As businesses increasingly adopt a diverse array of cloud-based and on-premises technologies, the need for seamless connectivity and data flow plays a critical role in streamlined integrations across disparate systems and data sources.

Oracle Integration Cloud addresses this challenge by providing a unified solution for orchestrating workflows, automating processes, and facilitating the exchange of data across the enterprise.

In this article, we discuss the key components and capabilities of Oracle Integration Cloud, exploring how it enables organizations to achieve agility, efficiency, and innovation in their digital transformation journeys and where our expert Oracle consultants can come in to help.

What is Oracle Integration Cloud?

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) integration services manage connections between enterprise applications, software systems, data sources, and other platforms like SAP, Workday, Salesforce, and more to centralize management and streamline end-to-end business processes.

With low-code customization and prebuilt adapters, Oracle Integration Cloud services make it easier than ever to optimize both hybrid and multi-cloud operations, expose APIs for new business models, and connect critical data integration components in a single platform.

Oracle Integration combines Integration Cloud Service, Process Cloud Service, and Visual Builder Cloud Service to provide best-in-class connections to meet your integration needs, no matter what.

Understanding Oracle Cloud Integration Services

Essential business processes related to customer experience (CX), human capital management (HCM), and enterprise resource planning (ERP) are often inflexible and inefficient. Oracle Integration changes this by enabling users to connect core applications, automate workflows, and deliver innovations without additional downtime or stress for employees.

With the Oracle Integration Cloud service, users can:

  • Develop and deploy integrations to design, manage, and optimize connections between systems
  • Create both web and mobile applications without complex programming languages
  • Deliver innovations quicker through connections between critical resources, like databases, business roles, and applications
  • Establish connectivity across all phases of the complete business process lifecycle
  • Connect existing technologies with new business services to automate critical workflows and align with changing business needs
  • Gain comprehensive insight into every application, service, workflow, and integration within the complete business process lifecycle

Key Components of Oracle Integration Cloud

Application Integration

With an intelligent visual development experience, prebuilt integrations for other enterprise systems, embedded best practices, and native cloud access, Oracle Integration Cloud enables IT teams and developers to connect any on-premises and SaaS applications and improve end-to-end visibility.

Prebuilt workflows

Oracle Integration Cloud offers prebuilt integration services for Amazon S3, SAP, Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Outlook, and more. Prebuilt business flows and visual design tools simplify process modernization and workflow optimization across the enterprise landscape.

Pre-integrated with applications

With Oracle application adapters built with Oracle app developers and global support, Oracle Integration enables users to leverage the same technology, application, RPA, and messaging adapters that connect applications in the Oracle Fusion Cloud Suite.

Real-time insights

The Oracle Integration Cloud delivers real-time dashboards and end-to-end business metrics to define milestones and alerts, minimize delays and risk for error, and reduce total audit overhead.

Users can also leverage Oracle Jet Composite Component, Oracle Visual Builder, or iFrame functionality to access and embed dashboards in applications or custom web components.

Industry-leading functionality

As an industry leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Oracle Integration allows users to move EBS, Hyperion, PeopleSoft, and custom applications with SOA connectivity to OCI through a single adapter and modernized experience for employees and customers.

This functionality covers all critical enterprise cloud integration use cases, including connections with Oracle Data Integration, API Management, GoldenGate, Streaming, and Events.

Oracle GoldenGate

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) GoldenGate offers an intelligent managed services platform to enable efficient data replication, maintain high availability, and ensure real-time data analysis. With GoldenGate’s real-time data mesh platform, users can create, monitor, and execute critical data replication processes and stream data processing solutions in a unified platform.

Real-time integration

Facilitate real-time, fault-tolerant database integration, publish data and related events into databases and object stores, and support diverse data platforms within on-premises and cloud environments.

Oracle and non-Oracle replication

Connect with non-Oracle and open-source databases to improve system availability, data integration, and online migration capabilities across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid platforms.

Streamlined pipelines

Build intuitive transformation pipelines that enable more effective filtering, enrichment, alerting, publishing, and API calling for data in Kafka and GoldenGate database events.

Data-in-motion analytics

Leverage pattern-matching functions, time-series analytics, and geospatial data connections to identify anomalies and outliers and gain valuable insight from intelligent machine learning models.

Process Automation

Oracle Process Automation enables users to leverage visual design tools, prebuilt integrations, and run-ready templates to unify critical workflows from existing HCM, ERP, and CX applications and accelerate enterprise innovation and connection.

Visual process automation

Utilize a low-code process automation designer to create process automations in a simple visual interface, drag and drop integration components from a visual pallet, simplify repetitive activities, and deliver and embed custom forms in process applications for streamlined digital experiences.

Cross-app approvals

Detect and escalate exceptions for employees with the right accessibility and availability and accelerate approvals across applications with intelligent visual designers.

Custom extensions

Embed workflow extensions in SaaS and custom applications to improve security for transactional data, enhance governance, and streamline federation with critical identity providers.

Intuitive digital processes

Connect processes across document stores, applications, prebuilt integrations, and other cloud services and assign tasks to individuals or teams for better task management and accelerated decision-making.

API Management

The API Management platform allows collaboration across development teams for creating, prototyping, testing, and validating APIs. Through intelligent integration, governance, and security features, Oracle API Management accelerates API delivery and supports end-to-end lifecycle management for critical APIs.

Create new APIs

Design, prototype, and deploy new APIs by outlining critical requirements for application domain semantics and API architectural styles.

Extend SaaS applications

Utilize Oracle API Gateway, Oracle Functions, and Oracle Visual Builder to create and deploy SaaS extensions for Oracle Fusion Cloud applications.

Secure API gateways

Access multiple RESTful services across on-premise and cloud environments and create a proxy to authenticate with critical identity providers.

Stream Analytics

The OCI Streaming service provides a real-time, serverless event streaming platform designed to help developers and data analysts improve the scalability, productivity, and performance of their streams.

Scalable deployment

Leverage intuitive consumer groups to enable state management for customers worldwide and easily build new applications to scale.

Kafka Connect Harness

Access out-of-the-box integrations with various data sources and sinks, including Oracle Integration Cloud, Database, GoldenGate, and other third-party cloud offerings.

OCI integrations

Support native integrations with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services, like Object Storage, Resource Manager, Monitoring, and Tagging for scalable deployment, long-term data storage, and improved account visibility and management.

Flexible platform

Configure and manage big data pipelines to monitor event streaming, scaling, provisioning, and security patching activities in a unified platform.

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