Not only will the new features and innovations of the Salesforce Winter ’20 release help you do your job more efficiently, they’ve been designed to do so across desktop and mobile platforms. Of course, to make the most out of all the great new things Salesforce has added to the solution, you’ll need to know how they can help you in your current role. In this article, we’re going to break down some of the new features we think admins and developers are particularly going to like. 

Let’s get started.

New Admin Features

Enhanced Flows List View

As you may have read in our previous Winter ’20 Release articles, Lightning Experience has officially been turned on for all. But the expansion of Lightning to users isn’t the only great thing about the new update—the Flow List view has received a Lightning-worthy upgrade as well. Lightning Experience’s enhanced Flow List view allows you to view standard flows and custom flows on one page. (NOTE—Standard flows are built by Salesforce, while custom flows are built by users or partners.) 

The new list view also makes it easier to find flow versions and edit flow details with clear menu options, giving you the ability to quickly access permissions to run a flow with a new menu option, while paused flow interviews now appear on a separate page.  

Schedule Flows

If you’ve always wanted to schedule flows with the same simplicity as setting an alarm on your smartphone, you’re in luck. With the new release, auto-launched flows can be scheduled to start on a specific date and time, with adjustable frequencies. Flows can even be scheduled so that they only run for a set of records when specific conditions are met, giving users pin-point control when they need it.

Activate Flows in Flow Builder

No longer do users have to leave the Flow Builder canvas to activate your Flows. Now, they can activate them in Flow Builder once they’re finished building and testing. (Hooray for fewer clicks!) Keep in mind that users can still activate and deactivate a flow version from the Flow Detail page, if that’s their preferred process—they just don’t have to do it that way anymore.

New Developer Features 

Make Lightning Apps Available on Phone and Desktop

We anticipate developers will enjoy this simple-but-powerful change to Lightning app creation and editing. Users now have the ability to configure what devices an apps supports, as well as what it can be viewed on, so if there’s a need to create an app specifically for mobile users, that’s not a problem.

Navigate Users Directly to an App

This nifty feature (which is set up and defined in Lightning Web Components or Aura Components) allows developers to send users exactly where they need to be by directing them to an app or defined page within an app. So an easy-to-navigate app (that was a pain to use on mobile) should now work smoothly no matter how a user accesses it.

Show or Hide Record Page Components by Device

You’re probably noticing a pattern right now, but Salesforce Winter Release ‘20 gave developers just a few enhancements specifically designed for mobile/desktop flexibility. Continuing the theme, we think developers are going to like a recent change to record page components. Salesforce now allows developers to show or hide record page components based on the device they’re being viewed on. So if Sally from Accounting doesn’t need to see the same record page components on her mobile that Gary from HR does, no problemo.

Lightning Components

Finally, a few new and changed items in Lightning Web Components should make building a UI even simpler than before. Lightning Web Components can now be added as a tab in the Lightning Experience as well as the Salesforce Application, and even better, the Lightning Web Components framework is available as open source. 

Whether you’re an admin or developer, we recommend partnering with the experts (like our senior-level Salesforce consultants) if you want to get the most out of the Salesforce Winter ’20 release. And if you’re just getting started with Salesforce, not to worry—our Salesforce experts can help with implementation, too. 

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