Best known for its enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and production planning and management tools, SAP is now introducing significant changes in the higher education landscape. It offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that streamline administrative processes, enhance educational delivery, and prepare students for the workforce.

Read on to learn more about SAP for Higher Education and Research and how our senior-level SAP consultants can help you make the most of the technology you already own.

How Can SAP Work for Higher Education and Research?

SAP provides a comprehensive suite of resources designed specifically for the higher education sector. SAP for Higher Education helps institutions improve the educational experience, foster innovation in research, and streamline administrative processes.

Benefits of SAP for Higher Education

  • Improved Student Experience: SAP enhances the student experience by utilizing a comprehensive learning platform and personalized data management services.
  • Advanced Research Support: SAP’s tools support advanced research functionalities, allowing educational institutions to perform advanced research and contribute to technological and scientific advancements.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency: SAP helps universities reduce operational costs and improve efficiency by integrating and automating various administrative functions.
  • Industry Alignment: Integrating SAP software into the university curriculum equips students with industry-relevant skills, giving them an edge in a competitive job market.

Key Industry Priorities for SAP Higher Education

Primary and Secondary Education

Assist kindergarten to 12th-grade schools in enhancing their HR, procurement, and finance operations.

SAP offers a comprehensive suite of applications that modernizes and enhances HR and financial management processes and transforms school operations. This solution simplifies administrative tasks, optimizes resource allocation, and improves decision-making, leading to more efficient operations and better educational outcomes.

Student Success and Completion

Enhance the student experience and foster student completion and success.

Link academic and administrative environments to ensure student success and personalize the student experience. Support institutional strategies to deliver a high-quality educational experience customized to student needs, academic strengths, and career aspirations.

Academic and Commercial Research

Provide high-level thought leadership and research results while closely tracking processes and boosting revenue.

Improve the institution’s prominence, reputation, and overall revenue. Effectively lead research management and results while complying with environmental and legal regulations.

Higher education and research software solutions from SAP

Let’s look at some of the technological solutions from SAP in the higher education landscape:

Cloud ERP

Project management and enterprise portfolio

Consolidate logistics and finance information and support core business portfolio and project management operations in a single platform.

Process optimization

Provide transparent and effective solutions that help institutions understand, optimize, and proactively manage processes.

Optimized resource usage

Drive efficient and flexible processes to maximize resource value and achieve measurable outcomes across in-person and online campuses.

Asset management

Ensure optimal asset performance through real-time insights, IoT, machine learning, mobility, and predictive analytics.

Spend Management

External workforce and services

Gain superior results for your institution with a unified solution that enables users to locate, engage, and manage their external workforce effectively.


Simplify processes, improve user decision-making, and boost compliance by reevaluating the educational procurement experience.

Travel and cost management

Improve control and visibility by connecting travel and costs for research or educational institution employees with intelligent invoice management features.

Supplier management

Improve the value of your organization by tracking supplier lifecycles, risk, and performance in a single platform.

Human Capital Management

Core HR and payroll

Provide comprehensive support to educational or research institution employees with core HR service delivery, time tracking, payroll, benefits administration, and more.

Talent management

Leverage intuitive tools for recruiting, talent intelligence, performance, learning and development, compensation, and onboarding to evaluate critical skills gaps.

Human experience management

Leverage AI-powered experiences to keep employees at the center and boost efficiency across teams.

Labor relations and safety management

Implement lifecycle support for various aspects, including tenure, seniority, sabbatical, grievances, job bidding, liberation management, and safety inspections.

Extending, integrating, and building


Drive innovation and efficiency by automating processes through pre-built integrations, connectors, APIs, and industry best practices.

Artificial intelligence

Reap the benefits of embedded AI for your organization’s core processes, combining procurement, human resources, finance, and IT in one place.

Broad planning and analysis

Link workforce plans and people across research or educational organizations to enhance enterprise planning.

Low-code app development and automation

Utilize intelligent drag-and-drop tools to create business sites, build enterprise apps, and automate operations.

Highly accelerated research

Enterprise portfolio and project management

Leverage Adaptable support for enterprise portfolio and project management operations to integrate critical finance and logistics data seamlessly.

Research budget management

Initiate the digitization of research administration processes by facilitating effective budget input for all research endeavors.


Data management

Deliver tools to gather, recognize, analyze, and readily make available context-relevant data through your organization.

Data and analytics

Leverage quality data insights to assess and mimic scenarios and optimize core business processes.

Data governance

Enhance the accuracy and reliability of crucial institutional data through a central hub dedicated to master data management and governance.

Data foundation

Leverage intelligent database technology that drives multi-model data analytics and transactions at a petabyte scale in a single solution.

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