In today’s competitive retail landscape, delivering exceptional customer experiences at the point of sale and supporting cloud and on-premise technology solutions are critical to success.

Oracle Point of Sale (POS) systems offer retailers a comprehensive platform to manage customer data, streamline operations, and elevate customer interactions. As a robust and flexible software solution, Oracle POS empowers retail employees to efficiently process transactions, manage inventory, and drive sales while providing personalized service experiences to customers.

In this article, we’ll discuss the key features and benefits of Oracle POS, exploring how it revolutionizes the retail experience for both customers and businesses and where our senior-level Oracle consultants can fit in your organization.

Understanding Point of Sale Systems

Point of sale (POS) software is becoming increasingly complex in an era of increased competition, collaboration, and connection through cloud-based systems. Modern POS system functionality enables companies to track inventory and buying trends, monitor customer behavior throughout the buying process, and deliver a seamless experience for suppliers, distributors, sellers, and buyers.

The right POS system to meet critical retail needs will likely include the following features:

  • Computer/hardware POS
  • Inventory management
  • Payment processing (i.e., physical and contactless payments)
  • Employee management
  • POS reports
  • Merchant account management
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Receipts and tip support

Flexible POS system operations are critical in the modern commerce landscape, enabling marketers to target consumers at strategic locations, create more opportunities to influence customers across the sales funnel and motivate customers to make purchasing decisions throughout the buying cycle rather than only at the end.

By leveraging electronic POS solutions rather than traditional in-house POS solutions, companies can streamline retail operations, automate the complete sales lifecycle, and track critical sales data. Installing a comprehensive network of devices and payment types, including cash, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and credit and debit cards, allows retailers to improve functionality and profitability.

What’s the Point of a POS System?

Modern point-of-sale system capabilities tap into the power of the cloud by providing built-in integrations with third-party systems and offering customizable features for users to tailor their systems to their evolving business needs.

Cloud-based POS solutions, in particular, can help companies gain greater insight into changing inventory levels, reduce the upfront cost of POS implementation, and streamline order processing and management operations throughout the value chain.

POS software acts as the command center for critical sales processes, allowing retailers to find items for sale, record transactions, track inventory levels, generate intelligent sales reports, and leverage comprehensive sales insight to improve customer experiences and overall profitability.

Navigating Oracle’s Point of Sale Solutions

Retail Industry

Modern retail POS systems transcend traditional order processing capabilities, offering advanced technology to maximize employee productivity, personalize user experiences, and improve sales.

POS and brand consistency

With a POS system that offers modern features and withstands the demands of ever-changing retail environments, companies can improve retail functionality and support critical retail initiatives effectively. Delivering a modern POS look and feel that complements overall brand identity and voice also enables retailers to accurately target customers and drive more consistent operations across the board.

POS mobility

Oracle MICROS Compact Workstation provides a portable POS device and mobile access capabilities enabling retailers to improve efficiency and price performance anytime, anywhere.

Personalized experience

By leveraging robust POS functionality to improve visibility into customer and process data and track customers throughout the end-to-end customer lifecycle, Oracle Retail XStore POS enables companies to customize their POS based on evolving business needs and personalize customer experiences.

Reliable POS environment

Oracle MICROS Workstation 8 Series combines robust, reliable POS hardware with modern, sleek functionality to foster the connection of POS systems and their surrounding retail environment. This way, retailers can deliver a full-service customer experience through compact, mobile, tablet, and full-size workstations and reduce their organizational footprint.

Food and Beverage Industry


Oracle MICROS POS hardware is built to withstand the demands of the restaurant industry. It provides restaurant POS systems like kiosks, tablets, terminals, and kitchen displays that can withstand heat, cold, heavy use, spills, and more. It also offers intelligent functionality and advanced processing power to keep restaurant operations running during busy shifts and ensure customer needs are fulfilled promptly.

User-centric design and portability make Oracle MICROS hardware tough to beat, enabling restaurants to provide personalized, efficient customer interactions, prioritize orders and delivery deadlines, and reduce ticket times across teams.

Simphony POS System

Simphony Point of Sale enables restaurants to simplify menu management across digital channels, create and monitor loyalty programs, connect with kitchen display systems, and gain real-time insight into critical kitchen operations.

From a small mom-and-pop shop and locally-owned vendors to quick-service fast-food chains, stadiums, and theme parks, Oracle Simphony offers a comprehensive POS platform that optimizes both in-house and online operations and improves the speed, efficiency, and personalization of customer interactions.

Simphony offers a few key features to connect back-office operations and customer-facing interactions:

  • Oracle Payment Cloud Service
  • Real-time table management
  • Conversational ordering
  • Customized design and multi-language support
  • Waitlists and reservations
  • Multichannel kitchen displays
  • Self-service kiosks

Hospitality Industry

Hotels and Resorts

With integrated property management, point of sale, and analytics features, hotel and resort staff can proactively identify and address customer needs and streamline guest management operations.


Oracle Hospitality software empowers companies to consolidate cruise operations into a single platform, enabling users to manage crew and passenger activity, track fleetwide performance, and

Casino and Gaming

Oracle enables customers to take their gaming experiences to the next level, providing connected systems and personalized guest services to improve profitability and maximize efficiency. Users can also access advanced analytics to make better decisions about sales, marketing, revenue, and casino management activities across properties.

Global Industry

Stadiums and Entertainment Venues

Oracle MICROS self-service kiosks, customizable menu items, and intelligent customer management tools give companies the ability to quickly deliver customer satisfaction and reduce wait times.

  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Third-party app integrations
  • Compact concession systems
  • Wireless POS systems
  • Self-service kiosks and tablets
  • Employee scheduling and inventory management

Airports and Transportation Systems

Oracle MICROS offers a fully customizable user interface to help airports, bus stations, and train terminals process orders quickly, anticipate inventory and scheduling needs, and keep up with ever-changing traveler demand.

  • Self-service scheduling and inventory management
  • Compact, handheld POS tablets and terminals
  • Third-party app integration support
  • Cloud reporting and analytics
  • Effective kitchen displays and peripheral tools

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