Oracle Cloud Customer Connect offers a dynamic platform that enables users to engage, share insights, and access a wealth of resources to amplify their Oracle Cloud experience, exemplifying Oracle’s terms of commitment to collaboration, innovation, and continuous learning within its user community.

As an engaging online community, Oracle Cloud Customer Connect facilitates efficient peer-to-peer interaction, knowledge exchange, and direct engagement between customers and Oracle experts.

In this article, we explore the transformative power of Oracle Cloud Customer Connect, discussing how it empowers users to maximize the potential of their Oracle Cloud solutions and where our expert Oracle consultants can come in to fill the gaps.

What is Oracle Cloud Customer Connect?

Oracle Cloud Customer Connect is an online cloud community designed to facilitate peer-to-peer collaboration and make it easier for customers to stay up-to-date with product strategy, best practices, and real-time feedback loops directly linked to Oracle development.

The Customer Connect Oracle community allows users to:

  • Access a comprehensive calendar for announcements and upcoming events
  • Participate in collaborative discussion forums
  • Earn professional recognition through digital badges and champion levels
  • Answer general guidance questions to navigate the Oracle Cloud
  • Submit and review ideas and access peer feedback for improvement
  • Leverage collective knowledge of Oracle Cloud customers and experts to improve experiences

How to Join the Conversation

To register for the community, users should navigate to the Customer Connect home page and click the Register button. Membership is typically approved immediately if the company is already registered on the Customer Connect platform.

Once membership is approved, users can begin sharing their expertise, getting answers to urgent questions about their Oracle Cloud solutions, and building connections with other members.

Key Features of Oracle’s Cloud Customer Connect Environment

Connected resources

Access the latest release information on Oracle’s Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions, answers to use-case questions for Supply Chain Management, upcoming events for Enterprise Resource Planning, and executive messaging content for the Oracle Cloud Platform.

Real-time access

Get real-time updates for maintenance windows upgrades, new product announcements, customer stories, best practices, and other product roadmaps and previews.

Complete community support

Visit discussion forums to ask questions, discuss Oracle Cloud applications and services, explore ideas, and build relationships with subject matter experts and other members.

Expert guidance

Connect with industry and product experts through instructor led classrooms, release readiness assets, self-paced training sessions, interactive live virtual courses, and other resources on the Oracle site.

Executive insights

Re-watch keynote speeches from in-person events, replay session highlights, and follow tweets from Oracle executives and product experts to stay in the know.

Getting Started with Our Team

For more information about our Oracle consulting services or to learn how our team of Oracle experts can provide additional support that transcends the Cloud Customer community, contact us today.