It’s no secret that SAP is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) powerhouse, housing modules for virtually every business process imaginable, from Human Capital Management to Transportation Management, Production Planning, Sales Distribution, Materials Management, and everything in between.

But, while SAP does offer a wide range of modules and system functionality, the SAP Human Resources (SAP HR) platform is one of the most inclusive and useful solutions that SAP provides. SAP HR plays a crucial role in building and maintaining organized enterprise management processes, regardless of an organization’s size, location, or industry.

Read on to learn more about the solution and the ways it can help transform and optimize your day-to-day business operations.

What is SAP HCM?

SAP Human Capital Management (SAP HCM) is SAP’s all-inclusive human resource management system (SAP HRMS) that provides innovative human resources solutions to address critical workforce needs and build a stronger connection between HR and business operations.

Key SAP Human Resources Modules

The SAP HR module offers a comprehensive HCM suite designed to understand what motivates employees, offers improved support throughout the entire employee lifecycle, and provides the HR analytics tools and resources needed to accelerate and optimize HR processes.

Innovation is at the heart of everything SAP does (including its HCM module). Because human resources management is one of the most critical processes throughout an organization, SAP emphasizes building a module with the right tools and functionality to help manage employee data, improve employee engagement, and optimize HR operations.

Here are the main SAP HR modules, as well as how they can benefit you:

Personnel Administration & Development

We all know that organizations are built on a foundation made up of their employees, and without their people, companies cannot operate. That’s why personnel development and administrative tasks are so crucial to a company’s success (and why SAP included both in their HR solution).

SAP’s Personnel Administration module allows employees to update, manage, and store important data related to personal tasks or data info types (i.e., organization, time, or recruitment management). The Personnel Development module allows users to implement employee-specific training measures and qualification standards to ensure requirements are met and boost employee productivity and satisfaction in the process.

The combined functionality of these modules ensures that company employment needs and requirements are met and offers more opportunities to enhance the employee experience throughout the full employee lifecycle.

Organizational Management

The SAP HR Organizational Management module allows users to create plans using a custom object-oriented design and several organizational objects. The module also lays the foundation for additional Personnel Planning and Development opportunities and SAP Business Workflow.

In addition to its easy-to-use planning and design features, Organizational Management enables employees to accurately depict their organizational structure and analyze their plans with custom reporting structures and evaluation paths. Users can also manage workforce costs and improve workflow management through improved task outlines, relationships between objects, and comprehensive planning and reporting tools.


SAP’s Payroll accounting module helps employees outline and manage payment processes, including taxes, deductions, wages, and more. The module is also fully integrated with personnel administration, time management, and financial accounting modules to provide a more seamless approach to the compensation process.

SAP HR Payroll can help employees:

  1. Manage automatic wage calculation and computation of special payments
  2. Process gross and net retroactive accounting information
  3. Reliably exchange financial data with banks, insurance agencies, etc.

Time Management

SAP HR Time Management offers improved time tracking and management capabilities, helping organizations track project time booking, manage human capital costs, and calculate valuable profit and loss statements. Here are a few of the key features of the module:

  • Progress of process documentation
  • Time recording and analysis
  • Invoice processing
  • Human cost monitoring (i.e., per-time booking for projects)
  • Shift and absence management
  • Timesheet and data collection

The SAP Time Management module also uses the Cross Application Time Sheet (CATS) tool to help employees record working times and tasks. The CATS SAP HR tool allows users to keep all time tracking information in one place, including monitoring project processes, employee payment, and invoice creation. With the CATS SAP HR Time Management tool, your organization can improve data integration processes, provide more accurate time data, keep that data in a centralized system, and ease the burden on your time administrators.

Learning Solutions

The SAP Learning Solution provides a new way for employees, trainers, and administrators to complete tasks, participate in training courses, and improve their engagement and experience. As a comprehensive solution that can be integrated into other business software, the module helps to reduce costs and simplify user access requirements for training measures and courses.

SAP Learning Solution also offers customized learning (or teaching) environments dependent on an employee’s organizational role: Learning Portal, Instructor Portal, Training Management, Authoring Environment, and Course Administrator Portal. This way, all employees have access to the best environment for their needs and can complete their tasks with improved accuracy and productivity.


SAP E-Recruiting not only accelerates an organization’s employee recruitment process, but it also contains functional recruitment instruments that make it easier to attract and retain high-quality employees. The E-Recruiting solution offers three main features to help you outline and organization recruitment processes throughout your organization:

  1. Applicant Tracking
  2. Requisition Management
  3. Job Opportunity Publication

This application also provides integration capabilities that allow your internal HR and Talent Management systems to work with recruitment processes and infrastructure, promoting improved collaboration between your organizational systems.

Main Advantages of SAP Human Capital Management

While SAP HR systems provide a wide variety of solutions and functionalities within the SAP landscape, here are a few of the main SAP benefits:

  • Simplified user experience: With a single, cloud-based system and automated data entry and administrative tasks, SAP HR makes everyday HR operations more efficient.
  • Improved analytics: SAP HR provides advanced data analysis tools and enhanced data integration practices that make it easier to track employee data in real-time and gain better insights to aid decision-making processes.
  • Increased security measures: Because SAP HR is part of a cloud-based solution, all employee data is held in the cloud, and the included system functionalities maintain regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Pre-built system intelligence: SAP HR offers capable tools for virtually every human resource management process, including automated compliance and reporting functions that help take the burden of data analysis off of your employees.

Getting Started with SAP

Implementing the SAP Human Capital Management suite can seem daunting to a team that lacks the internal resources and knowledge to get the job done. This is where Surety Systems comes in. Our team of senior-level SAP consultants understands the SAP Human Resource software and knows just what steps to take to help you transform your organization management processes.

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Surety Systems—The SAP HR Implementation Partner For You

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