In a world with ever-changing business requirements and emerging automation solutions, SAP Build Process Automation leads the charge towards better business processes by empowering companies to expedite the development lifecycle, reduce human error, and accelerate time-to-market.

With its key capabilities and components, SAP Build Process Automation offers a transformative approach that enables enterprises to unlock their full potential, optimize resource utilization, and drive sustainable growth in the long run.

This article will discuss the key components and capabilities of the SAP Build Process Automation solution, as well as where our team of SAP consultants can come in to help.

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What is SAP Process Automation?

The SAP Build Process Automation solution is designed to help companies adapt to changing business process requirements, improve the speed and agility of their SAP applications, and innovate business processes to maintain a competitive advantage in the market.

With combined and fully-integrated capabilities, including robotic process automation (RPA), embedded AI functions, and advanced workflow management tools, companies are enabled to automate repetitive tasks and improve process efficiency across the board.

Key Features of Build Process Automation in SAP

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the key features of Process Automation in SAP…

1) Robotic Process Automation

SAP Process Automation provides the capabilities needed to combine SAP Workflow Management and SAP Intelligent RPA solutions, allowing companies to automate manual tasks, improve user interfaces, and scale their solutions to withstand growth and change.

With intelligent RPA capabilities, users are enabled to execute tasks, such as the generation of large amounts of business documents, without the need for human intervention.

2) Workflow Management

By leveraging drag-and-drop functionality to digitize, configure, and manage workflows, create forms, and manage business rules, companies can improve the efficiency of their core business processes, all without direct involvement from IT teams.

Companies can also develop decision logic and manage business rules in flow charts and spreadsheet-like decision tables to manage data and process instances more efficiently.

3) Process Visibility Dashboards

With SAP automation tools, business users can create process visibility dashboards that provide real-time visibility into end-to-end processes across the entire SAP system.

4) Embedded Artificial Intelligence

SAP Process Automation enables users to leverage embedded artificial intelligence (AI) functionality to process business documents, provide support for business decisions, and create intelligent recommendations based on the correlation of workflow data and attributes.

5) Prebuilt Process Content

With predefined forms, bot templates, business rules, process flows, and process visibility dashboards, SAP Build Process Automation makes it easy for companies to manage cross-application scenarios and and extend functionality across their SAP applications.

What Business Areas Can Benefit from Workflow Automation?

The SAP Build Process Automation platform provides a quicker, more simplified way to automate tasks and improve business agility, all without the need for complex coding.

Let’s take a look at the key business areas that can benefit the solution…

  • Human Resources: Drag-and-drop simplicity in SAP Process Automation makes it easier for companies to improve interactions between their HR teams and their SAP applications, eliminating repetitive manual tasks and enhancing employee productivity.
  • Financials: With this solution, companies are enabled to streamline their core financial processes, including financial posting, accounts payable, invoice creation, and more, and extend the reach and efficiency of their customer-facing processes with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Procurement: SAP Process Automation provides the tools needed to customize, automate, and extend procurement processes across teams, speeding up processing, enhancing data collection and management functions, and reducing errors in the process.

Main Advantages of Process Automation in SAP

Companies need flexible, scalable, and intelligent tools to manage complex workflows and empower users to improve operational efficiency across the board. And, luckily for you, SAP Build Process Automation does just that.

Here are a few of the main advantages of the automation solution for business users…

Accelerate and Automate Processes

With advanced data visualization features that require no complex coding, technical and non-technical employees in any organization are enabled to complete tasks more efficiently, scale process automation instances to meet growing business needs, and leverage intelligent tools to automate processes with ease.

The SAP Build Process Automation platform also offers native integrations with other SAP solutions, making it easier to connect workflow processes across systems and improve the speed and agility of your enterprise applications across the board.

Support Workflow Processes and Extensions

SAP Process Automation offers intelligent management tools that help users digitalize their core workflows, use predefined business rules to automate and adapt business logic, and extend well-structured processes to meet unique business needs across teams.

And, with its set of content packages, including pre built-workflows, user interfaces, and process variants, this solution makes it easier than ever for companies to extend standard processes across their entire SAP landscape, from SAP ERP to SAP Ariba, and more.

Add Value to AI Functionality

By leveraging embedded AI and machine learning capabilities, SAP Process Automation users are enabled to support intelligent business document processing and boost productivity through automated data extraction processes.

This solution not only allows companies to automatically copy and enter information extracted from business documents into the SAP system to be processes, but it also provides the tools needed to process large amounts of business documents in standard and custom form and ensure invoices and payables are aligned, no matter what.

Improve Process Efficiency and Agility

With embedded RPA functions, SAP Build Process Automation makes it easier for business users to automate manual tasks, improve the agility of data transfers between systems that lack sufficient integration capabilities, and scale your SAP system to meet changing needs.

Users can also leverage a wide range of best-practice bots that help create better outcomes from RPA capabilities and increase their organization’s automated level over time.

How Can We Help?

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