In this article, we dive into the transformative capabilities of Oracle Global Trade Management (GTM), exploring its key features, benefits, and the significant role it plays in enabling businesses to navigate the complexities of global trade and achieve success in today’s competitive marketplace.

Read on to learn more about the Global Trade Management Cloud and how our expert Oracle consultants can help you make the most of the technology you already own.

Understanding Global Trade Management

Global trade management (GTM) involves managing critical global trade regulations, customs documentation, duties management, license management, and other shipment-related activities. Effective GTM policies enable companies to centralize all trade compliance operations, improve cross-channel communication, and keep up with the pace of an ever-changing trade landscape.

The Oracle Global Trade Management Cloud provides a seamless, fully integrated product empowering organizations to centralize processes related to cross-border trade, gain improved visibility over shipments, and improve compliance with critical trade regulations.

Key Features of Oracle’s Global Trade Management Cloud

Trade Agreements

  • Supplier collaboration: Automate the creation of campaigns to gain information and required documents from suppliers.
  • Qualified shipments for free trade agreements: Access and analyze bills of material for manufactured goods and qualify products for global trade agreements.
  • Duty savings: Create documentation for supplier records, track certificates of origin, compare savings opportunities, and identify areas of global trade management improvement from the same platform.
  • Effective trade campaigns: Collect certificates of origin for materials and products and share them with customers, brokers, and other key stakeholders.

Trade Compliance

  • Regulatory compliance: Reduce operational risk by outlining, monitoring, enforcing global trade requirements, and automating corporate compliance initiatives.
  • Accurate cost estimations: Leverage enhanced visibility into extended supply chain costs, such as insurance, taxes, duties, and handling fees, to estimate total operational costs accurately.
  • Restricted party screening: Screen business transactions for restricted parties, embargos, and sanctions to reduce the risk of financial penalties and non-compliance.

Customs Management

  • Document tracking: Create, track, and optimize customs documents and automate documentation processes to increase accuracy and reduce the risk of fines.
  • Partner and customer collaboration: Leverage a shared network to share documents and improve collaboration between customers, forwarders, brokers, and other stakeholders.
  • Automated filing processes: Enable electronic filing and broker communication to reduce the risk of penalties and unnecessary fines.

Global Trade Intelligence

  • Global trade metrics: Track and compare metrics against benchmarks, forecasts, and other business targets through easily configurable dashboards.
  • Operational trends: Identity both positive and negative global trade trends and easily navigate between operational and historical data.

Why Choose the Oracle GTM Cloud?

Streamline cross-border transactions

Oracle Global Trade Management Cloud streamlines transactions with clients worldwide to improve data accuracy, enhance efficiency, and eliminate risks associated with penalties, customs fines, storage fees, and more.

Connect global trade management and compliance

With a single, unified platform for all global trade management data and activities, Oracle GTM Cloud enables companies to better manage the regulatory, corporate, and legal complexities of global trade.

Ensure effective communication between stakeholders

By leveraging Oracle Global Trade Management, customers can improve visibility and control of their critical global trade policies and procedures and improve document sharing between brokers and forwarders.

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