Organizations in today’s ever-evolving and increasingly competitive enterprise landscape must equip managers, executives, and other key stakeholders with the right tools to improve employee interactions and maintain a continuous communication, collaboration, and action channel across teams.

Oracle Touchpoints offers a foundational solution that facilitates better connection between employees and managers through comprehensive dashboards, recommended discussion topics, employee recognition programs, and more.

This article will discuss the key features and benefits of Oracle Touchpoints software, the active role it plays in building employee trust and boosting retention, and how our team of Oracle consultants can help maximize your Oracle investment.

What is Oracle Touchpoints?

Oracle Touchpoints is a continuous listening and action channel that promotes communication between employees and managers, enabling meaningful interactions, better employee sentiment, and stronger relationships within and across enterprise teams.

With advanced engagement and collaboration tools and a centralized platform for feedback, check-ins, achievements, and more, Oracle Cloud HCM Touchpoints simplifies employee interactions and leverages real-time insights into pulse trends to improve engagement and enhance recognition efforts.

Key Oracle Fusion Cloud Touchpoints Features

My Touchpoints

My Touchpoints provides a centralized location for all employee pulse survey results, manager check in data, and nudges for recommended actions, such as celebrating an individual’s achievement, monitoring an employee’s pulse score, or providing feedback for workers.

Team Touchpoints

The Team Touchpoints feature allows managers to leverage a single platform to access and engage with real-time interaction metrics, track employee sentiment, and gain insight into nudges and check ins for recommended action items.


Celebrations enable employees and managers to recognize colleagues for critical contributions and milestones, such as a work anniversary or a professional achievement, through connected dashboards and personalized messaging features.


Managers can create scheduled check ins and one-on-one meetings with their employees to assess performance, outline development and performance goals, and offer recommended discussion topics based on previous experiences and future involvement in organizational initiatives.

Pre-built integrations with Oracle Fusion Cloud Performance Management and Oracle Career Development also support connectivity between systems and enable organizations to improve employee review, recommendation, and recognition procedures.

Team pulse trends

With Team Touchpoints, managers can view team pulse trends and compare them with organization-wide pulse trends, fostering more impactful conversations and strengthening the relationship between employees and managers on each team.

Users can also drill down into individual pulse trends to gain insight into their engagement levels, identify critical areas of improvement, and empower managers to lead their teams more effectively.

Quick pulse surveys

Quick pulse surveys allow employees to share positive and negative sentiment with their managers on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Average check ins include key touchpoints, performance checks, pulse survey metrics, and other critical employee data to improve employee-manager interactions and promote better engagement across the board.


By recommending personalized actions and promoting decisions based on actual employee data, nudges help employees and managers build meaningful relationships, communicate more effectively, and understand their role in the organization.

Nudges can be personalized based on employee responsibilities and recommended actions, including reminders to schedule a check in, review performance metrics, or send a note to a colleague with a work anniversary.

Why Choose Oracle HCM Touchpoints?

Oracle Touchpoints empowers organizations to deliver seamless and personalized customer experiences, drive customer satisfaction, and achieve success. Here’s how:

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Engage with customers across multiple channels, including physical locations, online platforms, social media, and mobile apps, build stronger relationships, and increase brand loyalty by providing personalized experiences and timely interactions.

Unified Customer View

Integrate data from various touchpoints, providing organizations with a unified view of customer interactions and preferences and enabling a better understanding of customer behaviors and trends.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Automate and streamline customer interactions to improve operational efficiency, reduce manual effort, and allow employees to focus on more strategic tasks and deliver better service to customers.

Real-time Insights

Access real-time analytics and reporting capabilities to gain valuable insights into customer behavior, trends, and preferences and make data-driven decisions.

Scalability and Flexibility

Accomodate evolving organizational and industry requirements to expand customer touchpoints or customize employee engagement strategies through a unified platform.

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