In an era where maximizing asset reliability, efficiency, and uptime is a critical priority for organizations across various industries, SAP APM offers a comprehensive suite of tools and solutions designed to optimize asset performance, reduce downtime, and extend asset lifecycles.

From predictive maintenance to data-driven decision-making, SAP Asset Performance Management is reshaping how organizations manage and harness the power of their assets and the way their asset strategy is developed and maintained over time.

This article discusses the key features and capabilities of SAP APM, how it improves productivity for asset-intensive businesses, and where our team of expert SAP consultants can come in to help.

What is SAP Asset Performance Management?

SAP Asset Performance Management (APM) is a comprehensive asset management platform that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities and sensor data from the Internet of Things (IoT) to optimize asset health, balance risks, and align maintenance strategies with sustainability objectives.

With SAP’s pre-built asset performance and maintenance capabilities, users can:

  • Balance cost, risk, and performance to maximize business value
  • Predict asset failures and take corrective action
  • Optimize asset strategy performance against fixed budgets
  • Minimize risk and maximize output from critical assets
  • Streamline application development, planning, monitoring, and maintenance
  • Connect with cloud-native solutions on the SAP Business Technology Platform

Key Features of Asset Management in SAP

SAP Asset Performance Management keeps asset master data at the center of the platform, enabling users to provide closed-loop integration to outline, deploy, execute, and manage asset maintenance strategies and extend SAP functionality based on industry or customer-specific requirements.

Here are a few key features of the SAP APM module for business users:

Risk Estimation and Assessment

With intelligent risk estimation and assessment features in the SAP APM tool, users can accurately assess risks, choose best-fit reliability methodologies, and improve asset performance and productivity.

Reliability Methodologies

SAP APM provides reliability methodologies that enable organizations to develop intelligent recommendations and mitigate the risks of critical asset failure.

Users can also perform asset strategy development assessments, conduct reliability-based maintenance, and analyze the effects of asset failure on business performance.

Predictive Maintenance Strategies

By leveraging AI-based predictive maintenance functionality in SAP APM, users can accurately assess the useful life of their equipment and predict the equipment failure curve based on failure probabilities.

Asset Availability

The SAP Asset Performance Management platform can help users increase asset availability by empowering asset managers, equipment operators, and service providers to improve data insights and minimize asset risks.

Defining Intelligent Asset Management Strategies

Here are a few steps to define asset maintenance strategies in SAP Asset Performance Management:

Risk and Criticality Assessment

SAP APM enables organizations to segment critical business assets through risk and criticality assessment, allowing users to focus on their most vital equipment, define risk-based maintenance strategies, and perform evaluations on single or multiple assets simultaneously.

Users can also facilitate the seamless extension and integration of master and configuration data from the SAP ERP platform and utilize custom templates to standardize risk and criticality calculations.

Maintenance Strategy Development

With access to critical failure predictions and standard reliability methodologies like FMEA and RCM, users can define, standardize, and monitor maintenance strategies at the asset class level and support maintenance recommendations for similar assets.

SAP APM enables users to create a harmonized data model to consolidate information from various SAP products, access maintenance trends to guide assessments, and assign recommendations for assets to reduce the likelihood of asset failures across the entire organization.

Recommendation Management

SAP Asset Performance Management enables users to manage failure recommendations in a centralized repository and review, consolidate, and compare recommendations against historical performance trends.

Recommendation Implementation

By leveraging the SAP Asset Performance Management platform, organizations can analyze and implement promoted recommendations into related planning objects and drive optimal asset maintenance plans.

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