Oracle Digital Assistant, a groundbreaking innovation in conversational AI and enterprise automation, stands at the forefront of transforming how businesses engage with their users and customers and deliver AI-powered insights into their most critical business processes.

As an integral part of Oracle’s suite of cloud-based services, the Digital Assistant leverages natural language processing and machine learning to enable organizations to build intelligent chatbots and virtual assistants that fully understand and classify natural language inputs. This enhances customer interactions and empowers employees to streamline workflows and access information effortlessly.

In this article, we explore the main features and benefits of Oracle Digital Assistant, how it reshapes the landscape of digital communication in today’s dynamic business environment, and where our team of expert Oracle consultants can come in to help.

Understanding Digital Assistants and Skills

The Oracle Digital Assistant platform enables users to create, develop, and deploy digital assistants for specific users, complete with specialized skills to facilitate better collaboration between users, establish a unified user interface, and optimize AI-driven interactions.

What are Digital Assistants?

A digital assistant is an AI-driven interface (or chatbot) designed to help users complete tasks through natural language conversations. Users assemble one or more skills for each digital assistant. Digital assistants evaluate user input data and route the conversation to and from the associated skill areas, saving users valuable time and reducing interactions with other apps, sites, and services.

What are Skills?

A skill is an individual chatbot dedicated to a specific task or type of task, enabling users to facilitate better interactions and complete specific tasks more effectively. Skills can be added to a digital assistant or deployed to a channel as a standalone asset.

Each assigned skill is used to help a user complete a task by leveraging the combination of natural language messages and simplified UI elements to understand the task better.

What is Oracle Digital Assistant?

The Oracle Digital Assistant for HCM offers a comprehensive artificial intelligence (AI) platform to help users create conversational experiences for business applications and leverage chat, text, and voice interfaces to facilitate communication in multiple languages.

The Digital Assistant is assembled based on one or more skills and routes user requests to the most relevant skill for their request, delivering a modular approach to chatbot functionality and empowering users to connect with bots through various channels.

Key Features of the Digital Assistant for HCM

The Oracle Digital Assistant for HCM revolutionizes how conversational experiences are created, executed, analyzed, and managed within existing voice, chat, and text interfaces by deriving valuable context from a user’s natural conversation and consolidating conversations into a single interface.

Here’s a closer look at the main features of the Oracle Digital Assistant for enterprise users:

Conversational AI

  • NLP and machine learning features: Leverage natural language processing (NLP), natural language understanding (NLU), custom algorithms, and other machine learning features to better understand human conversations and derive accurate context from common messages.
  • Generative AI functionality: Use generative AI features to integrate large language models (LLMs) into existing digital assistants and build assistants more effectively.
  • AI-powered voice: Communicate with business applications through voice commands, enable naturally expressive reactions to communications, enable better control of customer data with end-to-end security and compliance standards, and eliminate reliance on third-party offerings.

Security and scalability

  • Automated bot transfer: Integrate Oracle Digital Assistant with Oracle Service to respond to customer service requests, transfer complete call history to live agents for more complicated cases, provide next-step recommendations, and enable automation to drive greater cost savings.
  • Multichannel support: Leverage existing channels, like web, mobile, SMS, Microsoft Teams, and Slack, to start conversations in one channel and finish them in another without losing context.
  • Authentication profiles: Facilitate secure, seamless conversational access to different applications and systems based on user roles and offer a single sign-on process across applications with pre-integrations between Oracle Digital Assistant security and other Oracle Cloud applications.

Enterprise integration

  • Pre-built chatbots: Access out-of-the-box chatbots for Oracle Cloud ERP, Oracle Cloud HCM, Oracle Cloud SCM, and Oracle Cloud CX applications.
  • Unified conversations: Unify single-purpose chatbots into one digital assistant and enable users to search and interact with multiple systems through a single conversation.
  • Chatbot architecture: Leverage intelligent templates, reusable components, and pre-built chatbot architecture framework to build custom chatbots for any third-party and on-premise applications.

Advanced design tools

  • Multilingual support: Leverage zero-shot multilingual NLU to eliminate the need to re-create the same training dataset for multiple languages, skip external translation services, and expand use beyond the English language for improved engagement and functionality within each company location, region, or country.
  • Conversation design: Design conversational experiences through an intelligent point-and-click, no-code interface designed specifically for dialogue flows.
  • Dialogue training: Combine out-of-the-box features with human training to improve the accuracy of chatbots and train each bot on custom domain vocabulary.

How Can We Help?

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