In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations face the ever-increasing challenge of managing environmental, health, and safety (EHS) risks while complying with stringent regulations…

In this pursuit, enterprises of all sizes and industries are turning to advanced technology solutions that enable effective EHS management, including SAP Environment, Health, and Safety (SAP EHS) — a comprehensive software solution designed to address the complex needs of modern occupational health, environmental sustainability, and workforce safety management operations across the board.

From regulatory compliance to risk mitigation, SAP EHS offers an integrated platform for businesses to optimize their EHS processes and foster a culture of sustainability and well-being for a company’s people and processes.

This article will help you dive a little deeper into Environment, Health, and Safety Management in SAP and the key capabilities and advantages of the solution, as well as where our team of SAP consultants can come in to help. Read on to learn more!

What is SAP EHS?

SAP EHS, Environment, Health, and Safety, is a software suite developed to support organizations in managing their core environmental, health, and safety responsibilities, including a comprehensive set of applications that help support regulatory requirements, maintain product and employee safety, and proactively mitigate risks.

With its robust features and integration capabilities, SAP EHS acts as a critical tool for organizations of all sizes and industries to effectively monitor EHS-related challenges, identify and resolve health issues across their workforce, and drive continuous improvement and growth throughout the entire enterprise.

And, by centralizing data, automating workflows, and providing real-time insights, the SAP EHS Management solution empowers companies to enhance their environmental sustainability, ensure the well-being of their workforce, and minimize the potential for accidents and incidents.

Understanding EHS Capabilities in SAP

SAP EHS provides a structured framework for collecting, analyzing, and reporting data on an organization’s environmental impact, workplace safety, and product safety. It allows companies to proactively identify and address potential risks, ensure the well-being of their employees, and meet legal and regulatory requirements efficiently.

The SAP EHS platform encompasses many functionalities, including incident management, occupational health, product compliance, and sustainability reporting, enabling organizations to integrate sustainability into their core business processes.

SAP EHS is an invaluable tool for organizations looking to uphold their commitment to environmental responsibility, employee safety, and compliance with industry-specific regulations.

Key Features of EHS Management in SAP

Now that you know a little more about Environment, Health, and Safety Management in SAP, let’s take a closer look at the main components and capabilities of the solution:

Waste Management

With SAP Environmental Health capabilities, companies can handle waste disposal processes more efficiently, including tracking waste generation from the point of origin, creating reports to determine costs of waste transportation and disposal, and processing disposal methods.

Basic Data and Reporting

The SAP EHS application offers all the functions needed to manage, control, and optimize incident management tasks quickly and efficiently across the entire organization, including a centralized management point for all essential EHS tasks.

This way, users can integrate workforce safety tasks in a single platform, manage specifications for all EHS objects, and leverage pre-defined templates to create reports for enhanced visibility and functionality across teams.

Health and Safety Management

SAP EHS provides the tools for companies in any industry to conduct risk assessments to identify and mitigate potential safety risks before they become more significant issues and ensure operations across the SAP environment remain compliant with health surveillance protocols.

Users can also leverage SAP EHS to maintain industrial hygiene, integrate safety tasks, and establish operational continuity across different teams and areas of the organization.

Compliance Management

With the comprehensive SAP EHS system, companies gain a central repository of compliance requirements, making it easier to keep track of changing safety regulations and ensure compliance in the long run.

The solution also enables users to conduct health surveillance checks on materials and products, assess current business processes through task management and deviation tracking, and proactively identify issues to keep products safe and compliant.

Product Safety Management

SAP EHS offers resources that make it easier for companies to manage dangerous materials and keep their workforce safe.

With specialized product safety tools, users can create, manage, and transfer EHS reports, including labels and data sheets that help them determine compositions and specifications for each substance or material.

Hazardous Substance Management

The SAP safety management system simplifies monitoring and handling processes for hazardous substances, mitigating safety risks, proactively identifying issues, following pre-defined safety measures, and keeping employees safe and healthy, no matter what.

The EHS solution also allows users to integrate key chemical management functions in the same platform to make it easier to track hazardous goods and conduct reporting for current inventories across the entire enterprise.

Incident Management

With a central repository for various types of business operations, events, and incidents, SAP EHS helps to increase visibility across teams and leverage integrated business processes to keep track of key incidents and maintain occupational health across the board.

Dangerous Goods Management

The Environment, Health, and Safety Management solution provides the tools needed for companies to conduct risk management for dangerous goods, including assessing hazardous materials, determining their level of toxicity, creating reports to inform employees, and leveraging integrated SAP components to maintain compliance with health protocols over time.

From hazardous goods checks to the management of material master data, occupational health documentation, and proper handling, management, storage, and transportation of goods across the enterprise, SAP EHS makes it easier to keep your products and people safe.

Specification Management

With SAP EHS software, users can set up specifications for environment, health, and safety objects in their SAP environment, including agents, substances, waste codes, dangerous goods classifications, and more.

This not only allows companies to manage operational data more efficiently across the entire enterprise, but it also ensures safety standards and corporate responsibilities are met.

Main Advantages of SAP EHS Software

1) Develop core industrial hygiene and environmental health programs to enhance and optimize safety standards for everyday business operations

2) Leverage pre-defined compliance management functions to ensure compliance with legal requirements and regulations

3) Create, manage, and maintain operational continuity by identifying and mitigating safety concerns and conducting ongoing analysis to keep everyone on the same page

4) Assess the company and environmental impact of issues or accidents to prevent and resolve them more efficiently in the future

5) Create and implement health surveillance protocols to keep employees, company executives, materials, products, and equipment safe in the long run

6) Provide surveys and questionnaires to gather data and insights about the condition and safety of their current work environment to ensure safe operations and satisfied employees

7) Share data and integrate business processes for more streamlined workflows across departments and better connection between data sources

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