In the world of modern enterprise asset management, Infor EAM stands out with its advanced approach to maintenance, predictive analytics, and IoT functionalities.

This article examines how Infor EAM’s tailored solutions propel operational efficiency and asset longevity for diverse industries—crucial insights for decision-makers aiming to make informed investment choices.

Key Takeaways

  • Infor EAM is a comprehensive asset performance management solution that integrates maintenance management with analytics to optimize operational efficiency and asset reliability across multiple sectors, such as manufacturing, utilities, and transportation.
  • Infor EAM provides flexibility in deployment with both cloud and on-premises options. It enhances maintenance efficiency through predictive maintenance and IoT data and reduces downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Future advancements in Infor EAM will integrate emerging technologies such as AI, machine learning, and IoT to further improve predictive maintenance and asset management. A focus will be on developing tools like digital twins and comprehensive product lifecycle management.

Exploring Infor EAM: A Comprehensive Asset Management Solution

Illustration of asset management in a modern industrial facility

Infor EAM, an enterprise asset management EAM solution, precisely addresses the unique needs of various sectors. Its comprehensive product technology tools and strong focus on improving operational efficiency make it a robust solution for businesses aiming to maximize asset performance.

Infor EAM transcends the constraints of a conventional EAM system. It’s an all-inclusive asset performance management (APM) solution that boosts operational efficiency across various sectors. By integrating these processes, Infor EAM enhances maintenance operations and prolongs asset lifecycles with the help of IBM Maximo.

This system integrates key processes like:

  • Work orders
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Scheduling
  • Asset tracking

It targets asset-intensive industries like:

  • Manufacturing
  • Oil and gas
  • Utilities
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation

Core Features of Infor EAM

At the heart of Infor EAM lies its powerful Maintenance Management feature, which includes preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, and asset tracking capabilities. These features ensure that maintenance tasks are performed on schedule and based on data-driven insights, significantly reducing unplanned downtime and enhancing asset reliability.

Supporting data-driven decision-making, Infor EAM offers:

  • Extensive analytics platform
  • Actionable insights
  • Propels business outcomes
  • Pivotal tool for achieving superior enterprise asset management

The amalgamation of maintenance management and analytics positions Infor EAM as a pivotal tool for achieving superior enterprise asset management.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Infor EAM offers tailored editions that cater to the distinct needs of different industries. For instance, the manufacturing edition supports lean manufacturing processes, equipment lifecycle management, and predictive maintenance, ensuring manufacturing equipment operates at peak efficiency.

In the transportation sector, Infor EAM provides asset maintenance, warranty recovery, and uptime enhancement solutions. These features address critical concerns such as reducing downtime and ensuring that transportation assets are always ready for service. Similarly, facilities management benefits from capabilities like space optimization, resource allocation, and energy conservation, aligning with the industry’s operational goals.

Infor EAM’s industry-specific solutions ensure businesses benefit from features customized to their distinctive operational challenges, improving asset performance and reliability across various industries.

Deployment Options

Infor EAM provides flexible deployment options for different infrastructure preferences and requirements. Businesses can choose between cloud and on-premises deployment, ensuring the best fit for their needs. Cloud deployment, in particular, allows organizations to leverage modern data analytics, optimizing asset management practices and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

On-premises deployment offers another layer of flexibility, especially for businesses with specific security or infrastructure needs. This dual deployment model ensures that Infor EAM can support a wide range of business environments, making it a versatile solution for enterprise asset management.

Achieving Strategic Asset Performance Management

Visualization tools for asset performance management

Infor EAM leads the transformation of traditional maintenance operations into strategic asset performance management (APM). It utilizes predictive analytics and IoT data to aid organizations in transitioning from reactive to preventive and predictive maintenance, increasing asset reliability and lifespan.

This strategic approach to asset management streamlines maintenance operations, reduces energy usage, and enables more cost-efficient inventory and labor management, ultimately helping businesses achieve optimum operational efficiency.

Integrating Maintenance 4.0 principles, including real-time data collection and analysis, further enhances operational efficiency and accuracy in capital budget forecasts.

Visualization Tools and Digital Reality Solutions

Infor EAM includes advanced visualization tools that offer a centralized view of asset health and performance. These tools are vital for monitoring large fleets of assets and making informed maintenance decisions. Hexagon AB is developing digital reality solutions like digital twins and 3D modeling to further enhance asset visibility and decision-making with the help of HxGN EAM.

These emerging technologies provide insight into asset conditions, helping organizations predict failures and optimize maintenance schedules. Hexagon’s emphasis on visualization technologies aims to refine asset management practices, leading to superior operational outcomes.

Combining Sensor Data and Analytics

Infor EAM’s robust analytics tools offer the following benefits:

  • Unify data from multiple systems, including sensor data
  • Provide comprehensive insights into asset performance
  • Leverage real-time data for strategic planning and decision-making
  • Enhance overall asset reliability

Infor EAM offers the following capabilities:

  • Merging sensor data with advanced analytics
  • Enabling stream analytics to discern patterns
  • Influencing maintenance and operational decisions
  • Enhancing asset management
  • Assuring improved compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Maintaining comprehensive audit trails, electronic records, and revision controls

Enhancing Maintenance Efficiency with Infor EAM

Predictive maintenance and IoT data utilization for enhanced efficiency

Infor EAM significantly enhances maintenance efficiency by utilizing IoT data for predictive maintenance, which helps identify potential equipment issues before they escalate into critical failures. This proactive approach to maintenance ensures that assets remain operational and reliable, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Infor EAM offers the following benefits:

  • Streamlines both preventive and corrective maintenance tasks
  • Leads to improved asset performance
  • Results in substantial cost savings
  • Ensures optimum operational efficiency
  • Helps organizations maintain a competitive edge.

Scheduling and Work Order Management

Infor EAM facilitates efficient maintenance and repair tasks by:

  • Allowing for easy creation, assignment, and tracking of work orders
  • Streamlining maintenance operations
  • Ensuring tasks are completed on time
  • Enhancing overall asset reliability.

Preventive maintenance features in Infor EAM include the following key capabilities:

  • Scheduling maintenance activities based on calendar dates, meter readings, or usage hours
  • Minimizing unplanned downtime and boosting asset performance
  • Scheduling and dispatching
  • Barcode scanning
  • Calibration management
  • Warranty tracking

Inventory and Purchasing Management

The core inventory processes managed by Infor EAM include:

  • Stock management
  • Reorder points
  • Cycle counting
  • Transactions
  • Reporting

Infor EAM oversees these essential functions, ensuring efficient and accurate inventory management. These functionalities help maintain necessary spare parts and supplies, ensuring that maintenance tasks are not delayed due to inventory shortages.

By forecasting future inventory needs using historical data and market conditions, Infor EAM enhances forecast accuracy and optimizes inventory costs. This proactive approach to inventory management ensures that organizations can efficiently manage resources and reduce operational costs.

Infor EAM’s Role in Regulatory Compliance and Safety

Regulatory compliance and safety management in asset-intensive industries

Infor EAM provides vital support in assisting organizations to:

  • Oversee and regulate business processes and associated risks
  • Ensure adherence to relevant regulations
  • Establish compliance controls and connect to risk management strategies

By offering specialized features for managing and tracking compliance areas such as decontamination and cleaning, Infor EAM ensures that organizations adhere to industry regulations and maintain high safety standards.

Compliance Tracking and Reporting

Infor EAM includes robust regulatory and compliance policy management functionalities that assist organizations in creating compliance controls and integrating them with risk management. These features ensure better compliance and reliability by monitoring and enforcing workplace safety protocols.

The system provides tools for accurate compliance tracking and report generation, ensuring that businesses meet industry standards and regulatory requirements. This capability helps organizations maintain compliance and avoid potential regulatory issues.

Enhancing Workplace Safety

Infor EAM supports workplace safety by tracking cleaning, disinfection requests, activities, and contamination incidents. This predefined system helps ensure that all necessary safety measures are followed to maintain a safe working environment.

Additionally, Infor EAM offers the following features to improve workplace safety and health standards:

  • Manages PPE procurement, inventory, and issuance
  • Ensures protective equipment is available when needed
  • Provides a checklist to create maintenance plans that improve workplace safety
  • Facilitates effective safety audits

The Future of Asset Management with Infor EAM

Integration of emerging technologies for future asset management

Infor EAM is constantly evolving, incorporating emerging technologies such as AI, machine learning, and IoT to improve asset performance management. These advancements foster more predictive and prescriptive maintenance, ensuring assets consistently remain in optimal condition.

The future of asset management with Infor EAM also includes exploring digital twins and product lifecycle tools, which are increasingly in demand across the market. These innovations enhance asset visibility, reliability, and performance, driving the next generation of enterprise asset management solutions.

Integrating with Emerging Technologies

Infor EAM leverages advanced algorithms, machine learning, and IoT-generated data to predict asset failures and prescribe corrective actions. This integration with digital reality solutions like digital twins aims to elevate asset performance management, providing deeper insights into asset conditions and maintenance needs.

The amalgamation of technologies like cloud, mobile, IoT, and analytics plays a key role in the swift evolution of EAM systems. Infor EAM’s expansion into HxGN EAM by Hexagon will maintain its focus on these technologies, improving decision-making processes and operational efficiency.

Predictions for Asset Management Evolution

Predictive analytics are becoming a cornerstone of modern asset management solutions, and Infor EAM is at the forefront of this trend. Using historical data to foresee potential equipment issues, Infor EAM has helped organizations prevent failures and optimize maintenance schedules.

Integrating IoT devices provides a continuous stream of real-time data, enabling more proactive asset management and reducing downtime and maintenance costs. As these technologies advance, HxGN EAM will increasingly use IoT-generated data to enhance predictive maintenance and create a seamless, data-driven asset management environment.

Looking Ahead to What’s Next

Integrating advanced visualization tools, sensor data, and predictive analytics, Infor EAM, now HxGN EAM, transforms traditional maintenance operations into strategic asset performance management, enhancing asset reliability and operational efficiency.

Looking ahead, HxGN EAM’s integration with emerging technologies like AI, machine learning, and IoT promises to drive the next generation of asset management solutions. By leveraging these advancements, organizations can achieve optimum operational efficiency and maintain a competitive edge in their respective industries.

Getting Started with the Experts

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Infor EAM enhance maintenance efficiency?

Infor EAM enhances maintenance efficiency by using IoT data for predictive maintenance, simplifying preventive and corrective maintenance tasks, and enabling work order management.

What deployment options are available for Infor EAM?

Infor EAM provides flexible deployment options such as cloud and on-premises, which are suitable for various infrastructure preferences and needs. Choose the option that aligns with your organization’s infrastructure.

How does Infor EAM support regulatory compliance and safety?

Infor EAM supports regulatory compliance and safety by offering governance, risk, and compliance capabilities, specialized features for managing and tracking compliance areas, and tools for accurate compliance tracking and report generation.

What future technologies are being integrated into Infor EAM?

Infor EAM (now HxGN EAM) integrates AI, machine learning, IoT, digital twins, and product lifecycle tools to enhance asset performance management and provide deeper insights into asset conditions and maintenance needs.