In a world where people need data and they need it fast, having the best possible solution to meet your company’s needs is essential to your needs…

Read on to learn how JD Edwards World software (and its continually updated counterpart, EnterpriseOne) improve the speed, accuracy, and reliability of your data management processes and help you make the most of your technical investment in the long run.

What is JDE World Software?

JD Edwards World provides a single platform solution designed to deliver a flexible foundation that allows you to streamline business processes and respond quickly to change and enable better collaboration and communication between employees, teams, and business units.

From large enterprises with 10,000 employees to smaller companies with a 50-man workforce, and everything in between, JD Edwards World provides the functionality needed to allow your company to stay on top of enterprise trends and changes in the market to leverage a tightly integrated suite of applications and maximize your JDE investment over time.

With JD Edwards software, companies are enabled to…

  • Improve collaboration within and outside of your core business network
  • Leverage seamless integrations between applications to streamline data management, exchange, storage, and migration processes across systems
  • Organize business operations by company, business unit, and user defined codes to improve process efficiency and data visibility
  • Enhance employee engagement and overall enterprise productivity
  • Reduce costs and drive profitable growth across departments and business units

Key Capabilities of JD Edwards World

JDE World software is comprised of a comprehensive suite of enterprise applications that combines innovative Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) functionality with industry-specific resources and intuitive software solutions to enhance business value and effectively support everyday operations throughout your JD Edwards system.

Here are a few key components of the JD Edwards World solution…

1) Financial Management

With JD Edwards World Financial Management, users are able to…

  • Access accurate, real-time financial data to improve decision making
  • Create a flexible foundation of integrated applications to manage and analyze financial information more efficiently across business units
  • Tailor your reporting structure to meet business needs without massive data conversion or reworking your accounting and reporting systems as a whole
  • Ensure the accuracy of your budgets and future financial forecast predictions

2) Human Resources Management

JD Edwards World Human Resources Management enables users to…

  • Streamline administrative tasks to improve process efficiency and productivity
  • Implement and manage workforce planning initiatives to foster employee development and collaboration across teams
  • Leverage flexible reporting tools to track, monitor, and correct employee trends
  • Maintain compliance with HR requirements, including OSHA, EEO, U.S. COBRA, and more

3) Manufacturing Management

The JDE World Manufacturing Management application gives users the opportunity to…

  • Tailor workflows to meet the needs of any manufacturing scenario including discrete and process, batch and continuous, assemble to order methods, and more
  • Reduce costs and improve time to value across business units with flexible configurations
  • Enhance system flexibility to keep up with change in an unpredictable market
  • Synchronize manufacturing processes across multiple locations and facilities
  • Improve forecasting strategies to accommodate market volatility and future demand

JDE One World vs EnterpriseOne – What’s the Difference?

JD Edwards World was initially created as a functional accounting software designed to help mid-size companies manage their core financial operations and keep up with change in the industry.

The World solution provided a way for companies to leverage ERP technology to streamline operations within their accounting and reporting systems with a single solution, but its web-based functionality now limits user capabilities as cloud solutions have emerged in the JD Edwards environment.

But, since then, Oracle has created a new solution – JD Edwards EnterpriseOne – which gives JDE users greater functionality and modern cloud-based solutions to manage their enterprise operations.

The EnterpriseOne (E1) solution offers enhanced tools and cloud-based resources to further your company’s digital transformation efforts and improve the user experience through modern interfaces, system automation, and collaboration in the cloud.

Should You Make the Switch to EnterpriseOne?

In 2020, Oracle released a roadmap that documented plans for the future of their existing software solutions, including JD Edwards World. The roadmap proposed that Oracle would continue to provide premier support for the World software until April 2022, but would offer continued support for EnterpriseOne until at least 2031.

This means that, while current JD Edwards World customers can continue to operate their software as they have in the past, Oracle will no longer provide regulatory updates, product enhancements, or technology improvements past the April 2022 sunset date. So, what does this mean for customers currently running JD Edwards World throughout their company?

For customers on JD Edwards World, there’s an important decision to be made…

Will you continue to operate with a system that is comfortable for your employees and run the risk of outdated and unsupported applications? Or will you decide the initial time and cost investments to switch to EnterpriseOne are worth it to have advanced tools and premier support from Oracle throughout any software upgrades or technology advancement projects?

The choice is ultimately up to you to decide which solution meets employee needs, business requirements, and industry-specific objectives more efficiently. Which will you choose?

How Can We Help?

Whether you’re looking for additional support to keep your JD Edwards system up-and-running long after the World sunset date, an extra hand migrating all of your data from World to a new EnterpriseOne solution, or expert guidance to upgrade your systems to the latest version of EnterpriseOne, Surety Systems is here to help.

Our team of senior-level JD Edwards consultants has the technical skills, functional expertise, and hands-on experience in both World and EnterpriseOne to help you react quickly to enterprise or market changes and lead you to success, no matter what.

And, even better, we’ve included a sample profile of one of our top-notch JD Edwards consultants to help you know what to expect with our team…

Surety Senior JD Edwards World Consultant

  • 20+ years of JD Edwards World Development experience
  • Extremely strong with RPG III, IV, & ILE
  • Heavy Development experience with the majority of JDE modules
  • Functionally savvy in Finance, Procure to Pay, Order to Cash, Distribution, and Manufacturing
  • Worked with all versions of JDE World
  • Well-versed with EDI

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