Oracle Time and Labor, a critical component within Oracle’s Human Capital Management suite, is a transformative solution for organizations seeking efficient and accurate management of workforce time-related data.

In today’s dynamic business environment, where effective time tracking is essential for payroll accuracy, compliance, and workforce optimization, the Oracle Time and Labor solution offers advanced functionalities to streamline processes and improve efficiency across teams.

This Time and Labor datasheet outlines the comprehensive features and advantages of Oracle Time and Labor, exploring how it empowers businesses to manage time-related complexities, enhance productivity, and ensure compliance with precision in an ever-evolving workforce management landscape.

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What is Oracle Time and Labor?

Oracle Time and Labor provides a comprehensive, rules-based time recording and management solution designed to help organizations improve control over their people and data. With a real-time rules engine, easily configurable rules templates, and extensible time entry practices, the Oracle Time and Labor solution enables users to apply pay rules effectively and validate employee time entries.

Native integrations between Oracle HCM Cloud, Oracle Absence Management, Oracle Global Human Resources, Oracle Project Costing, Oracle Payroll, and the Oracle Fusion Cloud Time and Labor solution also support time recording and management requirements for employees and the contingent workforce.

By leveraging Oracle’s Time and Labor application, organizations can:

  • Establish a single source of truth for all time-related data across the enterprise
  • Maintain compliance with organizational and regulatory policies for time and labor management
  • Decrease the time required to prepare payroll documents
  • Reduce pay adjustments and errors through advanced pay rule configuration and application
  • Manage mass time card creation, entry, and approval

Key Features of the Oracle Fusion Time and Labor Solution

Here’s a closer look at the main components and features of Oracle’s Time and Labor application:

Efficient Time Entry

Oracle’s Time and Labor system provides intuitive daily, weekly, and monthly calendars and intelligent drag-and-drop capabilities that enable employees to entire hours for time or absence for a range of dates at one time, empowering quicker time entry and submission processes.

Extensive Time Collection

The Time and Labor platform offers a fully configurable Web Clock and critical integration capabilities that automate time registration processes and make it easier for organizations to support various time management activities from a single platform.

Users can also combine time entry through time clocks and the Web Clock with time entry cards and calendars to automate the time registration to payroll process and establish greater control over their most critical time management processes.

Comprehensive Time Cards

Oracle Time and Labor provides comprehensive time card entry capabilities to fill the gaps left by traditional calendar entry systems. With the Time Card Composer tool, users can configure critical calendar components to meet their individual and organizational needs and manage their time card entry system without involving IT teams.

Flexible Time Approvals

The Time and Labor application leverages standard approval mechanisms for managing time card approvals, enabling users to review and approve a group of time cards at summary level with just one click. Flexible approval methods of Line and Project Manager can also be used with out-of-the-box functionality or extended to more complex routing processes as needed.

User Defined Time Card Fields

Oracle Cloud Time and Labor allows users to either report time against predefined Payroll and Project fields or define their own time card fields to report on time data and facilitate integrations between third-party or finance systems.

Configurable Rules Engine

The Oracle Cloud Time and Labor solution leverages a Fast Formula rules engine and configurable templates to validate time entry before time cards are saved, submitted, resubmitted, or deleted.

Both the predefined formula and relevant rules can be extended for various data elements, enabling users to enter time more effectively, reduce the need for batch processes to execute the rules, and calculate overtime and premium hours in real-time.

Standardized Integrations

The Time and Labor application comes with pre-built integrations to other Oracle HCM Cloud applications, like Payroll, Absence Management, and Projects. Standardized connections between applications provides a seamless experience for managing active and absent time, validating time against projects, and ensuring accurate compensation for hours worked.

Main Advantages of Oracle Time and Labor

Here’s a breakdown of the key benefits of the Oracle Fusion Cloud Time and Labor solution for both employees and administrative staff:

For Employees

Accurate Time Tracking

Oracle’s rule-based time recording and management software enables employees to record their working hours with precision. Improved time tracking accuracy eliminates the potential for manual errors in time entries, ensuring that employees are accurately compensated for the time they dedicate to their work.

Increased Visibility into Work Hours

Employees benefit from enhanced visibility into their work hours, breaks, and overtime. Oracle Time and Labor provides a transparent view of time-related data, empowering employees to monitor their own schedules, track time-off balances, and make informed decisions about their work-life balance.

Streamlined Time-Off Requests

Oracle’s Time and Labor platform simplifies the process of requesting and managing time-off. Employees can submit time-off requests, view accrued leave balances, and track the approval status seamlessly. These streamlined processes contribute to efficient time-off management and more visibility into employee leave requests, reducing administrative burdens for both employees and HR teams.

Improved Compliance

Oracle Time and Labor helps ensure that time-related policies and regulations are consistently followed. By automating compliance checks and providing real-time alerts, employees can have confidence that their time entries align with organizational policies and legal requirements, mitigating compliance risks.

Enhanced Productivity

With streamlined and accurate time tracking, employees can focus on their tasks without the burden of manual timekeeping or time data management. Oracle Time and Labor contributes to increased productivity by reducing administrative tasks associated with time management, allowing employees to concentrate on their core responsibilities and contribute more effectively to organizational goals.

For Managers

Efficient Workforce Management

Oracle’s rule-based time recording capabilities empower managers to efficiently manage and track the time-related data of their workforce. This includes real-time visibility into employee schedules, work hours, and time-off requests, facilitating better workforce planning and allocation of resources.

Accurate Payroll Processing

With Oracle’s Time and Labor platform, managers can ensure accurate and reliable time tracking, reducing the likelihood of errors in payroll processing. Managers can trust that the payroll calculations are based on precise time data, contributing to payroll accuracy and compliance with labor regulations.

Compliance Management

Oracle Time and Labor automates compliance checks, helping managers ensure that time-related policies and regulations are consistently followed and upheld. This reduces the risk of compliance issues, such as overtime violations, and provides managers with the tools to proactively address any potential concerns.

Resource Optimization

By having a clear view of employee work hours and schedules, managers can optimize resource allocation. This includes identifying peak work hours, managing overtime effectively, and ensuring that the workforce is aligned with business needs, leading to improved operational efficiency.

Enhanced Decision-Making

The robust reporting and analytics features of Oracle Time and Labor empower managers with insights into workforce performance and labor costs. Advanced analytics support data-driven decision-making, enabling managers to identify trends, address productivity challenges, and make informed decisions to optimize the team’s overall performance.

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