Data is the heart of business operations in the age of modern digitization, boosting insights, innovation, and competitive advantage for companies of all sizes and industry sectors. As companies deal with ever-growing volumes of data, the need for dynamic, scalable, and efficient data management solutions that consolidate information from multiple data sources becomes paramount. 

Enter SAP IQ—a high-performance, decision-support server designed to revolutionize business intelligence, data warehousing, and analytics capabilities.

Read on to learn more about SAP IQ and how our senior-level SAP consultants can help your organization tackle all things related to your SAP environment.

What is SAP IQ?

SAP IQ is an effective and cost-efficient relational database management system (RDBMS) from the SAP Business Technology Platform that supports Big Data analytics and extreme data compression.

This high-performance decision-support server was created for mission-critical analytics, business intelligence, and data warehousing. Its Component Integration Services enable direct access to relational and non-relational databases on mainframe, UNIX, or Windows servers.

SAP IQ is an ACID-compliant database that ensures data integrity whether your database (or dbspace) is established on raw devices or files within a larger file system. Multiplex configurations in SAP IQ support GPFS and NFS, while simple configurations support any file system. Both simple and multiplex setups are compatible with raw devices in the SAP IQ landscape.

Key Features of SAP IQ

Cloud-ready and adaptable deployment

Enhance and modernize existing SAP Sybase IQ investments by utilizing SAP IQ as a cloud-native, fully managed service or on IaaS provided by major hyperscalers.

Load data at high speeds

Support spur-of-the-moment decisions by making Big Data readily available to people and applications within your existing SAP landscape.

Company-wide analytics

Leverage ad-hoc analysis functionality to gain improved insights and analyze and manage data across social and business sites.

Streamline IT administration tasks

Store and query higher volumes of data and reduce IT workloads and costs, whether dealing with terabytes or petabytes.

Top Benefits of the SAP IQ Solution

Scale to Meet Evolving Business Needs and Requirements

Add and share nodes easily to handle self-service resource demands for thousands of concurrent users. Process queries efficiently with distributed query processing, a column-oriented, elastic grid-based, largely parallel processing architecture. Improve visibility into petabyte-sized data sets using an extensible in-database analytics framework, meeting the ever-growing demand for comprehensive data insights.

Create a Unified Data Store for All Data Types and Extract Value from Large Data Volumes

Manage both structured and processed unstructured data within a single analytical framework. Enhance security through database, column, and transport layer encryption alongside LDAP and Kerberos authentication. Ensure greater data availability with multiplex grid technology that reduces node failures and associated risks.

Improve Business Performance and Adapt to Market Dynamics While Reducing Costs

Efficiently compress data using column-store compression, optimized database page formats for variable-sized data, enhanced I/O rates, and N-bit fast projection indexes. Reduce overall costs by leveraging compression algorithms that minimize data storage volumes.

How We Can Help

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