In an increasingly connected digital world, the seamless integration of diverse systems is critical in driving efficient business operations and improving collaboration.

Infor ION API is a powerful integration platform designed to facilitate the connectivity and interoperability of applications within and beyond the enterprise landscape. By leveraging open standards and a user-friendly interface, Infor ION API enables organizations to integrate their systems, streamline data exchange, and enhance business processes with minimal complexity.

This article discusses the capabilities and benefits of Infor ION API, highlighting how it empowers businesses to achieve greater agility, efficiency, and innovation through effective integration strategies.

Understanding the Infor ION API Gateway

As a broker, APIs fall between consumers and providers, offering key benefits for both and facilitating greater connections between different areas of the enterprise landscape.

Infor ION API is an intelligent system designed for brokering requests from API consumers, such as web platforms and mobile applications, and API providers, including Infor ERP systems or third-party services.

The ION API Gateway can be used by applications that use API calls to expose business logic through HTTP protocols, whereas Infor d/EPM uses the ION API to consume API services that enable secure access to existing business logic.

How It Works

The ION API Gateway acts as a powerful API management tool for Infor products by receiving API requests, enforcing throttling policies, and maintaining security guidelines.

To connect API requests to the front-end Infor system, it passes requests to the back-end service and then passes the response back to the requester once approved, ensuring proper authentication, audit, authorization, security, and compliance requirements are met.

Infor’s ION API Gateway also includes a built-in transformation engine that helps organizations access, orchestrate, process, and modify any API request and associated responses and collect analytics data from critical business processes.

Here’s how to find documentation on supported functions within Infor ION API:

  • Select Infor ION API in Infor Ming.le.
  • Navigate to Available APIs and click DEPM API.
  • Select the Endpoints tab.
  • Click Documentation for an available web or REST API endpoint.
  • Click a POST API operation to display results.
  • Select Try it Now to access the documentation.

Key Benefits for Infor Users


Infor ION API enables seamless integration of diverse systems, applications, and data sources within and beyond the enterprise, thus creating a unified IT ecosystem, reducing silos, and facilitating smoother data flow across platforms.


Infor ION API is designed to support evolving business needs, offering scalable integration solutions that can handle increasing data volumes and complexity and keep up with long-term business goals.


Automating data exchange and business processes through Infor ION API reduces the need for manual interventions, minimizes errors, and saves time, allowing users to spend more time on strategic initiatives.


Infor ION API provides robust security features to protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with industry regulations. This method includes secure data transmission, authentication, and authorization mechanisms, helping organizations safeguard their information and maintain stakeholder trust.

Getting Started with the Experts

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