In today’s data-driven business landscape, managing multiple data models at once and turning raw data into actionable insights is the key to making informed decisions and gaining a competitive edge.

Enter SAP Lumira — a powerful and user-friendly data visualization and business intelligence tool that makes it easier to manage data and make the most of your most valuable information. With its intuitive interface and robust capabilities, SAP Lumira empowers organizations to unlock the potential of their data and create visually compelling, interactive reports and dashboards.

In this article, we discuss the key capabilities and components of SAP Lumira, how it enables businesses to harness the true power of data for smarter decision-making and strategic growth, and where our senior-level SAP consultant team can fit in your organization.

What is SAP Lumira Used For?

SAP Lumira is a business intelligence tool used to harness data company-wide, create stories based on existing data sources, and drive better insights across the entire organization.

The SAP Lumira Cloud combines self-service business intelligence (BI) discovery, data connectivity, and visualization tools with analytics applications and dashboards all in one place, making it easier for business users to promote better insights and visualize data more effectively.

Key Features of the SAP Lumira Cloud

Let’s take a closer look at a few critical features included in the SAP Lumira 2.0 Designer solution:

1) Self-Service Data Visualization

With self-service visualization tools, SAP BI Lumira Designer allows users to access and analyze business data within one, simplified solution and improve storytelling across the entire SAP BusinessObjects platform.

SAP Lumira also makes it easier for business users to leverage BI visualizations to create stories from multiple different types of data that other users can use, build on, and share across desktop and mobile devices across their entire SAP landscape.

2) Interactive Dashboards

The SAP Lumira Designer allows users to create corporate analysis applications and interactive dashboards to facilitate better collaboration for professional analysis application designers and other users.

The solution also makes it easier to share data stories and provide actionable insights to improve business real-time performance across the board.

3) Real-Time Data Access

By providing real-time access to data within on-premise and cloud-based SAP systems, SAP Lumira enables complete connectivity across the entire SAP landscape and improves the structure, semantics, and functionality of each data set.

4) Improved Data Security

SAP Lumira provides advanced data filters, drill-down capabilities, and other functional navigation tools to help users connect to their data whenever and wherever they need it. This way, users can ensure secure data access, improve scalability, and enhance decision-making across the SAP Lumira server.

Navigating the SAP Lumira User Interface

In the SAP BI Lumira data visualization tool, there are four tabs for users to navigate:


The Prepare tab is used to cleanse data, convert it into the correct format for the reports, and import each data source into the SAP Lumira Discovery solution. Users can also add new custom calculations in the SAP Lumira Discovery solution, making it easier for business key users to manage and connect data more effectively.


Once the data has been organized and imported in the Prepare tab, users can leverage the Visualize tab to manipulate data like adding different data attributes, metrics, graphs, and charts to explore data and gain insights into their entire SAP BI platform.


With the Compose tab, users can create stories and presentations, including background colors, pictures, text, and titles, to improve data visualization and facilitate better


The Share tab allows users to publish their data visualizations to different platforms, including the SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio, and other SAP Visual Intelligence applications, or to a different set of users across the SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform.

How Can We Help?

Whether you need help connecting your most important data across SAP HANA, SAP BW, and Universe sources, additional support utilizing SAP Lumira Discovery tools to merge data across applications, or just an extra hand creating visualizations and stores with existing data, Surety Systems can help.

Our senior-level, US-based SAP consultant team has the right knowledge, skills, and experience to handle your most important SAP projects — from first-time implementation to complex system integration, software upgrade, product enhancement, and everything in between.

Getting Started with Our Team

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