Efficient expense management and related reporting processes are crucial for organizational success in today’s fast-paced and dynamic business environment.

With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Workday empowers employees to easily submit expenses and track spend authorizations while providing administrators with the tools to track, approve, and reconcile them in real-time.

This article discusses the core components and capabilities of Workday’s Expense Management platform, exploring how it revolutionizes expense report tracking and empowers organizations to achieve greater financial visibility and control.

Understanding the Workday Expenses Platform

The Workday Expenses platform offers an intuitive user experience and flexible mobile tools to meet the needs of employees and back-office teams. It improves expense capture and submission processes, creates stronger spending policies, and identifies opportunities for cost savings.

With connections to other parts of the Workday ecosystem, such as Workday Financial Management, Workday HCM, and Workday Supply Chain, organizations can provide a streamlined expense management experience and gain better financial and operational visibility across the system.

How to Enter Expenses in Workday

  1. Navigate to the Workday homepage and log in with your user credentials.
  2. Click the Expenses icon.
  3. Click Create Expense Report under the Actions tab.
  4. Select each transaction item you wish to reconcile.
  5. Complete travel details in the Expense Report Information tab.
  6. Click OK to submit the report.

Key Features of Workday Expense Management

By providing multilanguage and multicurrency support, Workday makes it easier for global organizations to maintain consistency for critical expense reports and improve spend authorization across departments, business units, or company locations.

Here’s a closer look at the top capabilities of the Workday Expense module:

Mobile access

With Workday Expenses, users can enter, view, and approve expense reports and upload or email receipts directly from their iOS, Android, or other web-enabled device.

Users can also leverage Workday AI tools to automate processing for critical expense items and create expense reports from previously scanned receipts.

Self-service tools

With a simplified user interface and self-service functionality, users can quickly and easily upload receipts, track specific expense item metrics, and create or approve expense reports with very little user training.

Access to Workday AI tools also makes it easier to create new expense reports and identify or suggest expense items to include in a specific expense report.

Unified data core

Workday supports a unified global data core, business process framework, and other critical data security rules to maintain data accuracy and consistency across the complete enterprise landscape.

With an interconnected data framework, organizations can deliver a robust and consistent foundation for all critical spending and expense-related processes, further improving operational insights and reducing costs associated with error.

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