Oracle SQL Developer is a powerful and versatile tool that enables robust and reliable database management and development within the Oracle ecosystem. As an integrated development environment (IDE), it offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to streamline database tasks, from designing and querying to debugging and performance tuning.

With its user-friendly interface and intelligent capabilities, Oracle SQL Developer empowers developers, database administrators, and data analysts to manage and manipulate Oracle databases more efficiently.

This article will discuss the core functionalities of Oracle SQL Developer, how it enhances productivity and simplifies complex database operations, and where our Oracle consultants can come in to help.

What is the Oracle SQL Developer Tool?

Oracle SQL Developer is an integrated development environment designed to help users simplify and streamline the development and deployment of the Oracle Database in on-premise and cloud-based deployments. The SQL Developer tool is free for users and provides robust capabilities that facilitate the end-to-end deployment of PL/SQL applications and improve the migration of third-party databases to Oracle.

The SQL Developer for Oracle offers the following functionality for business users:

  • Support for Oracle Databases in the Oracle Cloud and On-Premises (Versions 11gR2, 19c, 21c)
  • Easy installation with no Oracle Client required
  • Consolidated worksheet for running queries and scripts
  • Cohesive reports interface for standard and custom reports
  • Complete data modeling solution with Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler (SDDM)
  • DBA console for managing the Oracle Database

Key Components of Oracle SQL Developer Software

Here’s a closer look at a few key tools offered to improve the management of Oracle databases:

Oracle SQL Developer

Oracle SQL Developer provides a fully integrated development environment for the Oracle Database, enabling users to improve database administration and management across their entire Oracle landscape. It also offers a Java-powered application and intelligent database migration and modeling solutions for over 5 million OS X, Windows, and Linux users worldwide.

Oracle Database Actions

Oracle Database Actions, formerly SQL Developer Web, is included in the Oracle Autonomous Cloud Database and provides centralized access to all of Oracle Database’s critical desktop features directly on a user’s browser.

Database Actions is also available with Oracle REST Data Services for on-premise deployments, enabling users to run SQL queries, manage users, import data, visualize schemas, diagnose performance issues, and more.

Oracle SQLcl

Oracle SQL Developer Command Line (SQLcl) is the modern command line interface for the Oracle Database. It offers the following functionality for business users across the Oracle landscape:

  • Consolidated system that enables effective tab completion
  • Better management of SQL scripts and SQL history
  • Automatic formatting, such as JSON, XML, CSV, and HTML
  • Build own commands
  • Liquibase integration of schema versions

Understanding Oracle SQL Developer Interfaces

Oracle offers three main interfaces for users to access and manage their Oracle Databases:


  • Manage Oracle Database performance, storage, security, and more
  • Access a complete PL/SQL IDE to document, test, and debug applications
  • Leverage a complete data modeling solution for reports, SQL and DDL scripts, DIFFs, and ERDs
  • Enable RESTful Services Development and Oracle REST Services integration
  • Browse and manage Oracle Database components for cloud and on-premises instances


  • Eliminate complex installation by enabling users to open Oracle Database on their browsers
  • Leverage intelligent wizards to create or modify Oracle schema objects
  • Manage Oracle Database configuration and overall performance
  • Access and run PL/SQL or Oracle SQL within a comprehensive SQL Worksheet containing SQL history, code insight, new features, and more
  • Load and integrate data from JSON, CSV, and AVRO to existing tables in Oracle

Command Line

  • Access in-line editing for SQL and PL/SQL scripts and functions
  • Conduct intelligent tab completion for Oracle commands, keywords, and objects
  • Facilitate liquibase integration for simplified schema source control
  • Navigate Oracle object metadata through simple commands (i.e., INFO, DDL, etc.)
  • View all previous queries and scripts run across Oracle Databases

Common SQL Developer Oracle Functionality

By leveraging SQL Developer, Oracle users can perform the following functions:

1) Browse Applications

Leverage an intuitive SQL Developer browser to view critical application-level details, including Lists, Lists of Values, Templates, Tabs, and more. Expand Application Express applications to view all the pages that comprise an application and access page-view details, such as Items, Regions, and Buttons.

2) Deploy Applications

Use intelligent deploy features to copy an application from one instance or workspace to another without requiring the export and import of critical application details across systems.

3) Modify Applications

Access and modify application-level attributes, including Name, Alias, Status, Proxy, and Global Notification.

4) Export/Import Applications

Leverage the Connection Navigator to export and import Application Express applications, enabling the completion of tasks like importing and exporting files, renaming applications, setting up new application aliases, installing applications and supporting objects, and displaying new applications.

5) Tune Queries

Cut, paste, and execute queries in a consolidated SQL Worksheet, supporting bind variables, improving query monitoring, and automatically updating applications based on query performance.

6) Export Pages

Leverage on-page functionality to view details on a page, export pages to a new database or area of the Oracle ecosystem, and save the resulting files in the desired location.

7) Build Custom Reports

Access Application and Workspace reports that enable users to view application objects in various ways, write queries against applications, and save them as custom reports. Use label templates to view all report items, find all regions of a specific report type, and list static lov values.

How Can We Help?

Whether you need help navigating SQL Developer to manage traditional and cloud deployments, additional support leveraging the built-in migration platform to connect third-party databases to existing Oracle systems, or just an extra hand getting started with Oracle, Surety Systems can help.

Our senior-level Oracle consulting team has the knowledge, skills, and experience to handle your critical project needs and ensure success in the long run.

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