Workforce management software has become an increasingly important tool for organizations that are looking to engage employees, control labor costs, increase productivity, minimize compliance, and more. And luckily for these companies, these key capabilities can all be found in the latest Kronos product, Workforce Dimensions. A cloud-native, mobile-first solution, Workforce Dimensions includes modules for human resources (HR), timekeeping, scheduling, payroll, talent acquisition, and a whole lot more. 

The clients we’ve helped migrate to Workforce Dimensions love its new customizable front-end experience, embedded analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, but some folks are still on the fence about whether it’s time to make a move. If that sounds like you, read on to learn more about what to expect from the new solution.

More Than an Upgrade

First, you need to know that moving to Workforce Dimensions is more than just an upgrade to your existing Kronos software. This is a brand-new version which requires a brand-new install. Organizations moving to Workforce Dimensions from any other Kronos product (like iSeries or Workforce Central) will essentially start the implementation from scratch. Here’s what they need to consider before making this important decision:

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Moving to Workforce Dimensions

1) What are your reasons for upgrading? 

If your organization has outgrown its current system, moving to Workforce Dimensions is probably a good idea, and if your current solution is meeting your company’s needs, an upgrade may not be at the top of your list right now. Those in the latter camp should consider whether Kronos is planning on sunsetting their current product in the near future, however. If it is, staying ahead of the upgrade curve could be in your best interests.

Are you currently making the most of Kronos?

Before getting a new product, consider how you’re currently using your Kronos solution and whether optimizing your platform might better suit your needs. We’ve helped many clients realize the value of the Kronos setup they already had to help increase productivity. For example, attendance, accruals, and scheduling are a few features you might not be taking advantage of to the fullest (or even at all).

If you’re not sure whether to optimize or upgrade, an unbiased Kronos assessment could help you decide.

2) What’s your timeline?

If you’re on a tight timeline (six months or less), now might not be the best time to migrate. Starting from scratch means changing business processes, which can lead to weeks (and possibly months) of approval time. Also, if you do decide to implement a new solution, you’ll want to put in the effort to reevaluate your policies and practices to make sure they’re consistent and comply with state laws, union contracts, and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) laws.  

3) What’s your budget?

We all know that anything new is going to come with a bigger price tag. Not only will you need to budget for the cost of Workforce Dimensions, but also the costs of implementation, support, and training that may be required before and after you go live. 

Start With a Roadmap

As you can see, the timing of your move takes careful consideration and should involve stakeholders from across the organization. Because each company is unique and has different goals, we suggest starting with a roadmap. This roadmap can include the benefits of migrating, what to do with your current system, how to execute, rollout, and more. 

An Expert Guide Can Help 

Planning for a big upgrade (like migrating to Workforce Dimensions) is a bit like planning an expedition to the jungle. There are all sorts of pitfalls and hazards that could trip up the unwary, but you don’t have to go it alone! One of the best ways to mitigate potential obstacles is to bring along an experienced guide, somebody who’s been there, done that, and gotten the metaphorical T-shirt. 

And if you’re in need of a partner who knows the lay of land, (not to mention how to avoid the quicksand), Surety Systems is here for you. Our senior-level Kronos consultants can get you where you need to go with minimum headaches, whether that means optimizing your current solution, helping you draft a roadmap for the future, or getting in the weeds with you for a full implementation. Contact us today to get started.