Oracle for Healthcare stands as a beacon of innovation and efficiency in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare technology, enabling healthcare providers to manage patient data more effectively, drive better health outcomes, and promote a human-centric experience.

From optimizing patient care and advancing clinical workflows to ensuring data security and maintaining compliance in a connected health ecosystem, Oracle’s healthcare solutions embody a commitment to transforming the healthcare industry through cutting-edge technologies.

This article discusses the key features and industry applications of Oracle Healthcare solutions, how Oracle’s advanced technology can facilitate better outcomes, and where our team of Oracle consultants can fit in your organization.

Understanding Oracle Health Solutions

Oracle Health solutions enable clinicians, patients, researchers, and other healthcare providers to consolidate and manage health data in a single system, leverage data-driven insights to streamline operations, and accelerate innovation initiatives for better care delivery.

Here are a few examples of people and organizations Oracle Health solutions serve:

  • Healthcare providers: Support human-centric care, improve care decisions, and provide better care experiences for patients, clinicians, and other clinical care staff.
  • Public health organizations: Generate global insights to improve population health initiatives, address disease risk factors, and promote healthy lifestyles across entire populations.
  • Private healthcare firms: Leverage a complete administration platform to streamline health policy administration, improve billing accuracy, accelerate claims processing, and facilitate more informed decisions for better patient care.
  • Clinical research organizations: Support life sciences innovation by unifying data from clinical trials, accelerating research initiatives, and streamlining safety and patient case management.

Oracle Solutions to Transform Healthcare Operations

Oracle Healthcare solutions redefine patient care, operational efficiency, and data management for organizations across the healthcare sector. Here are the main products included in the Oracle Health application suite:

Enterprise Solutions

Healthcare ERP

Oracle Healthcare solutions offer intelligent enterprise resource planning features that enable users to gain a comprehensive view of all people and financial data across their health delivery system, create and deploy new enterprise business models, and adapt quickly to industry challenges or changes.

Human Capital Management

By leveraging intelligent human capital management (HCM) software in the Oracle Cloud, users can create an employee experience that promotes workforce diversity and inclusion, promotes growth for clinical and non-clinical staff, and empowers operational leaders to prioritize business needs.

Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is designed to help healthcare organizations run and optimize core health workloads, including legacy application systems and machine learning-enabled services, to manage electronic health records more effectively and improve patient care outcomes.

NetSuite Integration

With pre-built integrations for NetSuite’s cloud-based business management applications, healthcare and life sciences organizations can improve access to critical data across their healthcare ecosystem, reduce costs, and enable greater organizational agility.

Clinical Applications

Clinical Application Suite

Oracle Healthcare solutions enable customers to access and document essential patient data, support critical safety initiatives, and provide personalized care for a better patient experience and greater clinical and operational efficiency across teams.


With Oracle Health products, practitioners can access a holistic view of patient records to facilitate more informed decisions, enable a more effective flow of patient data across interconnected systems, and improve operational efficiencies.

Care Continuum

Users can leverage Oracle’s intelligent continuum of care solutions to help patients find the right healthcare venue to receive personalized care, facilitate efficient data exchange during healthcare transitions, and enable better health outcomes across the entire patient care lifecycle.

Population Health

Oracle’s comprehensive population health solutions enable organizations to transcend individual care by magnifying care efforts across larger patient populations, assessing trends in chronic condition prevention and management, and promoting healthier populations.

Consumer Experience

By placing patients at the center of their consumer experience products, Oracle Health enables organizations to improve in-person and virtual care capabilities, meet evolving customer requirements and expectations, and reinvent the healthcare journey for better care.

Support Services


With regulatory compliance services, Oracle Health solutions enable users to stay up-to-date with changing federal and state requirements and streamline enterprise performance management initiatives across teams.


Oracle Health offers advanced data security solutions that enable users to manage clinical identity and compliance, enhance security auditing, and maintain business continuity as security regulations and compliance requirements change over time.


Oracle Health services provide in-depth analytics that enables users to outline performance improvement initiatives, determine the effectiveness of professional service offerings, and improve clinical satisfaction and efficiency.

Financial and Clinical Workflows

Analytics and Reporting

With Oracle’s healthcare analytics solutions, users can transform data into actionable insights and spend less time looking for data and more time acting on it.

Clinical Operations

Oracle Health products enable organizations to transform their clinical operations through a real-time health strategy and effective health system tools that improve patient care, visualize data from multiple sources, and enhance clinical and operational outcomes.

Revenue Cycle Management

By leveraging Oracle’s revenue cycle management solutions, users can access critical revenue information and use it to drive better financial outcomes across the entire organization.

How Can We Help?

From implementing new Oracle Healthcare solutions like Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant and Oracle Health EHR to improving access to critical patient data, Surety Systems is here to help.

Our senior-level Oracle consultant team has the knowledge, skills, and proven track record to help you explore and deploy new Oracle products, drive better outcomes, and establish more control over your essential clinical operations.

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