Effective software solutions are paramount for companies to manage operations efficiently and meet evolving customer needs. Oracle Utilities software offers a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored specifically to utility companies’ unique requirements.

From customer engagement and metering to billing, data management, and grid optimization, Oracle Energy and Water software provides electric utility companies with the resources needed to streamline operations, enhance customer service, and drive business success, all from a single platform.

This article will discuss the key components and advantages of Oracle Utilities software, exploring its impact on revolutionizing utilities operations and how our expert Oracle consultants can help you maximize efficiency and prepare for long-term success.

Understanding Oracle Utility Management Software

Oracle Utilities software provides intelligent tools that enable companies in the energy, water, and gas industry to deliver exceptional customer experiences, manage end-to-end asset chains, and improve system efficiency.

Customer Experience

Manage critical customer care, billing, metering, and device data from multiple sources in one unified platform, gain insight into critical data points, accelerate billing cycles, and improve overall brand loyalty through personalized selling and marketing communications.

Utility Operations

Predict and prevent issues with existing asset lifecycles, leverage real-time data connections to reduce outages, plan routes and calls on mobile devices, and improve connections between teams, schedules, and data sources for improved utility capital planning and asset management.


Leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to run and manage Opower home energy reports, access digital self-service solutions, and integrate sustainable solutions into core business operations to reduce carbon footprints and maintain regulatory compliance with sustainability initiatives and regulations.

IT Infrastructure

Gain greater visibility and control over critical data sources to align customers and business strategies, improve financial positioning, enable quicker processing and computing power, and maximize the productivity of the cloud across existing enterprise systems.

Key Components of Oracle’s Utilities Suite

Customer Experience

Utilize AI functionality to improve customer engagement, complete service requests quicker, and improve collaboration across the customer journey via integrations for sales, marketing, billing, and customer service operations.

Advanced Metering

Access automated data management software and intelligent field service orchestration, estimation, and validation to improve billing accuracy and simplify data metering operations for current and future market dynamics.

Network Management

Create a centralized management point for critical asset and distribution data to streamline resource management, improve OT device integrations, and manage performance initiatives across the end-to-end network management lifecycle.

Field Service Management

Leverage Oracle Utilities Field Service to schedule, route, and execute critical field operations across company locations, including appointments, emergency responses, and other field service operations.

Capital Asset Lifecycle Management

Maximize return on asset performance by creating effective capital and asset planning initiatives, improving collaboration across teams, and maintaining safe, reliable operations.

Work and Asset Management

Leverage user-friendly visualizations to support the complete asset lifecycle, improve maintenance, prevent system downtime, reduce total asset costs, and extend overall asset life.

Energy Efficiency and Demand Management

Utilize Opower’s AI and behavioral intelligence tools to improve behavioral load shaping, enable proactive utility alerts, and enhance scalability across the complete customer lifecycle.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Access Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP capabilities to improve forecasting accuracy, improve consumer trust and loyalty, and improve business agility for reduced costs and better performance.

Cloud Infrastructure

Leverage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) connections to improve the scalability and performance of their enterprise systems, move critical applications to the cloud, and deliver full stack replication features to improve disaster recovery.

Professional Services

Enable enterprise teams to maximize the performance of their applications by accessing industry and cloud expertise, improving project speed and delivery, and facilitating stronger cross-team collaboration.

Live Energy Connect

Utilize Oracle Utilities Live Energy Connect (LEC) to manage systems in a modern smart grid, simplify device and operational technology (OT) integration, and maintain compliance with regulations like OPC, ICCP, and more.

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