Efficient communication between critical business systems, events, and applications is essential in helping organizations maintain reliable business processes, integrate data from both internal and third-party sources, and improve connection across the entire technical landscape.

This is where SAP Event Mesh comes in to help, offering intelligent and collaborative technology solutions to facilitate collaboration through SAP’s event-driven ecosystem.

Read on to learn more about SAP Event Mesh, how it distributes business events from SAP and non-SAP sources across hybrid landscapes, and where our team of SAP consultants can come in to help.

What is Event Mesh in SAP?

SAP Event Mesh is a fully managed cloud service platform designed to help applications communicate through asynchronous events in an event-driven architecture, enabling reliable data transmission for extension and integration scenarios and improving system agility and scalability.

An Event Mash instance facilitates real-time communication and data exchange between applications and services within a distributed system. Event Mesh enables seamless connectivity, event-driven interactions, and efficient data flow across various business events from SAP and non-SAP sources.

Users can also leverage SAP Event Mesh to create responsive applications that work independently of each other and facilitate event-driven business processes across their entire business ecosystem.

Key Features of SAP BTP Event Mesh

Here’s a closer look at the main features of Event Mesh SAP functionality for users:

Event-Driven Architecture:

SAP Event Mesh is built on the principles of an event-driven architecture, where events, such as changes in data or specific instances, are used to trigger communication and collaboration between different systems.

Decoupled Communication:

The Event Mesh instance allows for decoupled communication between different components, services, or applications in both SAP and non-SAP ecosystems, enabling greater flexibility, scalability, and agility in building and optimizing critical enterprise systems over time.

Support for Various Enterprise Systems:

SAP Event Mesh is designed to work seamlessly with both SAP and non-SAP systems. It provides a unified approach to event and message handling processes, regardless of the underlying technologies or platforms the data is coming from.

Integration with SAP Integration Suite:

As part of the broader SAP Integration Suite, SAP Event Mesh offers a comprehensive set of tools and services for integrating and orchestrating business processes across cloud, on-premise, and hybrid development environments.

Development vs. Administrative Features in the Cloud Foundry Environment

The Event Mesh service offers both development and administrative features for extension and integration scenarios in the SAP Cloud Foundry environment. Here are a few key features of each:


With SAP Event Mesh development features, users can enable their applications to:

  • Send and receive messages from a queue or queue subscription.
  • Leverage REST APIs for messaging and sending and receiving events.
  • Develop and deploy messaging applications to the service through Java and Node.js services.
  • Connect to a specific queue or queue subscription in Event Mesh.
  • Search events from an event source, such as SAP ECC, SAP Extension Suite, and SAP S/4HANA


Intelligent administrative features in SAP Event Mesh allow SAP applications to:

  • Create, edit, and manage event channel groups.
  • Deploy and delete queues and queue subscriptions.
  • Check application configurations for missing characteristics and events.
  • Build applications that improve the use of complex protocol libraries.
  • Create message clients based on an event catalog or unique credentials.
  • Leverage REST APIs to monitor queues and queue subscriptions.
  • Assign access rules to each messaging client for improved security.

Main Advantages of Event Mesh in the SAP Ecosystem

Here are five key benefits of the SAP Event Mesh service for business users:


Decoupled communication enables loose integration between existing applications and services, reducing system dependencies, increasing agility, and limiting the effect of changes in one application on other applications or services.


SAP BTP Event Mesh allows organizations to handle large amounts of events, making it a suitable platform for both mission-critical and high-performance situations across the enterprise landscape. Scalable features in the Event Mesh service enable users to add new event-driven services and applications or extend capability as needed.


With a resilient messaging infrastructure and intelligent event-driven architecture, companies can reliably deliver events across multiple services and improve the availability of each system component.


Organizations can reduce system latency and improve critical throughput across systems by leveraging an intuitive messaging infrastructure built for high-performance event-driven applications.


SAP Event Mesh offers an additional layer of security for event-driven applications to ensure only authorized users have access to specific events and services and facilitate secure communication through intelligent access control and end-to-end encryption.

Understanding the Key Features of SAP Advanced Event Mesh

Advanced Event Mesh is an event management, streaming, and monitoring platform that enables organizations to accelerate the adoption of an event-driven architecture, enable real-time event streaming, and use a unified interface to design, deploy, and govern an event-streaming infrastructure.

Here are the three main service categories in SAP Advanced Event Mesh:

Event Management

Event management services in Advanced Event Mesh enable users to design, deploy, manage, and share various aspects of their event-driven architecture, improve runtime discovery, and easily generate code and documentation for critical event instances.

Event Streaming

Advanced Event Mesh offers access to event streaming services with advanced features, such as queueing, streaming, replay and request-replay, publish-subscribe messaging patterns, and more, to facilitate better management of event broker services and build applications more efficiently.

Event Monitoring

With Advanced Event Mesh, users can access customized dashboards, comprehensive visualizations, and timely notifications based on historical and real-time metrics and existing event broker services. This enables users to proactively identify and address issues and scale your event-driven architecture to meet their unique organizational needs over time.

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