Welcome to the future of asset management with the SAP Asset Manager, where precision and efficiency meet in the digital landscape.

Access to the SAP Asset Manager allows remote workers to access work orders and complete assigned tasks, even when they don’t have a reliable internet connection or are working offline.

Keep reading to learn about the key features and capabilities of the SAP Service and Asset Manager and where our team of senior-level SAP consultants can come in to help.

What is SAP Asset Manager?

The SAP Asset Manager is a mobile-enabled, predictive asset management application that leverages SAP Business Technology Platform and was designed to help business users manage work orders, notifications, condition monitoring, material consumption, and more.

Key Features and Functions of SAP Asset Manager

Here’s a closer look at the main features and functions of SAP Asset Manager:

Maintenance Execution Data Capture

With the SAP Asset Manager and Service tool, users can capture critical information related to the execution of their core maintenance and service operations, including:

  • Confirmation for maintenance orders
  • Goods issue for work orders
  • Damage codes for notifications
  • Measurement readings for work orders

Work Orders and Notifications

SAP Asset Manager supports standards for both SAP Plant Maintenance Work Order functionalities and SAP Notification functionalities, making it an app you can manage easily and efficiently across teams.

Key functionalities for work orders in SAP Asset Manager:

  • Access, view, and display work orders and associated details
  • Create and edit work orders and their details
  • Complete work orders and update their status once completed
  • View and download work order assignments related to various assignment models

Key functionalities for notifications in SAP Asset Manager:

  • Access, view, and display work order notifications
  • Create and edit new work order notifications
  • Manage and check off notifications and update their statuses
  • Download notification assignments based on different assignment models

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities allow users to access the SAP Asset Manager application from the client without needing to enter their backend username and password every time.

Once logged in through SSO, users can also access other critical SAP applications without requiring additional login information for each different module or system.

Time Management

Maintenance and service technicians can manage their time more efficiently and improve the accuracy of their time records by entering their time management and attendance records from their mobile devices directly into the SAP Asset Manager and Service platform.

Document Management

SAP Asset Manager capabilities simplify document management across teams and systems, allowing users to view leading data, transaction data attachments, and other business documents from their mobile devices, like Microsoft Office files and PDFs.

Crew Management

SAP Asset Manager is an enterprise management application that supports more efficient work crew management functions, including crew list definition, crew time management, crew member and vehicle assignment, and more.

Meter Management

SAP Asset Manager application functionality supports various industry-specific utility meter data management solutions, such as meter installation, meter repair, meter removal, and meter replacement.

Field Operations Worker

The SAP Asset Manager Field Operations Worker (FOW) component provides optional features for inspection routing, rounds management, and route and stop definition.

It supports technical object assignments, measurement readings, measuring point assignments, and more.

Asset Central

The SAP Service and Asset Manager Asset Central component allows users to leverage Predictive Maintenance and Service (PdMS) indicators to identify the health and status of critical equipment.

It also offers pre-built connections between assets and production systems and maintenance processes to increase asset uptime, improve service efficiency, and reduce overall maintenance costs.

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