Ensuring the secure exchange of data is essential in maintaining robust network connections and staying competitive in the ever-evolving enterprise technology landscape.

SAProuter, an often overlooked tool, acts as a secure gateway within a customer’s network, employing advanced encryption and authentication tools to provide a controlled and protected pathway for communication between different IP networks.

In this article, we explore SAProuter’s key functions and advantages, how it aids in managing secure connections and safeguarding sensitive data, and where our team of expert SAP consultants can come in to ensure the integrity of your most critical SAP environments.

What is SAProuter?

SAProuter is a comprehensive software application designed to help users establish robust network connections between multiple SAP systems or an SAP system and other external networks.

Understanding the Need for SAProuter

The SAProuter application acts as an intermediate station (proxy) in an SAP network, controlling access to the network, enhancing the existing firewall system, and improving network configuration and security across the board.

With an established network connection through SAProuter, users can:

  • Control and log network connections to each customer system
  • Reduce SAP system workload within a specific local area network (LAN)
  • Increase system performance and agility by communicating with a wide area network (WAN)
  • Improve user authentication and security measures to protect sensitive data
  • Set up indirect connection to be used when programs lack the configuration needed to connect

Prerequisites for SAProuter

While the only real pre-requisite for using SAProuter commands is a network connection from the customer’s network to the SAP network, SAP network teams must first coordinate to prep their SAP environment and facilitate the request for network connection.

Users must ensure the following requirements are met:

Existing Connection Requirements

  • Must have an available user to log into the SAProuter platform.
  • Need an SAP network administrator to log into the SAProuter host platform.
  • Login to the hardware for physical connection to the SAP system.

New Connection Requirements

  • Must have an available user with basic knowledge of the internal operating system beyond logging the ticket for SAProuter network connections.
  • Need an internal resource with network experience available to help with internet connections or network configurations as needed.
  • For VPN connections, an IPSEC administrator may be required to log in to the SAProuter host platform.
  • For IPSEC connections, two public IPs must be available and ready for connection.
  • Complete SAP Note 28976 to register the new SAProuter installation in the SAP Service Marketplace.

Key SAProuter Use Cases

Here’s a closer look at a few key use cases for the SAProuter platform:

Establish indirect communication

With SAProuter, users can establish an indirect connection if the network configuration does not allow the communicating systems to reach each other directly.

Whether from a lack of an official IP address, a lack of allowance for a route permission table, or firewall system restrictions, SAProuter allows users to manage entries and establish SAProuter SNC connections more efficiently.

Improve performance

By reducing the load on each SAP system within a local area network (LAN) communicating with a wide area network (WAN), users can improve the performance and stability of their critical internal systems.

Enhance network security

SAP users can leverage SAProuter to password-protect their network connections and critical business data from unauthorized access and improve overall network security, even from beyond existing network boundaries. This way, any company can ensure only authorized users have access to certain areas of the target server and allow access only from a specified SAProuter platform.

Control network connection

SAProuter enables users to control and log network connections, ensuring all authorized users have access to the right network and data is maintained and stored correctly within their SAP landscape. The SAProuter simplifies connections between SAP and other R/3 systems and remotely connects to the SAP Support Portal for access to SAProuter certificates.

Understanding the SAProuter String

A route is defined in the form of a route string in the SAProuter tool, containing an entry (or substring) for each SAProuter and the target server and observing specific syntax rules for each route. Each substring in the SAProuter string contains the data needed to make a connection between servers, including the host name, the port name, the port number, and the password.

Here are a few critical features of a route string in SAProuter:

  • /H/, which indicates the host name (Note: users can also specify a service after each host name)
  • /S/, which precedes the host name and outlines the service name
  • /P/, which includes a password if supplied

Connections from Sappc to the application server are made in the following phases:

  • Sappc (frontend): Provides the connection to the SAProuter and passes the remainder of the information to the rest of the system.
  • SAProuter: Checks whether the route between SAProuter and YourSAProuter is permitted and creates the connection to the SAProuter on YourSAProuter.
  • YourSAProuter: Checks whether the established route is permitted and builds the connection to the application server.

Maintaining Network Security with SAProuter

SAProuter offers services and support for your internal systems in a secure, auditable way. By leveraging WAN connections, SAProuter provides the highest level of security for accessing customer networks, preventing unauthorized access to particular WAN connections, and ensuring all critical security guidelines are met.

With advanced network security measures, SAProuter enables users to:

  • Gain complete visibility and control over their open connections
  • Log remote connections to any SAP system quickly and easily
  • Leverage various data encryption methods to ensure reliable authentication

How Can We Help?

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