BI
  • Offers industry and role-specific content
  • Empowers users to make decisions that align with their business needs

The seamless integration with Infor ERP offers the following benefits:

  • Centralizes data, ensuring that it is accessible across all departments
  • Provides real-time access to operational and sales data
  • Helps businesses maintain a competitive edge in a market that demands agility and precision

Infor CRM Implementation Services

While implementing a new CRM system can seem overwhelming, Infor U serves as a reliable partner in this process. Infor U’s project team training accelerates go-live readiness, equipping organizations with the knowledge and tools needed for a smooth transition and sustainable knowledge management post-implementation.

End-user training from Infor U includes:

  • Providing Tailored training to enhance user proficiency
  • Ensuring that every interaction with the product adds value to the business
  • Offerings unlimited access to a content library for continuous skill development through Campus Plus, an on-demand learning program
  • Empowering users to become proficient with Infor CRM

Certification and credentialing options are also available through Infor U, allowing skills to be recognized and verified. This enhances professional credibility and ensures that the team is trained and acknowledged for their expertise in using Infor CRM.

For more complex implementation or integration support needs, our Infor consulting team at Surety Systems provides personalized guidance to ensure your critical project needs are met.

Leveraging Expert Support

Infor CRM stands as a paragon of customer relationship management, offering businesses a comprehensive suite of tools and capabilities that redefine customer engagement. From robust sales management to mobile accessibility, and from seamless integration to insightful analytics, Infor CRM is the key to unlocking the full potential of your customer relationships.

With Infor CRM as your guide, you can confidently navigate this journey, transforming every customer interaction into a stepping stone toward success. However, without the right personnel or resources to adequately support your Infor implementation or integration projects, you could be wasting a valuable investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Infor CRM enhance sales management?

Infor CRM enhances sales management by providing tools for effective team and territory management, proactive alerts for opportunity identification, and comprehensive visibility into the sales process through reports and dashboards.

Can Infor CRM integrate with social media and e-marketing tools?

Yes, Infor CRM integrates with social media and e-marketing tools, allowing businesses to manage campaigns and engage customers across different touchpoints effectively.

Is Infor CRM mobile-friendly?

Yes, Infor CRM is mobile-friendly, offering robust mobile capabilities for accessing and updating customer information anytime, anywhere.

Does Infor CRM offer any business intelligence and analytics features?

Yes, Infor CRM provides embedded analytics and integrates with Infor Birst® Networked BI to offer comprehensive visibility and actionable insights for better business intelligence and more informed decision-making.

What support does Infor U provide for implementing Infor CRM?

Infor U provides project team training, customized end-user training, Campus Plus on-demand learning program, and certification options to support successful implementation and ongoing skill development for Infor CRM.