In an industry with ever-changing data security regulations and the need for HIPAA-compliant operations, healthcare organizations need top-of-the-line resources to manage their electronic health records (EHRs) in the most efficient and effective way possible.

And, a functional electronic medical record (EMR) solution, paired with a team of EMR consultants can help optimize data management and migration functions and make the most of your overall technical investment in the long run.

This article will offer an in-depth view of the key components and advantages of EMR consulting, as well as where our EMR/EHR consulting can come in to help.

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What is an EMR Consultant?

EMR consultants provides the knowledge and expertise needed to help healthcare providers and other organizations across the healthcare industry implement, manage, and optimize their electronic medical records system and support internal employees in the process.

With the help of a team of experienced EMR consultants, healthcare providers can spend less time worrying about the management of their electronic health records and migrating data across different areas of their system, and more time on building relationships with patients and improving overall patient care.

Understanding the Need for EMR Consulting Solutions

EMR/EHR consulting services can span a wide range of organizational needs, including implementation support, data migration, functional integrations, optimizations, and more.

And, with their broad knowledge and extensive experience in the healthcare industry, EMR/EHR consultants can help your organization save valuable time and money, reduce overall risk, and provide better patient care in the long run.

Here are a few situations where guidance and support from experienced EMR/EHR consultants could be a make-or-break factor in your success…

  • Your organization is currently still using paper charting methods, but considering making the switch to electronic health records
  • Your medical practice is currently leveraging an existing EMR solution, but considering moving to a new provider for better functionality
  • Your office has a back-end EMR system to track, manage, and store patient records, but it is not being used to its full potential
  • Your practice has an existing EMR system, but your internal employees don’t fully understand how to manage data and complete tasks with the solution
  • Your organization is currently using an outdated EMR system with limited functionality, and you need to migrate all your data to a more efficient, modern solution

Key Advantages of Leveraging EMR Consulting Services

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the main benefits of EMR consulting for any organization…

1) Choosing the right solution.

From helping your organization assess current business processes to defining requirements for your new electronic medical records system, evaluating different EMR vendors and their capabilities, negotiating prices with EMR providers, and selecting the right solution for your needs, EMR consultants have what it takes to help you.

With this kind of support for a new EMR solution, organizations can rest easy knowing they chose a solution that will meet their operational needs without breaking the bank or causing unnecessary hassle for your internal IT team.

2) Training key stakeholders.

Implementing or integrating a new electronic medical records system can be quite complicated without the right resources or training materials to prepare employees for new data management policies and tasks within the system.

An experienced team of EMR consultants (like the one at Surety Systems) can help healthcare organizations optimize the functionality and efficiency of their EMR solutions by conducting initial system training and providing ongoing support to ensure all employees understand their roles and responsibilities across the solution.

3) Integrating business processes.

One of the most complicated aspects of an EMR implementation or integration project is helping key stakeholders understand how their current business processes will fit and operate in a new electronic medical records system.

A team of EMR consultants can help organizations assess current business operations and save valuable time in mapping out process integrations to help physicians gain better insight into what their business processes will look like in their new electronic records system.

4) Improving clinical buy-in.

When it comes to implementing a new EMR technology solution across teams, employees are often reluctant to jump in head first to learn how their new system operates and affects their day-to-day tasks. Fortunately, this is where a team of EMR consultants can come in to help.

An EMR consultant can do everything from providing a comprehensive analysis of the new EMR system to visualize cost savings and better patient care to quantifying potential returns on an EMR investment to improve buy-in across teams in any organization.

5) Supporting your technology.

With their comprehensive knowledge of EMR solutions and experience in multiple different areas of the healthcare industry, EMR consultants can provide comprehensive technology support for healthcare providers and their internal teams over time.

And, with a proven track record of success, a team of EMR consultants can help any healthcare organization support their EMR solutions, ensure proper system functionality, and provide the best possible patient experience in the long run.

Where Does Surety Systems Come in to Help?

When it comes to supporting your internal teams and providing guidance for your IT department, Surety Systems has the right EMR consulting resources for your needs…

Whether you need help outlining a plan to implement a new EMR solution across your entire health system, an extra hand facilitating data migration tasks between your outdated legacy system and your new EMR, or anything else related to EMR companies managing patient records more efficiently, our team at Surety is here to help.

Unlike other EHR consulting companies, our team of senior-level EMR consultants has the technical skills and functional expertise needed to lead you to success, regardless of the complexity of your organizational structure or the nature of your EMR consulting needs. Your projects, your way. That’s just how we roll.

Getting Started with Our Team

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