In a modern digital era where effective collaboration plays a critical role in achieving business success, organizations are constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions to connect their entire workforce, streamline critical business operations, and drive productivity.

Enter SAP JAM — a comprehensive platform designed to revolutionize business collaboration and empower companies to break down social silos, foster employee creativity, and enhance communication among team members and subject matter experts.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the key features and benefits of SAP JAM, how it can revolutionize the way businesses collaborate in the digital age, and where our team of SAP consultants can come in to help.

What is SAP JAM?

SAP JAM is a social collaboration and decision-making tool designed to help companies to bring their most important people, information, applications, and processes together in one place and drive better business results wherever they work.

It combines the power of social networking in SAP SuccessFactors with other social workflow, task management, and business process support resources from SAP StreamWork to offer a more robust and comprehensive platform for users across the entire SAP landscape.

With SAP JAM functionality, employees and business partners can learn, innovate, and collaborate on projects together, making it easier to solve business-critical issues and improve decision-making across the entire organization. Access to this functionality is also available via the SAP JAM mobile app. The app connects the SAP JAM social software and enables users to work in groups, identify subject matter experts inside and outside of their organization, and post status updates conveniently from their mobile device.

Access to expert SAP knowledge and guidance is also available with the SAP JAM collaboration tool, allowing customers to facilitate stronger knowledge transfer, improve employee productivity, and reduce training costs associated with travel and communication.

Understanding the SAP JAM Collaboration Tool

SAP JAM provides several features that enable employees to quickly and efficiently connect with each other, create and share business-critical information, and easily find subject matter experts inside and outside their organization needed to close key business opportunities.

With collaboration tools in SAP JAM, users can add structure to their conversations, drive and track offline tasks, and make better decisions to resolve business critical problems. It also enables organizations to work with customers, partners, and new employees directly in their social collaboration environment, in existing business applications, or on their mobile device.

By leveraging advanced collaboration and connection tools in SAP JAM, users are empowered to eliminate social silos and IT teams are enabled to protect corporate data for better social collaboration across the entire SAP landscape.

SAP JAM offers the following functionality for business users:

  • Activity feeds, blogs, and wikis for user status updates
  • Groups for private, public, and external members
  • Content mirroring, versioning, and sharing
  • Forum participation and moderation for efficient discussion
  • Pre-built integration with Microsoft Sharepoint, OpenText Content Server, and more
  • Page design and decision-making tools for customer groups
  • Timed alerts and notifications for task assignments and business documents

Key SAP JAM Features for Business Users

Here are a few of the key features of SAP JAM for users in any industry:

1) Unified, user-friendly platform

SAP JAM is an enterprise social-networking tool that enables companies to bring all people, processes, and applications together in the same place and improve communications for employees and subject matter experts across their entire SAP landscape.

It also simplifies project and task management for internal teams, allowing them to handle any chaos that arises, facilitate better collaboration across teams, and make better-informed decisions over time.

2) Connection and collaboration

With SAP JAM, companies can unite their most critical information, applications, and processes across an extended business network, easily locate and connect with other SAP experts in their network, and make business decisions based on documents, conversations, and customer feedback.

The SAP JAM tool also provides interactive dashboards, forums, and feeds to promote better employee participation, build relationships with other users and partners in the network, monitor individual notifications, and improve engagement through an extranet with advanced social collaboration features.

3) Intelligent work tools

Intelligent business tools in SAP JAM make it easier for companies to organize, structure, and manage their most critical business operations and make better business decisions for their future workforce.

From leveraging a dynamic work agenda to align teams, identifying pros and cons based on customer feedback, prioritizing input through group rankings, monitoring important events and company milestones, tracking approvals, and building consensus, SAP JAM simplifies your entire workforce.

It also allows teams to manage and store deliverables in the same location, making it easier to keep track of assignments, reward colleagues for superior participation, and improve overall support.

4) Streamlined HR process efficiency

Companies can leverage SAP JAM to get new employees onboarded quickly, keep them up-to-date on their training progress, and connect them to the right informaiton and people through onboarding groups.

This way, employees can ensure they have access to the right resources needed to get acclimated to their new system and role, and companies can decrease time to productivity for new hires.

Even better, collaboration between SAP JAM and SAP SuccessFactors BisX makes it easier for companies to facilitate collaboration between teams and ensure work streams run smoothly over time.

It also provides integrations with SAP SuccessFactors Learning to build collaborative training groups, share valuable training content, and reduce overall training costs across the board.

5) Aligned sales initiatives

With SAP JAM, organizations can bring all key participants together on one platform and keep stakeholders informed on the progress of critical business opportunities, allowing for reduced analysis and proposal development times across teams.

By connecting sales and service professionals on a single unified platform, SAP JAM makes it easier to easily access essential sales resources, shorten sales cycles, improve engagement with customers and partners, and win more deals in the long run.

6) Accelerated financial business processes

By automating the process of analyzing, updating, sharing, and tracking financial information through multiple disparate systems, SAP JAM facilitates better collaboration between stakeholders and makes it easier to maintain cost control and manage critical business expenses.

SAP JAM also integrates with the SAP Finanicals On Demand mobile app to help users quickly and efficiently share financial information, like budgets, processes, status reports, documents, and forecasts, with stakeholders across the entire global SAP landscape.

It also enables businesses to maintain real-time financial, compliance, and regulatory policies in real time and communicate important policy changes to stakeholders through status updates and other connection tools included in the SAP JAM collaboration tool.

7) Extended functionality for core business applications

SAP JAM is fully-hosted in the SAP Cloud, meaning that users have the ability to skip over long implementations and complex integrations by streamlining workforce management, improving social collaboration, and eliminating the need for multiple different communication silos across teams.

With pre-built access to RESTful APIs, SAP JAM customers can also query and manipulate resources directly in SAP JAM, integrate third-party applications and add-on tools, like Microsoft SharePoint, Twitter, and Google Calendar, and view business content on any platform, whenever and wherever it’s needed.

This way, companies can deliver a more unified customer experience and support operations across the entire global workforce, leading to stronger business engagement and better outcomes in the future.

Why Use SAP JAM Business Tools?

SAP JAM offers multifaceted capabilities that empower organizations to foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, and productivity and improve connection across all areas of their company.

With SAP JAM, users benefit from seamless integration with other SAP solutions, ensuring a unified and streamlined approach to critical business processes. Its intuitive interface and user-friendly features facilitate easy communication, document sharing, and knowledge exchange among team members, regardless of their physical location.

SAP JAM also offers robust security features to help companies ensure data protection and compliance, assuring users of the highest levels of confidentiality for their most sensitive data. Its in-built scalability features allow businesses of all sizes to leverage the JAM SAP platform to enhance their collaboration efforts and communicate with key stakeholders across the entire SAP landscape.

How Can We Help?

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