Maintaining efficient and effective business technology in an ever-evolving business landscape depends heavily on smooth communication. Microsoft’s comprehensive suite of business applications, Microsoft Dynamics 365, enables organizations to combine and optimize an existing phone system and their most critical business data and operations in one place.

Telephony, a crucial component of this integration, is the primary means by which organizations can communicate with their stakeholders calling prospects, including making and receiving phone calls, facilitating inbound call-handling processes, and optimizing existing telephone systems over time.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Telephony integration is a robust solution that improves platform communication capabilities over time and provides a streamlined way to handle client interactions and improve the overall customer experience.

Read on to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Telephony Integration and where our senior-level Microsoft Dynamics consultants can fit in your organization.

What is Telephony Integration in Microsoft Dynamics?

The Telephony integration in Microsoft Dynamics 365 involves linking the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system with telephony systems to enable users to seamlessly manage incoming calls and outgoing calls, log interactions, and access customer information.

By providing embedded automation tools, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Telephony integration can help users save valuable time and effort in facilitating and managing workforce communications.

General Telephony Integration Benefits

  • Combine cutting-edge telephony features with existing communication methods to realize optimal efficiency and integrate communications into a single application
  • Spend less time using your company’s existing phone system and CRM to improve customer communication.
  • Connect an existing CRM system to the dialer to improve outbound calls by at least 40%
  • Route calls to existing CRM data and allocate priority depending on the value of the call in the CRM.

Features of Dynamics Telephony Integrations

Here’s a look at some of the key features of Microsoft Dynamics Telephony integration:

  • Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with your company’s telephone system via a single user interface (UI).
  • Unify sales and support staff desktops with call controls integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics 365‏ platform.
  • Optimize sales and support workflows and achieve up to 50% efficiency gains by limiting clicks, screens, and searches.
  • Provide workers with relevant customer information during every call or customer interaction.
  • Expedite outbound calling campaigns using fully integrated progressive dialer capabilities.
  • Record call statistics, schedule callbacks, and next steps, track call dispositions, and automate follow-ups.
  • Leverage auto-created links for easy access to Microsoft Call Intelligence features and store call records directly in Dynamics 365.

Benefits of Dynamics Telephony Integration

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits the Microsoft Dynamics Telephony integration offers users:

Improved Customer Engagement

Businesses can gather conversation history and consumer data in one centralized repository by integrating Telephony with Dynamics 365.

With relevant information at their fingertips, customer support agents and other members of the sales team can offer more efficient and personalized service and strengthen client relationships across the board.

Enhanced Productivity

Users can place an incoming call and receive an outgoing call without ever leaving Dynamics 365 by incorporating phone functionality into their existing UI.

With automatically logged calls and note-taking capabilities, users can optimize workflows and increase productivity by reducing time spent switching between systems and eliminating manual data entry for both outbound and inbound calls.

Complete View of Customer Interactions

By capturing call logs, emails, and other communication data in a unified interface, Dynamics 365 Telephony integration offers a comprehensive perspective of client interactions.

This way, teams can leverage a 360-degree view of customer interactions to understand customers’ needs, preferences, and pain points and make more informed decisions.

Flexibility and Scalability

Dynamics 365 Telephony Integration is made to grow with the changing requirements of commercial enterprises, offering scalable support for various telephony systems and enabling companies to choose the one that best suits their needs.

The solution can be tailored to any organization’s evolving company and industry requirements, from small startups to giant corporations. 

Enhanced Collaboration

Seamless telephony integration into Dynamics 365 facilitates more organic teamwork and enables companies to provide a more efficient, consistent, and collaborative work atmosphere.

Real-time information sharing and automatically recorded call interaction capabilities allow teams to ensure that all parties involved in customer interactions stay on the same page, no matter what.

Security and Compliance

Dynamics 365 Telephony integration guarantees security and compliance with industry and organizational requirements, ensuring a company’s key information stays safe and protected over time.

It provides robust security features to protect private client data and preserve the integrity of communication channels.

Reporting and Analytics

With Dynamics 365 Telephony integration, users can access, analyze, and report on critical telephony data to learn more about consumer preferences, call trends, and team performance.

Organizations can quickly identify and improve the effectiveness of their communication initiatives by utilizing intelligent analytics and informing strategic decision-making.

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