If you’re on the hunt for a unified data model that can blend contextual, operational, and experimental data and customer sentiment insights to simplify decision-making for your team, you may want to consider Workday Hub.

This resource hub will give your team access to accurate data and better insights for more efficient data management, talent acquisition, hiring, and recruiting processes.

Read on to learn more about Workday Hub and its key features and functions for users, as well as where our senior-level Workday consultants can come in to help you!

All Your Needs in One Resource Hub

Workday makes it easier to use financial data and employee insights to steer the company in the right direction and keep up with growth and change across the industry. This same system houses transactions and analytics for optimal visibility and convenience across the board.

This means that everyone across the organization has access to the data required to make informed decisions, from careers to financials, operational topics, and more.

Benefits of Workday Hub

Here are some unique benefits of the self-service system in Workday:

Connect Data From Anywhere

With seamless integrations between APIs, SFTP, or other browser-based upload capabilities, users can consume data from multiple different sources and organize it into a single information catalog for more consistent access and analysis across teams.

A graphic explaining different Workday integration tools

Instantly Transform Data

The Workday Hub allows customers to construct data transformation pipelines by leveraging unions, joins, group-bys, and customizable filters.

Maintain Security

By leveraging Workday Hub and Workday’s internal security framework, users are enabled to track data more efficiently, personalize access requirements, and limit data viewing capabilities to authorized users only.

Analyze Data Anytime, Anywhere

Workday Hub gives employees the power to perform analysis at any time. This ensures anyone with authorized access can leverage self-service functionality to view important data and use actionable insights for better, more informed decisions across the board.

What Sets Workday Hub Apart From the Rest?

Workday provides seamless integrations with other enterprise applications to connect the most important data into a single data model. This helps users feel more confident and in control of their decisions and makes it easier for them to take action based on accurate information within their Workday system.

Here are some key factors that set Workday Hub apart from similar applications:

Streamlined Experiences

With Workday Hub, users can directly access and manage data across core workflows without having to open or log into multiple systems to get there, streamlining common processes for a better user experience.

Self-Service Security Model

The single security model in Workday Hub creates consistency across all applications, providing top-notch security as users scope and scale self-service analytics.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Integrations

Asa leading provider of cloud HCM and financial management software, Workday offers comprehensive knowledge of innovative AI and ML models, making it easier for users to leverage design transparency and explainability features to improve and optimize operational efficiency.

Benchmark Comparisons

With Workday Hub, users can view their progress compared to other global and industry benchmarks and assess performance based on the largest standardized dataset of employee feedback in Workday Peakon Employee Voice.

Key Capabilities:

  • Legacy data ecosystem
  • Single data source
  • High security, self-service access
  • Decision and insight support
  • High-volume operational data
  • Distribution enterprise-wide
  • Single user experience

Typical Use Cases for Workday Hub

Here are some uses for Workday Hub for users across teams:

Analysis of Historical Trends

Get a thorough analysis of your previous HR and financial data and trends over time.

Reconstruct Corporate Structure

Learn how Workday Prism Analytics speeds up integrations and restructuring tasks after mergers or acquisitions.

Graphic showing how Workday Prism Analytics tool operates

Cost of Workforce

Optimize and consolidate your workforce costs through a single, unified platform.

Reporting ESG

Turn economical sourcing into a competitive advantage with provider sustainability arrangements in Workday.

How Can We Help?

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