Managing payroll across multiple countries presents significant challenges in an increasingly complex and globalized payroll processing ecosystem. These include maintaining compliance with diverse local regulations, executing currency conversions, managing payroll data from multiple data sources, and navigating varying payroll practices across systems.

Workday Global Payroll Cloud addresses these complexities by offering a unified, cloud-based solution that seamlessly integrates with Workday Human Capital Management (HCM). This innovative platform helps enterprise organizations streamline global payroll processes, ensure compliance with regulatory HR and payroll standards, and enhance the accuracy and efficiency of their payroll operations.

This article discusses Workday Global Payroll Cloud’s key capabilities and benefits and explores how it empowers organizations to manage their international payroll operations confidently.

Understanding the Workday Global Payroll Cloud

Workday Global Payroll Cloud is Workday’s payroll partner program that enables organizations to establish seamless integrations between their payroll system and other critical enterprise solutions and streamline the global payroll experience.

Currently, the Workday ecosystem supports Workday Payroll operations in the United States, Canada, France, and the UK, with Germany and Australia in the works. Workday clients who run and manage payroll through payroll companies outside the current scope can utilize Workday Global Payroll or Workday Cloud Connect for Third-Party Payroll to build custom integrations and drive global payroll, regardless of their chosen provider.

By leveraging pre-built tools and integrations across the Workday Global Payroll platform, Workday users can deliver a consistent payroll experience across countries, access all global and local payroll data in a single system, and gain a comprehensive view of total labor and workforce costs.

Key Components of Workday’s Global Payroll Environment

Here’s a look at the main characteristics of the Workday Payroll system for global users:

Unified end-to-end experience

Workday’s Global Payroll platform consolidates all the information workers need into a single, unified solution, including year-end tax documents, payslips, payroll actuals, and more.

By delivering an accurate and consistent experience for workers and intelligent reconciliation support for payroll administrators, organizations can reduce manual work and streamline critical payroll processes across the enterprise landscape.

Rich set of features

With access to pre-built, Workday-certified integrations, the Global Payroll solution supports a wide range of advanced features, including employee and organizational data management, pay cycle automation, critical business events, and more.

Workday offers a unified system of record for all business, demographic, and organizational data and propagates specific data points to associated payroll partners through pre-certified integrations.

Global management, local processing

Organizations that span multiple countries have different requirements and payroll providers for each country, requiring significantly more effort to manually consolidate payroll data and report on payroll actuals across the global landscape.

With options like Workday Global Payroll Cloud and Workday Cloud Connect for Third-Party Payroll, companies can gain greater insight into processing methods for local payroll providers and decentralize processes at the country level, further improving efficiency and control for providers.

Productized integration

Integrations certified through Workday are tested, documented, and approved by the Workday Partner ecosystem, thus reducing the design, build, and analysis phases of deployment and improving efficiency.

Comprehensive visibility into payroll data

Workday’s bidirectional visibility into payroll data enables users to export HR data to third-party payroll providers and import global payroll actuals into Workday, making it easier to view, report, validate, audit, and reconcile critical business data within a single system.

With improved insight into key data and a comprehensive view of global labor spend, companies can:

  • Analyze data to facilitate more effective decision-making
  • Improve overall cash forecasting
  • Compare budgeted amounts to payroll actuals
  • Monitor allowances and maintain compliance with overtime policies
  • Optimize pay ranges and ensure employees are paid accurately and on-time
  • Maintain Workday data security and privacy requirements

Workday Cloud Connect for Third-Party Payroll Solutions

By supporting data models required by external payroll providers and providing an intuitive framework that connects payroll data to the Workday HCM system, Workday Cloud Connect for Third-Party Payroll enables consistent and effective payroll processes across the complete payroll landscape.

Workday Global Payroll Cloud Partner Program

The Workday Global Payroll Cloud Partner Program offers more than 100 certified integrations between Workday HCM and third-party payroll providers, making it easier than ever for customers to manage integrations and reduce costs associated with setup and maintenance activities.

With this solution, integrations are certified, managed, and maintained by Workday Partners, so customers no longer have the burden of keeping their integrations up to date, thus allowing them to focus on more value-added tasks.

Benefits for Workday Customers

  • Support for Workday users in more than 134 countries
  • Pre-built connectors for third-party payroll solutions and providers through Workday Cloud Connect for Third-Party Payroll
  • Common data model for integrated data points and reusable certified integrations
  • Advanced reporting and analysis tools for global payroll management, including payroll predictions and actuals and labor-cost analyses for multiple currency types
  • Reduced deployment and maintenance costs through built-in partner integrations
  • Bidirectional integration functionality to import payroll data from third-party solutions to an existing Workday HCM system
  • One system for managing payroll data, transactions, audits, reports, reconciliations, and more

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