In today’s dynamic and interconnected business landscape, organizations require robust technological solutions that help them streamline core operations, manage software development and deployment, and foster seamless collaboration across diverse software environments.

Enter SAP NetWeaver — an intelligent development platform that provides the technical foundation for enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications across the entire SAP landscape.

Read on to learn more about the main functions and advantages of SAP NetWeaver and where our SAP consultant team can fit in your organization.

What is SAP NetWeaver?

SAP NetWeaver is an open-application platform that provides intelligent development tools and advanced web services to support the creation of new business applications, improve interoperability across existing enterprise applications, and enhance overall technology strategy and execution.

The SAP NetWeaver portal utilizes a service-oriented architecture (SOA) to facilitate more efficient application development and integration, support custom software development, and promote better master data and systems management across a company’s SAP landscape.

By leveraging in-built ABAP programming language and C, C++, and Java functionality, SAP NetWeaver consolidates corporate IT infrastructures and integrates heterogeneous environments into a single, unified platform, reducing total costs of ownership and improving operational efficiency.

Key Capabilities Included in the SAP NetWeaver Portal

Here are a few key features of SAP NetWeaver for business users:

1) ABAP Development Tools

  • Interactive, browser-based user experiences on every device
  • Cloud qualities for on-premise and PaaS development and integration
  • Software lifecycle development and management with limited system downtime

2) Advanced Code Analysis

  • Limited obsolete code based on usage procedure logs
  • Custom code adaptation to meet SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA upgrade requirements
  • Improved performance for critical database query development and analysis

3) Efficient Programming Models

  • Optimized analytics services for apps developed on the SAP HANA platform
  • Efficient development efforts through freestyle or smart templates and optimized CDS views
  • Advanced transaction, event, and error-handling services

4) Eclipse Development Tools

  • Dictionary editors and advanced tools for core data services
  • Business object editor for better business object processing framework
  • ABAP push channel editors for improved application development

Main Advantages of SAP NetWeaver Services

SAP NetWeaver is an integrated technology platform designed to support the development, integration, and management of various applications across a heterogeneous software environment.

Here are the top three advantages of SAP NetWeaver:

Integration Capabilities:

SAP NetWeaver provides robust integration capabilities that allow different software systems and applications to communicate seamlessly. It supports SAP and non-SAP applications, enabling organizations to create an integrated ecosystem that streamlines business processes and data flows, eliminates data silos, and reduces duplication of effort.

Application Development and Flexibility:

SAP NetWeaver offers a range of resources that facilitate the development of custom applications and solutions designed to enhance data accessibility and improve user experiences.

The NetWeaver portal includes development environments like Web Dynpro and ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) to help developers create user-friendly interfaces and applications tailored to each organization’s unique needs.

Centralized System Management:

SAP NetWeaver provides tools for monitoring and managing various components of an SAP landscape, including databases, middleware, and other applications.

Centralized data management simplifies administration tasks, such as system monitoring, configuration, and security management, and helps organizations reduce complexity and improve overall system reliability.

How Can We Help?

From helping your internal teams implement SAP NetWeaver functionality for the first time to facilitating integrations between SAP NetWeaver HANA and your other ERP and CRM applications, connecting business users to SAP software from anywhere, and everything in between, Surety Systems can help.

Our senior-level, US-based SAP consultant team has the skills, experience, and know-how to handle all your SAP project needs, whether simple or complex, big or small.

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