Organizations in the modern manufacturing industry need an innovative solution that empowers users to achieve greater production efficiency, agility, and quality and facilitate better manufacturing performance.

Enter SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud (DMC)— an industry-specific SAP platform that offers cloud deployment visibility and advanced monitoring capabilities to optimize, streamline, and enhance manufacturing operations and harness the power of digitalization in a new way.

From real-time insights to predictive analytics, machine learning capabilities, and more, the SAP DMC platform ushers in a new era of manufacturing excellence and paves the way for a future where smart factories revolutionize the global industrial landscape.

Keep reading to learn how the SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud can help organizations optimize core production operations, support risk-resilient manufacturing operations, and facilitate better data exchange between systems, and where our team of SAP consultants can come in to help.

What is the SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud?

The SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud (DMC) is a manufacturing execution system (MES) designed to support sustainable production strategies, improve shop floor management, and enhance manufacturing performance across the entire organization.

The SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud includes advanced features like:

  • Cloud deployment and pre-built integrations with SAP and non-SAP solutions
  • Key performance indicators and digital manufacturing insights for continuous improvement
  • Enhanced visibility across shop floor and top floor business systems
  • Detailed data collection and precise execution of discrete manufacturing processes

Understanding SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud

With the Digital Manufacturing SAP solution, companies can analyze business scenarios, plan and schedule production orders, and execute manufacturing processes more efficiently across teams. The solution is built for companies with branches in different regions or countries, as it provides access to advanced business insights, real-time analytics, and intuitive user interfaces to simplify business activities.

With the SAP DMC solution, organizations across industries are enabled to:

  • Map control systems and operational events to access and view meaningful business data
  • Leverage industry standards and key performance indicators (KPIs) to unify critical manufacturing information in a single data analysis model
  • Apply predefined integration standards to connect both SAP and non-SAP systems in the same place
  • Create new KPIs based on existing MOM and other enterprise management and automation systems
  • Collect and connect data from multiple disparate systems for more harmonized analytics
  • Build integrations with MES solutions, like SAP Manufacturing Execution and SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence

Key Components of SAP’s Manufacturing Execution System

The SAP DMC platform system provides three main modules to help companies improve their core production, manufacturing, and supply chain management processes:

1) SAP DMC for Execution

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for Execution is designed to help business users plan, orchestrate, and control shop floor operations, execute manufacturing processes more effectively, and boost manufacturing performance across the board.

With SAP DMC for Execution, companies can monitor their manufacturing operations and optimize resource allocation and utilization throughout the supply chain.

2) SAP DMC for Insights

The SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for Insights module makes it easier for users to access and view critical quality, productivity, and performance data whenever and wherever they need it.

By leveraging advanced data visibility and accessibility features, companies can improve decision-making and gain a more comprehensive view of their critical shop floor and execution systems.

3) SAP DMC for Resource Orchestration

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for Resource Orchestration offers advanced production tools, work centers, and other manufacturing resources to enable companies to manage shop floor equipment and workflows, optimize labor assignments, and facilitate better resource scheduling and allocation.

Top 6 Benefits for SAP Manufacturing Cloud Customers

Here’s a closer look at the key benefits of the SAP DMC solution for business users:

Better Manufacturing Performance

By leveraging key performance indicators and other performance metrics, users can analyze core manufacturing and production processes across individual branches and the organization.

This way, companies with operations in multiple locations can monitor system performance and identify production bottlenecks more efficiently.

Automated Production

With SAP DMC, companies can automate core processes across the shop floor and facilitate the efficient exchange of data between teams, departments, and systems. This also makes it easier for users to reduce system downtime, access business-critical data, and improve time-to-value.

Advanced Analytics and Insights

Users can facilitate continuous improvement and efficient discrete manufacturing operations and accelerate root-cause analysis for issues or bottlenecks by leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities.

This way, they can ensure issues are identified and resolved proactively, and insights are maintained consistently across all departments, locations, and areas of the organization.

Customization Features

When it comes to customizing critical production processes and adapting to individualization requirements, SAP DMC provides the right tools and resources for the job.

The SAP DMC solution enables business users to build customized solutions that meet market-of-one demand, improve customer satisfaction, and navigate complicated product variability issues while maintaining clear cost and quality standards for mass production operations.

Improved Resource Management

The SAP DMC solution makes it easier for companies to plan, schedule, allocate, and control the resources required to execute production orders on the shop floor and keep MOM systems up and running over time.

By optimizing the allocation and utilization of manufacturing resources, users can improve the quality of their manufacturing operations, execute business processes more efficiently, and reduce organizational downtime in the process.

Effective Manufacturing Execution

Improved connection between top floor and shop floor processes and prebuilt integrations with other SAP and non-SAP systems in SAP DMC help users establish, control, and execute necessary production processes.

With more transparent production management and improved visibility across the entire supply chain, companies can assess and resolve productivity and quality issues, reduce warranty and liability risk, and improve production line execution.

How Can We Help?

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