Paired with other obligations across your organization, implementing a new Microsoft Dynamics 365 system or maintaining an existing one isn’t always easy, especially without the right kind of support in your corner. Before you know it, your company could be held back by a lack of internal support or mismatched external resources and personnel.

Surety Systems can provide Microsoft Dynamics 365 support for your Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 apps in a personalized and efficient way, leading to optimized Dynamics 365 investments, improved performance, and sustainable growth over time.

Read on to learn more about Dynamics 365 support services and how our senior-level Microsoft Dynamics consultants can help solve your most complex implementation and integration issues.

Challenges Organizations Face With Dynamics 365

If you’re dealing with any of these common D365 challenges, you could benefit from Dynamics 365 Support:

Lack of Compatibility

Dynamics 365 is a complex software solution that needs expert assistance to achieve a successful implementation.

Relying on your in-house IT support doesn’t always guarantee a successful execution because they have to acclimate themselves to the nuances associated with the implementation, meaning they can’t always ensure compatibility.

Leveraging built-in support resources or hiring a Microsoft Dynamics expert can increase your chances of a successful implementation.

Data Migration

The more data, the more complicated the data migration process is. The time it takes to migrate the data is determined by the amount of data being transferred and the complexity of the migration process.

Unsuccessful data migration can lead to improper implementation. It’s critical to test the data migration process with a small set of data before doing it all at once and check the compatibility of the data and its usage with the new system.

Lack of Employee Training

Sometimes, the most significant selling points of a solution can also be a drawback. The architecture, open integration, and customization abilities can call for a need for lots of expertise and support.

Lack of employee training is an issue because employees are often overloaded with information they can’t process. Adequate training is crucial to ensure proper user adoption.

What’s Included With a Support Plan?

With Dynamics 365 Support, a few different resources are available to meet critical business needs across organizations in any industry:

  • Tiered support plans for easy access to advising services and additional advantages, like 24/7 technical assistance and quicker customer service response times.
  • Standard, Professional Direct, and Unified support plans cover Customer Engagement, Finance and Operations, Power Apps, and Power Automate solutions.
  • All support plans offer access to technical support for break-fix issues.

Difference Between Technical Support and Advisory Services?

  • Technical Support: “Break-fix” is a term that refers to activities involved in supporting a technology when it fails and requires intervention by a support organization. Technical support for break-fix issues helps customers resolve typical issues users may experience while accessing various services across their entire Microsoft landscape.
  • Advisory Services: “How-to” activities or questions related to employee training involve efficient knowledge transfer between parties. These questions can usually be answered by a question on the online community forums, reviewing product documents, or connecting with a knowledgeable partner.

What Are Dynamics 365 Support Plans?

Dynamics 365 Support plans provide different support options to deliver efficient customer service and troubleshooting support to ensure customers reach their goals. 

Here are a few examples of support plans:

  • Standard Support Plan: The Standard Support plan best suits businesses that use full-service partners or manage a simple technical environment.
  • Professional Direct Support Plan: The Professional Direct Support plan fits best with businesses that require access to experts for advisory and escalation services and faster response times for a continuously operating production environment.
  • Unified Enterprise Support Plan: The Unified Enterprise Support plan works best for businesses that need end-to-end support across their organization, covering all Microsoft technology offerings.

Top 3 Benefits of Dynamics 365 Support

Here are a few key advantages accompanying your Dynamics software solutions with Microsoft Dynamics Support offerings:

1. Enhancements

  • Form Changes
  • View Optimization
  • Business Rules
  • Dashboards

2. User Management

  • Security Roles
  • Disability/Add Users
  • Mailbox/Outlook Configuration
  • Password Resets
  • Onboarding/New User Training

3. System Monitoring

  • Simple Data Imports
  • Data Usage
  • User Monitoring
  • System Job Management
  • Duplicate Monitoring

Why You Need a Dedicated Support Partner

To ensure focus on the scope of your business, process continuity, and the stability of your process optimization strategies, businesses are expected to have strong internal and external support systems. Users can reach a consistent and seamless business flow by leveraging a dedicated Microsoft Dynamics support service.

Dedicated Dynamics support services and firms can fill in the gaps left between surface-level support from traditional implementation partners, offer a larger range of expertise than internal teams, and provide strategic guidance that transcends traditional support tickets.

How is Surety Systems Different?

The perfect Dynamics 365 Support resources should meet your organization’s critical business needs, keep your requirements at the top of their priority list, and provide consistent, accurate, and reliable support.

That’s where our team at Surety Systems comes in!

Our Dynamics consulting team at Surety Systems is committed to delivering reliable service and support so we can lead, support, and guide our clients wherever and whenever they need us.

Here are some of the ways our Dynamics 365 consultants can support your needs:

1. U.S. Based Consultants

Say goodbye to grappling with language barriers, managing complicated offshore consulting services, and dealing with issues across foreign borders to complete a project. Our consultants at Surety Systems are U.S. citizens, and their work is based completely in the United States.

Reducing these barriers makes it easier for consultants and clients to build and maintain stronger relationships, match schedules, and resolve problems without waiting for third-party services or offshore Microsoft Dynamics support teams to get to your problems.

2. Consultants That Meet Your Needs

Our senior-level consultants maintain a high standard of work that allows them to outline the appropriate steps to familiarize themselves with your Microsoft Dynamics solution and solve your current issues efficiently. Our personalized Microsoft Dynamics support services provide your organization with consultants chosen for your unique needs.

Our consultants save your internal team time reviewing details, configurations, integrations, or applications in their current solution. Unlike traditional support services, our Microsoft Dynamics consultants place your needs at the top of their priority list and work to meet your unique needs, not their bottom line. 

We go above and beyond the rest by getting to know your team, understanding all your project needs, and providing the right support services for your needs….the first time.

3. Support When You Need It Most

Microsoft Dynamics support services can be a waiting game, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re caught waiting for a response from live support personnel, working around support hours, or waiting for a support ticket to be generated, our Microsoft support services accelerate time-to-value and ensure your issues are resolved promptly. 

Our expert Dynamics consultants are available at your fingertips, ready to handle critical projects, combat your short and long-term system issues,  and resolve issues as soon as they appear.

With personalized, on-demand support, our consultants can address issues more efficiently than traditional support services and ensure your solutions are optimized, regardless of the issue at hand.

4. Optimal Scheduling

Whether you need someone working 40 hours per week on a complicated integration project or occasional ad-hoc assistance to optimize your Microsoft Dynamics software solutions, we have the perfect consultant for your needs! Surety Systems offers customizable support services to fit your unique needs whenever and wherever they arise.

How Our Consultants Can Help

Our senior-level Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultants have the skills and experience to ensure seamless integration between solutions and peak functionality of your Dynamics landscape across your entire organization.

While keeping your company’s objectives and requirements at the top of our list, our consultants work with you to improve the employee experience across teams and departments, increase the productivity of your Dynamics system, and maximize business performance over time.

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