Originally designed under the name Sybase SQL Server by Unix in 1987, the SAP ASE database has been renamed and redesigned quite a few times to accommodate growing organizational needs and evolving market trends.

Today, the SAP ASE platform provides a comprehensive relational data model and a broad range of management capabilities to help companies meet the rising demand for efficiency and performance and reduce total cost of ownership across the entire organization.

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What is the SAP ASE Database?

SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), formerly SAP Sybase ASE, offers a high-performance, high-availability relational database management system to help organizations manage their mission-critical database environments and power their transaction-based applications.

Key Capabilities of the SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise

Here’s a closer look at the main features of SAP Server Enterprise (SAP ASE) for business users:

Workload Optimization

With intelligent workload management tools in SAP ASE, users can improve control over their most critical business operations, reduce risk, and adapt to evolving workloads over time.

Workload Analyzer

The SAP ASE Cockpit allows users to initiate, capture, and analyze production workloads and enhance performance through in-depth analysis.

Users can also view and assess the impact of configuration changes on application performance without disrupting existing business processes.

Workload Profiler

ASE in SAP provides cost-effective features that enable users to analyze archived information, reconfigure target servers, and assess the impact of reference codes, MVCC, and in-memory row storage on existing business applications.

Relational Database

The SAP ASE database provides relational management capabilities to support business continuity and enable better business data management across the entire SAP landscape.

Transaction Processing

The ASE platform provides multi-version concurrency control to eliminate read-and-write conflicts and access index keys to scale management capabilities based on evolving business environments.

Deployment Options

ASE in SAP supports compatibility with the SQL server and SAP HANA to facilitate more efficient communication between systems and provide a common dialect across SAP databases.

Security and Continuity

Users can leverage a standard crypto library in ASE to secure SSL implementations, encrypt sensitive business data, and conduct audits to eliminate redundant records and reduce database sizes.

Optimized Database Performance

SAP customers can leverage ASE functionality to accelerate data management activities and improve business performance over time.


ASE functionality allows users to utilize up-to-date memory architecture to access typically-used data quickly, accelerate the execution of queries, and enable cost-effective data management and storage.

Users can also improve data concurrency and contention and enable low latency for disaster recovery and more efficient resource allocation and utilization across the entire organization.


Users can leverage high-performance, low-latency XOLTP functionality in the ASE platform to improve the efficiency of their multicore computing platforms and enhance transaction processing.

They can also improve snapshot isolation by emphasizing application compatibility throughout their technical landscape.

Encryption and Compression

By leveraging ASE to secure their data, users can support granular data encryption and protect their most critical informaiton from unexpected breaches and security concerns.

Users can also compress both relational and unstructured data in a single database system to improve data storage and accelerate data retrieval for more efficient decision-making.


The ASE platform enables users to divide larger data volumes into smaller groups and analyze particular sections of data to enable faster insights and improve data consumption across business units.

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