As you know, every major Salesforce release brings us hundreds of new features across a wide variety of products, and with so much to cover, we’re rolling out a series of articles to help you navigate through the Winter ’20 release. Stay tuned for more to come!  

In the meantime, we’ve compiled a list of the top five noteworthy features that we think Salesforce users will find useful in this new update. Let’s dive in.

1) Lightning Experience for All 

One of the significant changes you’ll notice in the new release is that Lightning Experience has been turned on for all orgs. While this isn’t technically a new feature, it’s important to highlight because once it’s turned on, you can’t disable it. However, all users will still have access to Classic and can switch between the two interfaces. You can read more about Lightning Experience (and some of the interface’s great new features) in our Winter release overview article

2) Flow Builder Tool 

The Flow Builder tool continues to get more robust with each release, and the one brought to us by Winter ’20 is no exception. Flow Builder is an automation tool for admins to help them manipulate data in Salesforce in a variety of ways. The latest upgrade to it allows you to schedule an auto-launched flow to start on a particular date, time, and frequency. Flow Builder also lets you configure screens and get record elements without creating variables. (Check out all of Flow Builder’s new features in the Winter ’20 release notes.)

3) New Salesforce Mobile App 

The Salesforce mobile app is new and improved for all of us who enjoy working from…well…everywhere. The updated mobile experience is opt-in, but I’m sure most admins will want to roll out this new experience to their users. For those who do choose to opt in, you can configure Lightning apps, record pages, and component visibility rules for users on the phone. The new Salesforce app also comes with enhanced mobile security. 

4) Recycle Bin

This is probably one of the most requested features from Salesforce users—and the recycle bin is now finally available in Lightning! Previously, Lightning users had to switch back to Classic to get to the recycle bin. Now, you can view, restore, and permanently delete the items in your/your orgs’ recycle bin without the need to switch back and forth. (Improved efficiency for the win!)

5) Count Unique Values in Report Results

As great as Salesforce is, not being able to count the number of unique values in a report was a bit frustrating. No longer. Now, all you have to see how many individual account values appear in the report is add a unique count to the Account Name column. This number will show up as grand totals at the bottom of the report and as subtotals for each group. (Keep in mind, however, that this functionality is only available in Lightning Experience.)

These are just five of the features we found impressive with the release of Salesforce Winter ‘20, and there’s so much more to take advantage of—if you know what’s available. So whether you’re an old hand who just needs some advice on how best to make the most of these new features, or you’re a total greenhorn who’s just getting started with Salesfroce, our senior-level Salesforce consultants are here for you. We can make sure you get the most out of your investment, both now and into the future as new releases come around.  

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