In a rapidly evolving workplace where skill requirements constantly change, organizations face the challenge of ensuring their workforce possesses the right competencies to meet business objectives.

As an integral part of the comprehensive Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM suite, the Dynamic Skills platform provides a holistic approach to skill management, driving business agility and enabling organizations to align their workforce capabilities with business needs.

This article explores how Oracle continues to foster a culture of continuous learning, adaptability, and innovation in an ever-changing business landscape and where our expert Oracle consultants can fit in your organization.

Understanding Oracle HCM Dynamic Skills

Oracle Dynamic Skills is a dynamic solution that empowers businesses to navigate workforce development and talent management complexities and grow the skills needed to drive a more efficient talent supply chain over time.

It leverages advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and connections with Oracle HCM Cloud to assess, develop, and optimize employee skills and continuously detect new opportunities to expand the talent supply chain.

With Oracle Dynamic Skills, users can do the following:

  • Access an intelligent learning engine to source, manage, and grow critical employee skills
  • Understand employee skills and align them with the right opportunities
  • Connect people with relevant skills to drive growth and success across all enterprise teams
  • Support personal and professional development throughout the employee lifecycle

Features of Oracle’s Dynamic Skills Platform

Oracle Dynamic Skills empowers organizations to create a culture of continuous learning and adaptability through its innovative features and focus on the employee first. This way, companies can ensure their workforce remains agile and equipped with the necessary competencies to thrive in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Here’s a look at a few critical features of the Dynamic Skills solution:

  • Deliver personalized employee experiences based on existing skills and growth opportunities
  • View skills in employee profiles, candidate searches, job requisitions, job profiles, gigs, and more
  • Allow users to access an AI-driven skills engine and inventory management platform (Skills Nexus)
  • Provide a centralized workspace for employees and managers (Skills Center)
  • Drive employee development through AI-drive skills recommendations (Skills Advisor)
  • Gain insights into a team’s combined skills through manager views (Team Skills Center)

Navigating Your Organization’s Skills

  • Utilize AI-driven automation tools to keep employee skills up-to-date and support critical talent supply chain initiatives
  • Access skills data and recommendations to continuously adapt as new candidates, employees, managers, and HR personnel use the system
  • Maintain a complete inventory of skills and job data tailored to your organization’s industry, infrastructure, requirements, and culture

Maximizing the Potential of Your Talent

  • Access a centralized portal for employees and managers to manage existing skills, suggest actions, and drive future growth
  • Identify areas of improvement for employee skills and plan reskilling and upskilling objectives to support strategic business goals
  • Support skills crowdsourcing through peer endorsements of specific skill sets

Improving Outcomes with Tailored Skill Development

  • Leverage personalized skill discovery opportunities to help employees find and acquire new skills that promote future career growth
  • Enhance recruiting, learning, and career development processes with a dynamic and responsive talent management system
  • Provide personalized skill recommendations for candidates and employees and add skills to profiles to showcase specific talents

Key Benefits of Oracle Dynamic Skills

Here’s a closer look at three of the main advantages of Oracle Dynamic Skills for business users:

1) Continuous Skill Assessment and Monitoring

By leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms, Oracle Dynamic Skills can dynamically evaluate skill proficiency levels, identify gaps, and provide real-time insights into areas for improvement.

2) Personalized Learning and Development

Through AI-driven recommendations and curated content in the Dynamic Skills platform, employees can access relevant training resources and educational materials tailored to their needs.

This personalized approach to learning fosters employee engagement, motivation, and retention while accelerating skill development and career growth and driving innovations across teams.

3) Agile Talent Management and Reskilling

Oracle Dynamic Skills enables organizations to adapt quickly to changing business needs and market demands by facilitating agile talent management and reskilling initiatives.

By identifying emerging skill trends and future workforce requirements, organizations can proactively address skill gaps, redeploy talent, and prioritize reskilling efforts with confidence.

Partnering with the Best

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