One of the most significant problems in the healthcare industry is interoperability—the ability for two or more systems to exchange and use health information. Interoperability ensures that patient data is shared accurately among providers and organizations, which improves efficiency and communication between referring doctors and specialists, and helps lead to better patient care and fewer unnecessary diagnostic tests. 

The problem is that healthcare data is often siloed in legacy technology systems that lack the connectivity needed to digitally transform healthcare solutions. To address this issue, Infor has launched a new interoperability solution: Infor Cloverleaf Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) Server. 

This article will explain the Infor Cloverleaf FHIR Server, as well as how it can help healthcare providers solve their interoperability challenges. Let’s dive in.

The Infor Cloverleaf FHIR Server

Recently, Infor announced its Infor Cloverleaf Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) Server, the next-generation solution from the Infor Cloverleaf integration suite. The new solution is built on the international HL7 FHIR standard. It allows healthcare organizations to extend their electronic health records (EHR) and clinical systems’ FHIR and application programming interface (API) capabilities beyond their current support. 

Cloverleaf technology will allow patients and providers to streamline care and help with digital transformation efforts by utilizing existing clinical systems connected to an innovative Infor Cloverleaf FHIR-based ecosystem.

Other features include:

  • SMART on FHIR support
  • Audit logging
  • Data provenance
  • Encryption capabilities included by default

Now, let’s cover how it works and how it can benefit healthcare orgs.

The Benefits of the Infor Cloverleaf FHIR Server

Infor Cloverleaf FHIR Server lets organizations store the FHIR data they ingest and make it consumable by modern web applications. Organizations can then use the Cloverleaf API Gateway to connect any application securely and orchestrate those connections. This helps hospital systems connect and communicate way more effectively, which benefits healthcare delivery and the patient experience. 

In the words of Austin Awes, Infor vice president of interoperability:

The demand for modern data exchange in healthcare, combined with government regulations in the 21st Century Cures Act, which mandates the use of the FHIR standard for many healthcare workflows moving forward, has driven the need for easy and immediate access to patient data based on HL7 FHIR. It’s time sensitive that healthcare organizations comply with new regulations, and they need a FHIR infrastructure in place to practice modern data sharing while adhering to regulations.

Infor understands that our customers want to procure leading technologies and build innovative solutions internally, but they don’t have a way to easily expose the data to these solutions. We created the Infor Cloverleaf FHIR Server to make data available in a robust and modern way while maintaining compliance. We are committed to letting the industry know that we are evolving with it, keeping our solutions relevant and specialized to meet healthcare-specific needs to help organizations provide the highest level of patient outcomes.

Understanding the Scope of Infor Cloverleaf FHIR Server

The FHIR Server is part of a more extensive Infor Cloverleaf integration suite that gives organizations the power to streamline clinical data exchange and solve their interoperability challenges at scale.

One component that stands out in this suite is the Infor FHIR Bridge, which connects new and old solutions with prebuilt connectors that work in a continuous or batch process. These prebuilt translations are essential because they enable the ingestion and reformatting of data to provide consistency and data quality.

By connecting your EHR and clinical systems’ FHIR using API capabilities, you can save time getting the information your healthcare providers need and improve the level of healthcare patients receive. 

Overcoming Interoperability Challenges

If your healthcare organization is trying to modernize systems but can’t replace every legacy system at once, Infor Cloverleaf FHIR Server is the perfect solution. And what better way to implement the perfect solution than with the perfect partner?

Our senior-level healthcare interoperability consulting team has experience with Infor Cloverleaf solutions. We not only know the technology, we understand the complex challenges of the healthcare industry and can consult with your organization on best practices so that you can take advantage of our know-how to avoid common pitfalls on the path to success.

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