SAP Enable Now offers a more modern, innovative approach to training delivery and content creation to help users develop, deliver, and provide support for a training strategy that fosters growth among employees and areas of your organization. 

Read on to learn more about the SAP Enable Now solution, as well as where our senior-level SAP consultants can fit (and make a difference) in your organization.

What is SAP Enable Now?

SAP Enable Now, formerly known as SAP Workforce Performance Builder, is an end-to-end solution designed to help companies create, manage, and deliver training materials, in-application help, and other important documentation to improve user adoption, drive proficiency across SAP products, and provide online performance support for users across the board.

The SAP Enable Now software is comprised of a few core elements, including…

  • SAP Enable Now Instant Producer: Helps users easily record, edit, and convert records into different outputs, including E-Learning modules, Word document guides, and more.
  • SAP Enable Now Learning Center: Allows users to store learning materials (i.e., task tutorials, simulations, and instructor led training videos) in one place and filter training content by user roles.
  • SAP Enable Now Web Assistant: Offers in-application support and detailed instructions for SAP Enable Now features and applications, including S/4HANA and SuccessFactors.

Key Components of SAP Enable Now

1) Content Producer

This tool allows SAP users to create customized training materials and other learning content to meet the needs of individual employees, departments, or areas of the organization.

With this SAP Enable Now feature, users can leverage avatars, book page templates, icon libraries, FAQ templates, and a “Toolbox” to build custom content that not only improves learning content accessibility and simplifies user adoption across the board.

2) Content Manager

The Content Manager tool is designed to help employees gain a better understanding of the core features and capabilities of the Enable Now solution, including managed work areas, system installation and migration, user roles and permissions, and migration of workflows across business units.

3) Content Translator

The Content Translation in SAP Enable Now gives users the resources and functionality needed to translate learning content into any language quickly and easily.

And, while this feature does require users to have an SAP Translation Hub License, there is no need for any additional SAP applications to access the Translator.

4) Desktop Assistance

The Desktop Assistance tool provides features and capabilities that make it easier for users to easily access information as it’s needed or required without skipping a beat.

With this tool, SAP users can easily navigate their desktop through guided tours and organize tutorials, documents, and course materials for improved learning support and a more positive user experience.

5) Web-Based Assistance

The Enable Now Web Assistant tool provides in-application support for web-based SAP solutions, including S/4HANA and the SAP SuccessFactors system, to improve functionality and accessibility across the board.

And, if users experience issues within their SAP environment, the Web Assistance tool also provides ongoing support to ensure their needs are met and their applications operate properly and efficiently in the long run.

6) SAP Companion

SAP Companion is web-based application within the SAP ecosystem that provides real-time access to information for users and allows them to navigate through relevant data without leaving the application or screen they are currently operating.

Why is the SAP Enable Now Solution Useful?

SAP Enable Now, through its modern training and support capabilities, enables users in both SAP systems and non-SAP systems to define business processes, reduce procedural errors, and improve the overall end-user experience.

The SAP Enable Now solution improves user adoption and knowledge transfer through intuitive, functional components like…

  • Functional training materials and online courses
  • Interactive, hands-on product and feature demonstrations
  • In-application content assistance
  • Comprehensive knowledge portal for explorative learning
  • Practice test modes and test scripts
  • Installation manuals and other documentation content

And, in addition to its core components, the Enable Now platform also provides a variety of modules and web-based applications, including those supporting Human Capital Management, Production Planning, and more, to help users adapt to changing business processes and requirements and ensure digital transformation efforts are done effectively.

The Enable Now solution also improves the quality, accessibility, and reliability of E-learning content to improve digital transformation practices, adapt more efficiently to changes in business or industry objectives, and ensure employees are operating their SAP software correctly and optimally.

Main Advantages for Your Organization

For Customers

  • Leverage advanced capabilities to increase productivity
  • Comprehensive user adoption across your organization
  • Ongoing support through process guidance and other reference materials

For Company Executives

  • Reduce overall costs for training materials and E-Learning content
  • Increase success and retention rates for traditional training programs
  • Improve knowledge transfer between employees and departments
  • Enhance workforce productivity across business units

For IT Leaders

  • Decrease operating costs for SAP applications
  • Provide cost-effective IT help desk and service support solutions
  • Simplify SAP software installation across the organization
  • Automate time consuming tasks and testing processes with eCATT
  • Leverage comprehensive analytics for improved process efficiency

For HR Leaders

  • Accelerate time to value for content creation
  • Create professional handout material for new hires and employees
  • Increase knowledge retention with higher-quality training content

Functional Integrations with Other Products

While SAP Enable Now offers a variety of functional tools and resources to improve employee knowledge, training, and adoption within their SAP system, it also comes with a few pre-built integrations between other SAP applications and external tools.

Here are a few examples of key SAP Enable Now integrations…


SAP S/4HANA is a comprehensive suite of enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications designed to help companies analyze core business data, perform transactions, and improve accessibility for users. SAP Enable Now contents and performance support functionality is embedded into S/4HANA, allowing users to customize in-app training materials as needed.

SAP Enable Now and S/4HANA work together to help users create more effective guided tours throughout SAP business processes, customize embedded content within each application, edit existing content with web-based editor tools, and seamlessly connect learning content.

SAP SuccessFactors Learning

The Learning Management System (LMS) within SAP SuccessFactors applications is designed to create enablement materials for formal employee training, including software tutorials, manuals, assessments, and more. SuccessFactors Learning can be be purchased with streamlined, out-of-the-box content or users can create their own custom learning materials.

With integrations between SuccessFactors Learning and SAP Enable Now, users can not only publish Enable Now output to any SCORM or AICC-compliant Learning Management Systems, but they can also facilitate the efficient production of mass amounts of content and reuse existing materials with no additional effort by users.

Third-Party Tools

SAP solutions and third-party applications require support by enablement materials not only during their initial rollout, but also after their go-live date to increase data quality and improve performance throughout the SAP Cloud Platform.

Integrations between SAP Enable Now and other third-party applications can help deliver more functional knowledge within applications, facilitate source-based content creation processes, and provide both formal training and informal learning materials to improve employee performance and support for core applications.

How Can We Help?

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